Wunderdog Review


Wunderdog (Wunderdog.com) is one of the most popular sports handicapping services with 500,000+ members. The website was launched in 2001 by Geoff (Wunderdog) who is a professional capper.

One of the most important factors when selling sports picks is consistency. Wunderdog has been offering winning sports predictions for more than 20 years. Another important factor is transparency. Wunderdog documents and tracks every single premium pick, allowing you to see his all-time performance.

Wunderdog has sold millions of sports picks since launching. The website has been featured in some of the biggest online publications, including ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and MSN.


  • Wunderdog releases daily sports picks for 20+ years.
  • There are lots of betting guides (video and text).
  • Free computer picks for all major US sports.
  • Public betting consensus data from major sportsbooks.
  • All premium picks are documented and tracked.


  • There isn’t a huge volume of sports picks.
  • There’s only one handicapper selling picks (Geoff).
  • The service is expensive and geared towards bettors with a higher net worth.

Wunderdog Review

There are free and premium sports picks at Wunderdog. New users can join an email list to receive free daily sports predictions. All of the picks have a write up, which explains why the bet is being made.

There are a large number of sports picks packages available to purchase as well. There are often sales to decrease the price. If you’re planning on purchasing a bigger package, wait until there’s a good sale.

One of the unique things about Wunderdog is that it’s run by a single handicapper. A lot of services resell sports picks from other industry experts, but only the owner (Geoff) sells picks on Wunderdog.

Initially, Wunderdog focused on the NFL, but has since expanded into other markets. Wunderdog offers picks for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, PGA, soccer and horse racing.

There’s also a Parlay Club where Wunderdog releases parlay bets that are offering value (+EV). There are lots of features, including live scores, live odds, betting guides, videos and much more.

Members will be able to participate in a four-level VIP program. VIP members will be able to participate in exclusive contests with prizes, receive free merchandise, priority support, promotions and other perks. It’s possible to move up the VIP program without spending money on sports picks as well.

Wunderdog Features

There are quite a few features at Wunderdog, including some you don’t see at most competitors. Some of the common features, including live scores for most major sports and live betting odds.

Wunderdog has a public consensus betting report showing where the action is on a game. There are also free computer picks for all major sports, but these picks aren’t tracked and for entertainment purposes.

One of the interesting Wunderdog features is a “How to Win Masterclass” video series. The video series has ten videos teaching you the basics about becoming a successful sports handicapper. The class was initially $299 to access, but it’s now free. You just need to sign-up with your email.

Wunderdog has a YouTube presence, but isn’t very active. There are often months without new videos. The “Articles” section features all of the betting guides available on Wunderdog. Want to learn why it’s important to line shop or how line movement works? There are guides explaining everything.

There’s a Wunderdog Guarantee program for premium picks packages. If the subscription you purchase results in a loss, you’ll receive the same subscription for free. The guarantee is active for all of the picks except for horse racing due to the variance in odds. Hopefully, you won’t need to use the guarantee.

The “Picks History” section details every single pick ever made on Wunderdog. You can go back and view Wunderdog sports picks from previous years or a specific week even. The all-time results are available for each sport. Keep an eye out for “Max Picks”, as these are the strongest plays released by Wunderdog.

Wunderdog Pricing

You should definitely sign-up to the Wunderdog newsletter to receive free picks daily. Wunderdog selects one of the premium picks for the day to be released for free, so it includes a full write up.

Wunderdog isn’t a cheap sports handicapping service. An annual subscription costs $4,999, but there are often sales, which will drop the price to $3,999/year. That’s a big commitment for most sports bettors, but there are smaller packages available as well, such as weekly, monthly or even daily.

There are daily packages for Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football ($39). A weekly picks package for the NFL costs $149 and a monthly NFL picks package costs $399. A full season package for major sports (NBA, NHL and MLB) will run about $1000 unless there’s an ongoing sale.

The Parlay Club is an interesting package and has been profitable long-term. Not many services release parlays, but Wunderdog does. The Parlay Club costs $349/year, but it’s also included in many packages.

Getting Started

You don’t need an account at Wunderdog, but it’s recommended because of the VIP program. If you’re going to be spending money, you might as well earn the perks available for VIP members. In order to track your VIP points, you need to have an account, which is completely free to open.

Wunderdog premium sports picks can be purchased using Paypal or a debit/credit card. In some cases, there will be coupon codes available, which you can enter at a checkout to receive a discount.

To make sure Wunderdog is right for you, you should spend some time analyzing the results. Wunderdog is one of the few sports handicapping services that has documented historical results.

New members should join the newsletter for free picks and to access the Masterclass. New bettors will want to read through the betting guides to become more familiar with what it takes to win long-term.


Wunderdog has been in business for 20+ years now and Geoff is a professional. You need to make sure you have realistic expectations, though. No one is hitting at 70%+ over the long-term in this industry.

You also need to make sure you’re betting enough to cover the subscription costs. If you’re betting $50 per game, Wunderdog won’t make sense, as you won’t be able to cover the fees even if you win.

There are zero risk free picks available, which is a great way to test the service. Make sure you utilize all of the features we discussed above as well. The videos and betting guides are helpful for beginners.

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