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Directory of The Best Handicapper Sites

Handicappers Site Donbest

DonBest Review

The DonBest odds screen is highly regarded in the sports betting industry, providing real-time odds from major sportsbooks in Las Vegas and internationally. It features a historical odds database for building betting models and is accessible via desktop and mobile apps. DonBest offers updated sports schedules with rotation numbers essential in North American sports betting, available for free download in PDF. Additionally, they provide free information like live odds, scores, standings, and lineup news, and review legal sportsbooks in the USA. However, there is a potential conflict of interest as DonBest also sells premium sports picks, although this section is less active now, with some handicappers still offering subscriptions.

Handicapper Site wagertalk

Wager Talk Review

Wager Talk features over 25 expert handicappers, including prominent figures like Ben Burns and Tokyo Brandon, offering sports picks for purchase either individually or in discounted bundles for 7-day or 30-day periods. While individual sports picks can be bought for as low as $2, the site does not offer a membership for full access to all picks. In addition to the paid options, Wager Talk provides a free section with daily expert plays and sports betting articles, including analysis and free picks, with a particular focus on player props analysis. The platform also includes a live odds tool that compares betting odds from various Las Vegas bookmakers and major online sportsbooks, catering to both novice and experienced bettors seeking comprehensive betting insights.

Handicapper Site pickwise

Pickswise Review

Pickswise is a user-friendly platform for sports bettors, offering all its services for free without the need for an account or premium membership. It focuses on major US sports, releasing hundreds of free sports picks monthly, including extensive coverage of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and college sports. The site employs a three-star rating system to highlight their most confident predictions. Each pick comes with a brief explanation, making it beneficial for newcomers to understand the reasoning behind the bets. The experts at Pickswise provide insights aimed at helping users grow their bankroll. The platform is funded through partnerships, earning revenue by promoting online sportsbooks and casinos, mainly in the United States and Canada.

Handicapper Site dos's sports

Doc Sports Review

Doc Sports is a trusted source for delivering winning sports picks to clients, free from any affiliations with sportsbooks or gambling platforms, ensuring complete impartiality. With over 50 years of experience, they offer a variety of options, including free and premium picks, as well as accessible sports betting systems. Alongside their picks, Doc Sports provides valuable resources, such as strategy guides for newcomers, tips for game handicapping, and global sports betting advice, all accessible without the need for an account. They also cover daily free picks, offering predictions before major US sports seasons begin, and expert insights throughout the season. You can access their picks through individual selections from specific handicappers or opt for subscription packages, ranging from one week to the full season

Handicapper Site sports capping

SportsCapping Review

SportsCapping, despite its simplistic website design, offers a platform for several professional handicappers to sell sports picks, making it a reliable source for sports enthusiasts. You can acquire picks through daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or season-long packages once you establish trust in a handicapper’s expertise. However, it’s worth noting that SportsCapping lacks an all-inclusive package, limiting users to purchasing picks from a single handicapper. The platform also provides free picks for major US sports, accessible through the “Schedule” tab, distinguishing between premium selections for purchase and complimentary releases. Moreover, SportsCapping offers live sports odds for better wagering decisions and a “Research” section for historical results analysis, enhancing your sports betting experience.

Handicapper Site pickdawgz

Pick Dawgz Review

Pick Dawgz stands out as a hub for 30 professional handicappers offering a wide range of sports picks, accommodating various preferences from single selections to annual subscriptions. The platform enriches the betting experience by providing daily free plays across major US sports, coupled with detailed previews that include valuable insights into trends and player prop data. Additionally, Pick Dawgz offers essential betting tools, such as tracking team profit/loss figures, highlighting weekly upsets, and showcasing profitable player prop bets, including a complimentary “Dawg Parlay.” For video enthusiasts, the platform maintains a prominent YouTube presence with over 145K subscribers, offering daily videos featuring free picks, insightful analysis, and valuable betting tips.

Handicapper Site betfirm

BetFirm Review

BetFirm offers limited betting tools like live odds, powered by MetaBet, to gauge the availability of premium picks for specific games and place bets directly at legal sportsbooks. However, it’s important to note that their promotion of sportsbooks alongside selling sports picks may pose a conflict of interest. BetFirm features successful handicappers highlighted on a “Best Handicappers” page with historical profitability data, including current year and all-time leaderboards, with several achieving an ROI exceeding 7%. The platform also provides daily free picks, conveniently accessible on the “Free Sports Picks” page, some accompanied by detailed analysis, offering valuable insights into each play, including statistics, trends, and insider information. Furthermore, BetFirm offers helpful betting guides in their “Article” section, catering to new bettors by covering various aspects of sports betting.

Handicapper Site Winners and Whiners

Winners and Whiners Review

Winners and Whiners offer a plethora of free sports picks, catering to NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, and college basketball enthusiasts throughout the year. The website conveniently allows users to filter picks by sport. Although typically one pick is available per preview for website visitors, additional selections can be unlocked. Some free picks may require users to sign in to their account, easily accessible by registering for free. Notably, Winners and Whiners have introduced AI picks in beta, displaying promising profits during backtesting. While the platform also promotes legal sportsbooks, which some might view as a conflict of interest, it provides opportunities for new bettors to access promo codes specific to their state, enhancing their bankroll. Currently, approximately 20 handicappers, including experts like Arthur Reyes, Brick Haus Sports, and Just Parlays, sell premium picks on the platform.

Handicapper Site covers

Cover Picks Review

Cover Picks features a robust team of experts with 25+ years of experience offering daily best bets across various sports, including player props, all conveniently accessible on the “All Picks” page. They cover major US sports, PGA, CFL, WNBA, and more, providing valuable insights through comprehensive write-ups and links to sportsbooks with the best odds. Cover Picks also publishes daily articles with predictions, including game props, player props, and parlays, alongside supportive content like weather data, betting trends, and statistics. Their comprehensive coverage extends to NASCAR, F1, UFC, soccer, horse racing, and futures markets. The platform hosts an active sports betting forum for pick sharing, record tracking, and discussions on betting models and trends. It’s important to note that Cover Picks offers everything for free. promoting online sportsbooks for income through referrals instead of selling sports picks.

OddsShark Review

OddsShark is a comprehensive betting resource, offering extensive wagering information across major sports like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, PGA, and soccer. It features live and historical odds, updated futures odds, and expert handicappers alongside an advanced AI for accurate game predictions. Catering especially to newcomers, the platform provides in-depth betting guides and strategies, along with a clear understanding of odds. OddsShark offers reviews of online gambling sites, helping bettors make informed decisions about where to place their bets. For enhanced betting experiences, it includes useful tools like an odds calculator and a parlay calculator, aiding both novice and experienced bettors in complex betting scenarios. These tools help users calculate potential payouts and understand the implications of various betting combinations.

Predictem Review

Predictem offers a free picks page for major US sports, which is recommended for daily visits for their top plays, although most picks are not documented or tracked for long-term records. They do track season profitability for certain features like NFL underdog and weekly player props. Predictem’s experts have shown solid performance in 2023, making their free picks valuable. The site provides various predictions, including line movement plays, office pool picks, and NFL computer picks, excelling in offering free sports predictions. They sustain this service by earning commissions from promoted sportsbooks, which is considered a minor conflict of interest and track some predictions. While new sports previews are published weekly, the frequency is lower than some other platforms, yet these previews are useful for understanding the process of making winning sports picks.

Wunderdog Review

Wunderdog stands out in the sports betting industry by offering a unique mix of free and premium sports picks. New users benefit from daily predictions sent via email, complete with in-depth explanations, while the platform offers various sports picks packages at discounted prices. Uniquely operated by a single handicapper, Geoff, Wunderdog originally focused on NFL but has expanded to include NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, PGA, soccer, and horse racing. It also features a Parlay Club for value bets and provides extensive resources like live scores, odds, betting guides, and videos. Additionally, members can join a VIP program offering exclusive contests, free merchandise, and other perks, with opportunities to advance without purchasing picks, and priority support, accessible even without purchasing picks, catering to a broad spectrum of bettors.

Picks and Parlays Review

Picks and Parlays offers both premium (paid) sports picks and free selections, serving as a reseller for well-known handicappers, including Easy Eddie and Scott Rickenbach, among others, with over 25 sports handicappers selling plays. Handicappers provide individual picks, one-day packages, and subscriptions, allowing users to explore their expertise with top-selling picks before committing to annual or season-long subscriptions for long-term following. The service also includes high-quality free sports picks and occasional free parlays and payout odds, it’s important to note that they promote legal US sportsbooks, which can raise concerns of a conflict of interest given their pick-selling focus. Despite this, the website primarily acts as a picks reseller and lacks extensive betting tools, offering only a live scoreboard with betting odds, falling short compared to competitors who provide more comprehensive stats and data for users.

SportsInsights Review

SportsInsights, part of The Action Network alongside FantasyLabs and SportsAction, is a long-established software suite favored by expert sports handicappers, traders, and oddsmakers. It’s not primarily a service for purchasing winning sports picks, but rather a tool for in-depth data analysis. The software provides extensive data including public betting data, opening and closing odds, weather information, statistics, streaks, and line movements. Users can apply filters to this data to create their own betting systems, exploring trends such as team performance in specific scenarios or quarterback statistics. The live odds board is particularly popular due to its comprehensive coverage of various sportsbooks, enabling users to spot steam plays and reverse line movements easily. Additionally, SportsInsights offers daily best bets that are fully documented, allowing users to review all-time results.

Vegas Insider Review

Vegas Insider offers an abundance of betting data, much of it free, including live scores, standings, schedules, team pages, and news for major sports. The site maintains live odds for various betting markets, tracking futures odds for events like the Super Bowl and NBA Championship, and displaying opening odds to monitor line movement. Matchup pages for sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL provide detailed analysis tools, including line movement and head-to-head trends. While Vegas Insider sells expert sports picks for multiple sports, they only offer one-day or seven-day packages, without longer subscriptions. Primarily a reseller of sports picks, with some in-house handicappers, Vegas Insider faces a conflict of interest due to promoting sportsbooks and casinos. Additionally, the site provides consensus betting data, offering one free game, with full access available to those who purchase picks packages.

ScoresAndOdds Review

Since its acquisition by Better Collective USA in 2019, ScoresAndOdds has offered premium sports picks, with a newsletter providing free plays to those with an account. The premium picks are documented but only for the last 30 days, lacking comprehensive historical results. A key feature is its affordability, offering an all-access pass instead of individual picks or single handicapper subscriptions. This pass grants access to all premium picks, betting trends, and more. The service includes numerous in-house handicappers and betting models, such as an NBA prop model with a 61% success rate. However, there’s a conflict of interest as ScoresAndOdds also promotes legal sportsbooks while selling premium picks. For convenience, ScoresAndOdds has an app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

SportsLine Review

Our review of SportsLine covers its key offerings and affordability, highlighting its role as a primary resource for many new bettors linked from CBSSports. Despite its extensive expert team, including names like Alex Selesnick (PropStarz) and Jason La Canfora, it falls short in disclosing handicappers’ full performance histories. The service stands out for its value, providing access to over 40 sports handicappers’ picks. Members benefit from daily fantasy sports tools and analyses, including valuable player projections, without promoting any specific sportsbooks. SportsLine’s live sports odds and neutral stance further enhance its appeal as a comprehensive betting resource, maintaining neutrality by not endorsing any sportsbooks, a choice that aligns with its focus on offering diverse resources and insights to its members.

BettingPros Review

BettingPros is a prolific content creator in the sports betting space, publishing over 10 articles daily, focusing on player prop predictions and daily best bets across major sports. Their offerings include exclusive player projections valuable for both betting and DFS. Additionally, they run “The Daily Juice,” a concise daily podcast available on Spotify that offers quick insights into the day’s games and top betting picks, all within a 15-minute listen. Their YouTube channel boasts over 2,000 videos. The BettingPros app, available for both Apple and Android devices, features live odds, scores, guides, and community betting groups, with premium features like top-rated bets for members. However, their promotion of sportsbooks, while also selling sports picks, presents a potential conflict of interest, reflecting a growing trend in the industry.

Bookie.ag Review

Bookie.Ag has quickly established itself as a significant player in the industry. The platform leverages its strategic position to provide bookmakers and their clients with cost-effective services. Bookie.ag is renowned for its sophisticated software that supports various sports and betting options and complimentary access to a racebook and casino. The interface is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring user-friendly navigation. Additionally, Bookie.ag offers competitive pricing and expert customer support. Bookmakers benefit particularly from robust reporting tools that facilitate efficient business management.

Realbookies review

RealBookies emerges as the undisputed leader in pay-per-head services for 2024. Born from the fusion of seasoned sports bettors and tech-savvy bookies, boasting nearly three decades of expertise, RealBookies has solidified its position as the pinnacle choice globally. Nestled in Costa Rica since the mid-’90s, their reach extends far beyond borders, offering comprehensive PPH solutions spanning sportsbook, racebook, and casino platforms. With an intuitive interface setting the industry standard, RealBookies equips budding bookmakers with the tools to effortlessly navigate their ventures.

rdgcorp Review

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, RDG Corp stands tall as a trailblazer in crafting tailor-made software solutions for sports bookmakers. From streamlined PPH services tailored for sports betting aficionados to expansive white-label gambling platforms encompassing sports, casino delights, and racebooks, our team prides itself on delivering robust and cost-effective turnkey solutions. With our seamless integration process, clients embark on a journey to swiftly launch their platforms, ensuring not just a seamless user experience but also a leap ahead in the competitive arena.

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FAQ: Using Sports Handicappers for Betting

What is a sports handicapper?

A sports handicapper is an individual or service that provides expert analysis and predictions for sports events, intending to help bettors make informed betting decisions. Handicappers use their knowledge, experience, and statistical analysis to offer insights into games and suggest picks that have a higher likelihood of winning.

Why should I use a sports handicapper for betting?

Using a sports handicapper can be beneficial for several reasons:

Expertise: Handicappers often have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of specific sports, teams, and players.
Time-saving: Handicappers do the research and analysis for you, saving you time and effort.
Improved odds: Handicappers aim to identify value bets with favorable odds.
Diversification: Handicappers cover a wide range of sports and events, allowing you to diversify your betting portfolio.

Are there any risks involved in using sports handicappers?

While handicappers aim to provide valuable insights, sports betting always involves risks. It’s essential to gamble responsibly, manage your bankroll wisely, and understand that no one can guarantee 100% success in sports betting, including handicappers.

Do I have to pay for sports handicapper picks?

Many handicappers offer both free and premium (paid) picks. Free picks are available to give you a sense of their expertise, while premium picks typically come with a fee. The choice between free and premium picks depends on your budget and level of confidence in the handicapper’s abilities.