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Computer Picks Explained

Sports bettors everywhere are looking for an edge, anything that can help them win more bets. Are computer picks the answer? Here at Sports Hub, part of our mission is to help the average sports bettor on his or her journey.

You likely arrived here because you wanted to learn more about computer picks. Computer-generated sports picks have become increasingly popular throughout the sports betting industry. It’s a computer, right? How often can it be wrong?

Well, one of the first things you have to understand about sports betting is that no one – computer or otherwise – wins all the time. So, should you trust computer picks?

First, you might want to understand exactly what they are.

What Are Computer Picks

Computer picks are simply plays that are generated by a computer. With today’s technology, a computer pick is one done by an artificial intelligence algorithm. Our algorithm and the resulting pick use each team’s statistics.

Sports Hub computer picks are statistic-derived predictions and those who join our network will receive a computer play when the following happens.

When there is a two-point difference between the computer line and the actual betting line, the computer pick gets released. Our computer sees value in this line.

Let’s take a look at an example. You have joined Sports Hub and have access to our computer picks. In a college basketball game – Creighton vs. Providence – the current betting line on the game total is 152.5. Sports Hub’s computer says the line should be 150. The computer pick will be on the Under in this game.

We will release this computer-generated pick to all members. They can use the pick to place a bet on the Under in this game.

Using Computer Picks

There are a number of reasons why bettors use computer picks.

First, there is the convenience factor. Researching games in any sport takes a great deal of time to go over all of the relevant statistics, trends and other data. There are injury reports to check and a wealth of information available on every game on any league’s schedule.

Sports Hub makes it even easier to use a computer pick. The computer picks are only released to network members when there is a two-point difference between the actual betting line and the computer line.

Another reason why bettors like computer picks is the simple fact that the picks do come from a computer. One thing you can ensure about computer picks is they will always take the emotion out of betting.

Computers are smart machines and, when given the correct information, they usually get things right. That doesn’t guarantee a win every time, but bettors feel confident in computer-generated betting picks. Our computer generated picks hit about 56-58% of the time – which will win you money.

Imagine being on a losing streak. You haven’t had a win in almost two weeks. You’ll try just about anything to get out of your slump. As a member of Sports Hub, you’ll receive our computer picks anytime there is that two-point difference in lines.

These picks are sometimes released closer to game times too, when the line moves in our favor. This also ensures maximum value.

Why Use Computer Picks

One of the best reasons to use computer picks is that using artificial intelligence takes out the element of human emotion. Too many times, sports bettors will pull the trigger on a bet based solely on emotion. It’s one of the biggest mistakes made by the average bettor.

With Sports Hub computer picks, there is no human bias, no “gut feeling.” It’s straight up, statistics-based decision making.

We have mentioned the convenience factor. Computer betting picks save bettors time. Face it. If you’re not a professional handicapper, you don’t have the time to spend researching games to come up with the best possible betting decisions.

That’s where Sports Hub comes in. As a member, you’ll enjoy numerous perks such as access to our computer picks.

Disadvantages of Using Computer Picks

Keep in mind that just because it came from a computer doesn’t mean that the pick is always a winner. There are no guarantees when using computer picks, or any pick for that matter.

As mentioned, computer generated betting picks take out the human element. There is some art involved in making picks. A computer won’t be able to factor in a star player whose mother just recently died. The computer won’t factor in travel-related fatigue or a player playing through an injury.

The Sports Hub Advantage

There is a wealth of sports betting information that is easily accessible to the average bettor. A simple internet search will kick out millions of results. But, what if it were easier? What if you had all you would need is one easy-to-use website?

That’s Sports Hub.

We bring bettors a complete library of betting education. Don’t know what “vig” is? Need info on teasers? Sports Hub has it.

Sports Hub also offers bettors a network of the top handicappers in the industry. Looking for betting picks for NFL or NBA games? No need to search the internet for quality cappers. They’re all here at Sports Hub.

Want computer picks instead? Yep, Sports Hub has those too and until August, all computer picks are free to those who become a member.

Sports Hub is committed to growing the handicapper industry and what a better way than to bring a community of bettors and cappers together! Sports Hub is your new one-stop resource for all things sports betting.

Computer Picks FAQs

What are computer picks?

Computer picks are exactly what they sound like. An artificial intelligence algorithm uses statistics to derive a prediction on a sporting event.

How do Sports Hub computer picks work?

Sports Hub computer picks are statistic-driven picks that work as follows. When there is a two-point differential between the actual betting line and our computer line, a pick is released to all Sports Hub members. For example, if an NBA total is currently 225.5 and the Sports Hub computer says the line should be 227.5, a pick on the Over would be released to all members.

What are the benefits of using computer picks?

Computer picks take all of the human emotion out of making a betting pick. Picks are completely data driven. These picks also save bettors time and Sports Hub members can get these picks for free.

What are the drawbacks of using computer picks?

Sometimes, the human element is needed to make a betting pick. Plus, just like the sports bettor, the computer can be wrong. Not all computer picks are winners.

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