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Sports handicapping is an exciting and dynamic field that attracts enthusiasts and bettors looking to gain an edge in sports betting. At the heart of this practice are the best sports handicappers, experts who analyze and predict sports outcomes with an impressive degree of accuracy. These individuals use a blend of statistical analysis, intimate knowledge of the sports they cover, and a keen understanding of betting markets to provide valuable insights. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a curious newcomer, understanding the role and expertise of top sports handicappers can significantly enhance your betting experience.

Ashlee Kiddell

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Ashlee has accumulated a vast experience of sport over the past decade and has a history of picking winners in soccer, the NFL and horse racing.

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Coach Rick


Coach Rick played and coached football at various levels and brings a unique perspective into handicapping the sport. While CFB and NFL are his specialty.

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Frankie the Fan


Frankie is considered a sports betting expert super fan! Numbers aren’t everything in the world of sports betting. He has proven that over the years with his approach to betting.

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Joe Berra


Joe has lived sports his entire life, catching the gambling. From the north, Joe’s first love was hockey, but baseball quickly took over. With age, football was his life.

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Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker

Kyle has put the hammer down for more than 25-years as a bookie, line mover, oddsmaker, and gambler. He knows trends, and has proven it time.

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Lou Diamond


Lou Diamond is a Sports Hub expert that has been a professional handicapper since 1986. Big Lou has built his business on honesty and customer satisfaction.

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Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk

Bio needed

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Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

From running numbers in Vegas in the early 90’s to Moving lines in Costa Rica since 1997.

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Randall Dickelman


I am dedicated to providing accurate predictions and insights to help fellow fans and bettors.

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Sal Lombardi

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MLB is Sal’s specialty, adding in some sharp NHL action with NBA & college hoops sprinkled in. Football season has treated him well for more than 2 decades!

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Sean Kuchman

Sean Kuch

I’ve been sports gambling for over 20 years and I pride myself on my picks. Nothing I love more than enjoying a good game with a little action on it.

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The Bookie

1573147394 Thebookie

The Bookie has a unique relationship with many offshore sportsbooks, and access to information to provide sports bettors around the world.

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TonyK 3G-Sports

Tony K

Tony’s two major principles to sports gambling: research and discipline. He analyzes match-ups with emphasizes on game-specific detail, trends, coaching and odds.

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Useful Information and Analysis

One of the most useful pieces of information best sports handicappers provide is detailed game analysis. They dive deep into the nuances of each game, examining factors like team form, head-to-head records, player injuries, and even weather conditions. This comprehensive approach helps bettors understand the context of each matchup beyond just the basic statistics. By following their analysis, enthusiasts can make more informed bets, taking into account subtleties that the average bettor might overlook. It’s not just about who might win or lose, but understanding the why and how behind each prediction.

In addition to game analysis, top sports handicappers also offer insights into betting trends and market movements. They keep a close eye on how lines and odds shift in response to various factors, such as public betting patterns or late-breaking news. This expertise is invaluable for those looking to understand the dynamics of sports betting markets. By interpreting these trends, the best sports handicappers can often identify value bets or potential traps that less experienced bettors might miss. It’s like having an insider’s view of the sports betting world, which can be a game-changer for many.

Another key aspect where best sports handicappers excel is in their ability to provide long-term betting strategies. Unlike casual bettors, these experts focus on sustainable success over time, rather than chasing quick wins. They educate their followers on bankroll management, the importance of shopping for the best lines, and how to avoid common pitfalls in sports betting. This educational component is crucial, as it empowers bettors to make smarter decisions, manage their funds wisely, and maintain a disciplined approach to betting. Following the advice of top handicappers can transform betting from a game of chance into a more strategic endeavor.

Masters of specific sports

The best sports handicappers are often masters of specific sports or leagues. This specialization allows them to provide even more precise and insightful predictions. Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, these experts spend countless hours studying every facet of their chosen field. Their dedication and passion for the sport translate into high-quality, actionable advice for their followers. By aligning with handicappers who specialize in your preferred sport, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge that can significantly enhance your betting success and enjoyment.

Best Sports Handicappers FAQ

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What makes a good sports handicapper?

Best sports handicapper combines deep knowledge of sports with robust analytical skills to dissect data and predict game outcomes effectively. Their expertise extends to a keen understanding of betting markets, allowing them to interpret odds and identify value bets accurately.