DocSports Review

Doc Sports

Doc Sports ( has been in the sports handicapping industry since 1971. They’re one of the most well-known sports picks services and they have experts with decades of betting experience.

We’ll explain everything about the service in our DocSports Review.


  • Experts have decades of sports handicapping experience.
  • Doc Sports offers a free $60 to new members to use to purchase picks.
  • There’s a wealth of sports betting guides and strategies that are free to access.
  • DocSports released weekly videos with free plays, analysis and insights.
  • Some of the experts have a history of being winning handicappers.


  • The cost of a subscription is costly for most sports bettors.
  • There are no verified documented results for the handicappers.
  • You can only purchase picks from a single capper and not a group of cappers.

DocSports Review

Doc Sports is all about providing winners to their clients. They don’t promote any sportsbooks or gambling platforms, so there’s no conflict of interest. DocSports has been selling sports picks for 50+ years. There are free picks, premium picks and even systems that sports bettors can access at Doc Sports.

Over the years, Doc Sports has also published lots of sports betting content. They publish strategy guides for new bettors, tips for handicapping games and advice for betting on sports around the world. All of the guides are free to access for everyone and are available on the DocSports website without an account.

There are free picks released daily covering all of the major sports in action. DocSports also covers a lot of futures and props betting markets. They publish team previews and futures predictions before major US sports seasons begin and they keep the coverage running all season long with expert insights.

Doc Sports makes money by selling sports picks packages. There are multiple ways to purchase plays. It’s possible to purchase single picks from a specific handicapper that you follow or there are plenty of subscription packages, which will give you access to all picks from one of the DocSports experts.

Subscriptions start at one week and go up to the full season.

Doc Sports Features

It’s all about the sports picks at Doc Sports. They do a great job at targeting sports bettors that aren’t in the market for buying sports picks. They do this by providing lots of free sports picks on a daily basis. If you want to get to know the DocSports experts, starting with the free picks is a great option.

When you’re ready to purchase sports picks, Doc Sports offers a free $60 for opening an account.

In order to start buying premium sports picks at DocSports, you need to open an account. You then need to decide what type of package you want to buy. There are small packages that include a single day of sports picks or there are season-long packages that’ll give you all of the picks for that sport from a capper.

If you’re confident in the capper, purchasing a longer subscription will save you money. There are also a few betting systems available at DocSports. New members can access free trials to the systems and if you’d like to continue receiving the system plays, you need to subscribe to the betting system.

Doc Sports has been getting more involved in video content as well. There are new videos released each week with free picks, insights and analysis to help handicappers perform better. The videos are available on the DocSports website or you can also access them all on YouTube. Just search for “Doc’s Sports”.

New members receive a free $60 to purchase sports picks. There are daily packages starting at $30 for most sports, so purchasing sports picks is initially risk-free. You don’t need to make a deposit to access the free $60 offer. Simply open an account and spend the $60 on premium sports picks.

New bettors will love all of the sports betting strategy guides available. You can learn how to bet on sports and get the best tips for winning. You can learn about specific betting markets and much more. Reading through the guides will make you a better sports bettor without spending any money.

DocSports Pricing

There are lots of sports picks packages available at DocSports, which makes things a bit confusing for the average sports bettor. A lot of sports handicapping services have packages where you can get all of the plays from every expert, but that’s not the case when buying sports predictions from Doc Sports.

Daily picks packages start at $30 and allow you to test out a handicapper without a big commitment. It’s less expensive to purchase a full season package, but you need to trust that the handicapper will have a profitable season or else you’ll be throwing money away on picks that don’t generate profits.

A weekly package will cost around $90-$100 for major US sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB. The price for a full season will vary based on the sport, but ranges from $750-$950 for major sports. Some sports will only have full season packages, such as the UFC, which costs $595/year for all combat sports.

These prices are for sports picks from one handicapper and not the entire DocSports roster.

Some of the betting systems cost upwards of $500/month. In order to get value from DocSports, a bettor needs to wager enough on games to pay the cost of the service and still make money. If you’re betting $20/game, purchasing picks isn’t a good idea from DocSports. You need to bet $100+/game.

Getting Started

Getting started at DocSports is simple. Initially, you don’t even need an account until you’re ready to buy picks. All of the free sports picks and betting articles are freely available without an account.

Once ready, open an account and claim the free $60 in sports picks. You’ll then need to determine which sports picks package you want to purchase. Doc Sports provides some historical data to illustrate what you should expect in terms of results, but none of the cappers have long-term documented results.

This is a dealbreaker for some bettors and you’ll need to make that decision.


There’s no sports handicapping service in operation longer than DocSports. Doc Sports have been selling sports picks for decades, even before the internet. They used to sell sports picks by telephone.

Doc Sports have a solid reputation in the industry and some of their cappers are excellent. One problem I have is that none of the handicappers have verified historical results, which is imperative these days. A lot of newer sports handicapping services have third-party verified results ensuring the capper isn’t lying.

With beginner betting content, weekly videos and lots of sports picks available, Doc Sports is a popular sports handicapping service. Give them a try with the free $60 they offer and see how it goes.