Service Plays Explained

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Let’s learn about service plays and how they compare to premium plays. Sports Hub is here to help both bettors and handicappers find success in a thriving sports betting market. Inexperienced bettors often have a hard time with the language.

Words and phrases like “vig” and “lay the points” don’t register in the minds of the novice or even some intermediate bettors.

Service plays – or premium plays as they are often called – should not be too difficult to understand.

What Are Service Plays

Service plays, also known as premium plays, are simply paid handicappers picks.

For any number of reasons, a bettor finds a handicapper or handicapping service and pays for a pick. That’s a service play.

The younger generation of bettors may not have heard the term service play, but they shouldn’t be confused. It’s simply a paid, premium betting pick.

Why Use Service Plays

Every sports bettor wants to win money wagering on sports, it’s a no-brainer to use service plays to increase your win percentage.

The biggest benefit of using a handicapping service, after winning money, is time. We’re all looking for more time and money, no?

It takes some serious effort to research a sporting event and develop a sound betting decision. The average sports bettor doesn’t have the luxury of time to spend on such research.

Using service plays saves the bettor that time, in exchange for a fee.

Bettors may also find themselves in a rough patch. We all experience it. There is that week or two where we simply cannot find a win.

Service plays from the Sports Hub network of handicappers will help you get back on track.

It could be that a bettor wants some assistance with a big event. Take the Super Bowl as an example. It’s the biggest sporting event in the U.S. every year. A bettor wants to wager a little bit more than usual, but wants to be smart about it … and wants to win!

Use Sports Hub to find a quality NFL handicappers that provide them with the service plays they need to place confident, winning bets on the game.

Disadvantages of Using Service Plays

Service plays, like any paid handicappers picks, do not guarantee wins.

Even the best handicappers in the world miss 30-38% of the time. The top sports cappers in the industry will correctly hit on 55 to 60 percent of their picks, with the elite around 62-69%.

Sure, some may have outstanding runs where they exceed 70 percent. Every single sports bettor experiences hot streaks. The problem with most recreational bettors, is their hot streaks last hours, not days.

Our specialized programs and sophisticated betting focused operating systems will alert when a capper gets hot. We’ll be sure our viewers see the hottest capper picks 1st, as soon as you sign in. We turn a disadvantage into your greatest advantage.

Over the long run though, winning percentages between 55 and 60 are considered professional handicapper worthy. But, that means if you pay for 10 service plays, you might only win five or six of your bets.

Bettors that want to use service plays also have to take the time to find the right handicapper or pick service to help them. That can be a chore, especially when you don’t know where to look. Once again, Sports Hub is here to do all the dirty work for you.

Why Choose Sports Hub

Imagine being a bettor wanting to enlist the services of a handicapping community. Being new to the betting industry, you probably have no idea where to start. You begin with what everyone nowadays does when they want to find something – an internet search.

Instead of that, what if you could simply go to your trusted one-stop betting source and, in a matter of clicks, buy the service plays you are looking for?

That’s the advantage of Sports Hub. It’s what we do.

Bettors needing service plays on college basketball games, for example, can quickly find handicappers that specialize in college hoops, purchase picks, and be on their way to a successful bet. However, everything will be 100% free until August.

Sports Hub brings together bettors of all experience levels with a network of hand-selected sports handicappers. Some of these cappers are the elite in the industry and have met certain criteria to be listed among the top members of the Sports Hub.

Sell Service Plays at Sports Hub

However, we’ll also be opening our doors to anyone that wants to be a handicapper.

We’re not saying that your picks are going to be displayed on the front page or boosted on an Instagram post. But for a small monthly fee, we’ll create you a handicapper profile, where you can build your own little side hustle.

You’ll have the opportunity to add picks at your leisure, with our system tracking all of your bets. Our sortable leaderboard will let you see your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. Of course, your picks will be entered into the system, so if someone buys your picks, you get a cut. But don’t forget, everything will be free until August.

This is just another example of how Sports Hub is revolutionizing the sports betting industry.

It is challenging to win long-term. Find service plays from expert sports handicappers worldwide to generate profits for our members all season.

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Service Plays FAQ

What is the difference between a service play and a premium play?

Service plays are just another name for premium plays, which are simply paid handicappers picks. Bettors can buy picks from reputable handicappers at Sports Hub.

Why would bettors want to buy service plays?

There are a handful of reasons why bettors would buy service plays. They may be new to sports betting and need some help getting started. One of the biggest advantages to using service plays is time saved.
When a bettor buys a service play, the handicapper does all of the work in coming up with the pick. That saves the bettor from having to do so. Bettors may do this when big sporting events – think Super Bowl or March Madness – are coming up.
Bettors may also use service plays when they are in the midst of a losing streak. Getting the help of a professional can help a losing bettor get back on the winning track.

What are the advantages of using service plays?

The biggest advantages of using service plays are making money and the time saved. Instead of spending time researching an event and poring over stats, the bettor lets the handicapper do what he does best. For a fee, the bettor gets the pick without having to spend time doing the work.

Are there disadvantages associated with using service plays?

The biggest disadvantage of using service plays is that you will not win them all. There is no guarantee that a handicapper’s pick will win. Many handicappers will offer some sort of guarantee in the form of future picks, but bettors should realize not all service plays are winners. You have to know how to deploy your units correctly.

What is a service play?

Service play admittedly is an outdated term. But it represents who we are. An old school, no-nonsense company that is transparent with great customer service. A service play is the equivalent of a premium handicapper sports pick.