Picks and Parlays Review

Picks and Parlays

Picks and Parlays (PicksAndParlays.net) is a sports handicapping service that sells picks. The service was launched in 2010 and has been operating ever since. Picks and Parlays is a reseller.

We’ll examine all of the features in our Picks and Parlays review.


  • All of the picks at Picks and Parlays are documented.
  • Leaderboards allow you to search for the best cappers based on the sports you like.
  • There’s a free sports picks section to test out the service.
  • Long-term subscriptions (annual and season-long) offer big discounts.


  • Individual pick packages are expensive at Picks and Parlays
  • There are no special deals or discounts for new members.
  • Picks and Parlays promotes online sportsbooks on the website.

Picks and Parlays Review

There are premium (paid) sports picks and free picks available at this service. Picks and Parlays is one of many resellers for some big-name handicappers, including Easy Eddie and Scott Rickenbach. There are 25+ sports handicappers selling plays at Picks and Parlays, with some exclusive cappers.

Picks and Parlays cappers sell individual picks or one-day packages as well as subscriptions. You can try out handicappers by purchasing some of the top-selling picks. When you want to follow a handicapper for the long term, there are annual or season-long subscriptions, which are more cost-effective.

Most of the handicappers will also release free plays. There aren’t a lot of free sports picks released each week, but the previews are high quality. The previews provide an overview of how the game will play out, betting trends to consider tailing, and then the handicapper’s free pick will be at the bottom.

There’s also a free parlay released most days. The free parlays have a short analysis of each pick and the payout odds. Betting news is also published at Picks and Parlays, but it focuses on sportsbook offers. Picks and Parlays promote legal sportsbooks in the US, which is generally a conflict of interest since they sell picks. However, this website is mostly a reseller of picks and doesn’t have many in-house cappers.

There is a lack of betting tools provided by Picks and Parlays. They have a live scoreboard that includes betting odds, but that’s about it. Most competitors offer more tools, stats, and data for their users.

Picks and Parlays Features

There aren’t too many features or special sports pick packages at BetFirm. There are multiple ways to purchase sports pick packages. There are single picks available, daily packs, and long-term packages (season-long and annual). You’ll get the best deals when purchasing long-term subscriptions.

BetFirm releases lots of free sports picks. The free plays aren’t tracked, though. If you want to get an idea of how the free picks perform, you’ll need to track the results yourself. It would be better if all of the picks were documented, as it makes it much easier for sports bettors to decide if they want to buy picks.

The leaderboards at BetFirm for premium sports picks are helpful, but they only show profitable cappers on them. Handicappers that are losing money aren’t listed on the leaderboards, which isn’t transparent.

There’s lots of sports betting content to digest at BetFirm. Not only are there betting guides, but there are lots of articles examining historical betting data and trends. For example, there are articles looking at the recent March Madness trends. There are also articles previewing all of the major sporting events.

Some of the content is outdated. There are multiple links on the homepage to pages that haven’t been updated, including “NFL Teasers of the Week” and “NFL Survivor Picks”. BetFirm should clean up the pages that aren’t updated and remove them from being listed on the homepage.

BetFirm doesn’t provide any betting systems to follow or allow you to purchase a picks package that has multiple handicappers. You need to choose the handicapper you want to follow and then purchase one of that capper’s packages. It’d be nice if you could group multiple cappers together at a discounted price.

Picks and Parlays Pricing

At Picks and Parlays, single picks or one-day packages start at $39.99. Most of the $39.99 packages will include a few sports picks from one of the handicappers. In some cases, handicappers will release a play, such as “Game of the Year” and the individual pick can cost up to $99.00.

In order to save some money you’ll want to purchase subscriptions. An annual package for one capper is going to cost around $1300. A season-long package will cost around $500, but varies depending upon the sport, how long is remaining in the season, and what handicapper is selling the package.

The pricing is transparent and you’ll be able to see everything available at Picks and Parlays by visiting their website. The consensus report offers good value. The price starts at $19.99 for three days but is less than $1/day when you purchase an annual subscription to the daily report ($359.99/year).

Getting Started

All of the free picks are available for anyone visiting the website. Before you can purchase anything on the website, you need to open an account. Opening an account is free. You need to be signed into your account to purchase the consensus report or any of the sports picks packages and subscriptions.

The consensus report is great for bettors who don’t bet too much on games. For $359.99/year, you’ll be able to see what the Picks and Parlays experts are betting on each day. All of the sports leagues and bet types are included in the report. Checking the daily report will give you the edge over your bookie.

You should also sign up for the Picks and Parlays newsletter. The newsletters include free picks that aren’t always available on the website. You’ll also get information on all of the latest sportsbook promos.


Picks and Parlays is a reputable sports handicapping service. They document all of the picks released by the handicappers on the platform, so it’s easy to track the profitability of every capper. Being transparent is important in this industry and it’s great that this service keeps verified records.

Purchasing individual picks from Picks and Parlays is expensive and adds up quickly, as some picks are $99.00 each. However, the subscriptions offer great deals for sports bettors. For example, an NHL picks package from one handicapper for the full season only costs around $500.

It’d be great if there were more tools and betting guides for new bettors. There aren’t a lot of free picks either on the platform. Picks and Parlays do have numerous cappers that are long-term winners, though.