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Computer Picks Explained

Sports bettors everywhere are looking for an edge, anything that can help them win more bets. Are computer picks the answer? Here at Sports Hub, part of our mission is to help the average sports bettor on his or her journey.

You likely arrived here because you wanted to learn more about computer picks. Computer-generated sports picks have become increasingly popular throughout the sports betting industry. It’s a computer, right? How often can it be wrong?

Well, one of the first things you have to understand about sports betting is that no one – computer or otherwise – wins all the time. So, should you trust computer picks?

Computer Picks – One More Tool We Offer

If you’re a sports bettor, you’re always looking for some sort of an edge. Where can you get it? The answer is right here at Sports Hub. Our mission is to provide the average sports bettor with a full arsenal of tools to gain success in sports betting. One of those tools is computer picks.

What Are Computer Picks?

It is easy to figure out that computer picks are those generated by a computer. In today’s modern information age, the computer pick is one that is generated by an artificial intelligence algorithm. Sports Hub computer picks are derived using a massive amount of statistics, as well as information from professional handicappers and sharp bettors.

The computer works the numbers and generates a pick. However, computer picks from Sports Hub are a bit different than your typical computer-generated sports picks.

Sports Hub Computer Picks

The great thing about the Sports Hub is that our computer picks are only released when there is a two-point difference between the computer line and the actual betting line. This is real value and we figure it out for you.

For example, there’s an NFL football game where the total is being examined. The actual betting line on the game puts the total at 52.5. The Sports Hub computer algorithm says the line should be 50. The computer pick is released to Sports Hub members who can use it to place a wager on the Under in that game. It’s that simple.

The Sports Hub realizes that the average sports bettor is often guided by emotion. Our computer-generated picks take that right out of the equation. There’s no guesswork involved. No human bias, no gut feelings. Just straight up picks.

With an outstanding hit rate, the Sports Hub gives the average bettor a greater chance of success. Plus, our AI-generated picks save bettors time, all while helping them make strong, winning betting decisions.

Finding Sports Hub Computer Picks

Sports Hub computer picks are easy to find. Become a member of the Sports Hub. It’s pretty easy. Click that big button – JOIN NOW – up in the right hand corner. Follow the instructions and you’re a Sports Hub member in no time. There is no banking information needed, you simply need to verify your email address.

On the Sports Hub main page, it’s easy to get to all of our picks. Keep in mind, we are bringing bettors and sports handicappers together to create something different in the industry. We provide bettors with access to information that most cannot get.

On any page, you will see the PICK CENTER at the top. There is a drop-down menu where you can select Computer Picks. From here, you are on your way to betting success!

If You Need More Help, Just Ask Us

There are going to be times when you just don’t know the answer. We all come to that point. Luckily for you, you can always ask the Sports Hub for help. Use our live chat function, send a message via our “contact us” page or send us an email at [email protected].

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It is challenging to win long-term. We provide you with winning computer picks for every professional sport

Computer Picks FAQ

How can I use computer picks?

Bettors can use Sports Hub computer picks a number of ways. Some bettors prefer to use them as a supplement to their own handicapping. Others will use a pick for a big game, the Super Bowl, for example. The bottom line is that you can trust our sports picks to win more often than they lose.

What are the drawbacks of using computer picks?

The human element is needed to make a betting prediction at times. Added to that, just like the sports bettor, a computer can be wrong. Not all computer picks are winners.

What are computer picks?

Computer picks at Sports Hub are generated by an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses statistics and information from pro cappers and sharp bettors to provide the best side on a sporting event.