Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list to help answer the most common questions we receive here at Sports Hub. Below, find these questions and their answers. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out our form on the CONTACT US page (under support) or email at [email protected].

Essential FAQs: Navigating Sports Hub’s Features and Services

What is SportsHub?

Sports Hub is unlike any other betting website you have visited. With the rise of sports betting globally, more bettors are entering the industry. As a result, more handicappers are doing the same, and Sports Hub has reinvented the handicapping industry.

We at Sports Hub are here for both the bettor and the handicapper. Our aim is to connect both groups, emphasizing providing the resources necessary for anyone to enter the handicapping industry or improve what they are already doing.

Who can benefit from using SportsHub?

Anyone! Anyone interested in sports betting or handicapping can benefit from a membership to the Sports Hub. Bettors gain access to a daily sports betting pick library like no other and access to the best cappers in the industry.

Set up a free profile, save your favorite handicappers, and even earn points for completing simple tasks. You can cash in those points for premium picks, contest entries, and more!

Why should I sign up for a SportsHub membership?

Because Sports Hub is the only site in the sports betting industry that both bettors and handicappers can use as a one-stop resource, do you need picks? Check. Need to learn how to bet on an NFL two-team teaser? Done.

Handicappers looking for an avenue to ramp up their business will find all the tools at Sports Hub. Maybe you’re an aspiring handicapper; we have you covered there too. One membership. One revolutionary website. It’s all you need.

What makes SportsHub different from any other betting website?

Where to begin…the Sports Hub ownership group has over a century of experience in every aspect of the sports betting industry. We have run sportsbooks, developed pay-per-head software, and are in the middle of the handicapping industry. We know handicappers, and we know sports bettors.

We have a unique perspective on the entire industry and have a desire to bring something different to the table. That is Sports Hub. It’s designed for handicappers. With an emphasis on helping cappers, the results will undoubtedly affect bettors as well. We realized that and designed the site to help bettors take advantage of this new shift in the handicapping industry.

How does a sports handicapper benefit from using SportsHub?

Our revolutionary software was born from an issue that sports handicappers currently have. There are handicappers in the industry still using methods from the 1980s! We know handicapping. And we’ve created what is essentially a pay-per-head for cappers.

Sports Hub gives handicappers access to more sporting events and more markets. Our software makes it much easier to make and send picks to clients…quickly and efficiently. We’ll even help with marketing.

What types of membership plans are available?

There are three membership levels at the Sports Hub. Bettors can join and gain access to free and premium picks from the top handicappers in the industry. They also can access the Sports Hub betting library to become a smarter bettor. Plus, you can earn points for completing various tasks. The points can be redeemed for all sorts of perks.

The other memberships are geared toward the professional handicapper and the aspiring handicapper who doesn’t have his/her own website yet. For a fee, Sports Hub will provide a handicapper with a profile page, which allows the capper to make picks and offer analysis. Of course, Sports Hub provides a market of bettors in search of picks.

Why should bettors use SportsHub?

Sports Hub will revolutionize the handicapping industry. There is no question about that, but the average sports bettor can also benefit from becoming a member. First, there is the Sports Hub betting library. Whether you are a novice or an experienced bettor, you can learn more about anything related to sports betting. How to bet a parlay, why you shouldn’t wager consistently on big MLB favorites, and much more is available to help bettors win more bets.

The other reason bettors should join Sports Hub is to access the best handicappers in the business. Sports Hub does all the work finding the top cappers in the sports betting industry and bringing them together as part of our network. Bettors have the ability to search the network and find handicappers that can help them achieve their goals. Our sortable leaderboard will help you find exactly what you are looking for, including the hottest sports cappers on the planet.

How does SportsHub’s computer picks work?

Sports Hub also offers AI-generated computer picks. Our unique system only releases computer picks in certain situations. Our AI picks are released to members when there is a two-point difference between an event’s listed line and Sports Hub’s AI-generated betting line. This is an indication of true value. 

Members can sign up for notifications of computer picks. This way, they will never miss out on a value pick.

Sports Hub offers a new way to look at sports betting. We’re revolutionizing the industry with new handicapper software. It allows easy access to the best information available. Something for every level of bettor, with sortable handicapper stats, game predictions, odds, scores & more!