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Football is the most popular sport in North America, the USA in particular.  Here at SportsHub.com, we offer year-round coverage of all the major football leagues. Football bettors can utilize our expertise and exclusive data to profit throughout the football season. This is your page for football picks, news and analysis to help formulate winning picks.

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Today’s Football Picks


How to Bet on Football

Every football league offers bettors a wide variety of betting markets. You can brush up on all forms of football betting here at Sports Hub. You’ll find information about the various betting markets within each league. 

The most common bets, of course, are on the moneyline, point spread, and game totals. Props bets, both team and player, are becoming more and more popular each season.

Bettors can find player props across a wide number of statistical categories. The bottom line is that there are hundreds of opportunities to bet on a single football game.

Know What You’re Betting On

That means there are thousands of opportunities on an NFL Sunday or a college football Saturday. The same is true in the CFL, XFL, and USFL. In order to have success in betting on football, you have to familiarize yourself with the leagues you want to bet.

For example, you will be headed for disaster if you do not know anything about the XFL and start placing bets on the league’s games. You have to have some basic knowledge of the game and some of its rules, especially those pertaining to scoring.

The XFL actually has a three-point conversion. That throws a wrench into the key numbers that NFL bettors use. If you don’t know much about NFL key numbers, don’t worry. You can learn it here at Sports Hub.

The point here is that if you are going to engage in football betting, arm yourself with some knowledge first. That’s why Sports Hub exists, to help bettors and handicappers alike.

Football Betting Odds

Whether it’s NFL, college football, or one of the other leagues, all bets come with odds. Sportsbooks set odds for every single bet. Bettors have to know how to read and interpret odds in order to have success. 

Point spread betting has long been king in the NFL. An example illustrates how point spread betting and football odds work. Let’s say the Buffalo Bills are playing the Miami Dolphins.

Buffalo Bills -3.5 (-110)

Miami Dolphins +3.5 (-110)

The Bills are a 3.5-point favorite (favorites are indicated by the minus sign). Miami is a 3.5-point underdog. For Buffalo to cover the point spread, they must win by at least four points. Miami covers if the Dolphins lose by three or fewer or win the game outright.

The odds on each side of the bet are -110. That means a bettor must wager $110 to win $100. You don’t have to wager $100, but American odds are based on units of $100. 

If you like the Bills and they win 28-24, your $110 bet would pay out a profit of $100. If Buffalo won 28-27, the Dolphins would have covered the spread. 

Football bettors can also wager on the moneyline, which is the easiest bet to understand. You bet on a team to win, regardless of the score. The same goes for game totals. You bet on the final score to go Over or Under a set total. All bets come with associated odds. Those football betting odds tell bettors how much they must wager and how much they will win.

Master NFL Betting

One of the key things that can help NFL bettors is the concept of key numbers. In the NFL, the way points are scored leads to some common final scores and common final scoring margins.

For example, more NFL games end with 41 total points than any other. More games end with a final scoring margin of three points. This is valuable information for NFL bettors as they wager on the point spread and on game totals. 

In the Buffalo-Miami example above, the point spread was 3.5. After doing the research, a bettor that likes a close game might be more inclined to take the Dolphins because most games end with a three-point margin. Miami would cover in that case.

NFL key numbers also help in game totals. If a total is set at 45.5 and bettors expect a low-scoring tight game, they might lean on the Under since 41 and 44 are two of the most common NFL totals.

Football Betting FAQ

What are the different types of football bets I can make?

There are several types of football bets that you can make, including:
– Point Spreads: The most popular form of wagering on football. The spread is represented as the favorite (-) and the underdog (+). The favorite has to win by a certain number of points, and the underdog simply needs to avoid losing by that many points.
– Moneylines: Betting the moneyline is simply picking who will win the game.
– Over/Under (Totals): A number based on how many total points will be scored in the game. You decide if the combined final score will be over or under that number.
– Live/In-Game Betting: Betting on a game as it happens. The odds are dynamic and will update throughout the entire game.
– Futures & Props: You’ll find tons of these markets for football, 365 days a year.

How can I be a successful NFL bettor?

There are a number of football betting strategies that can be used to gain success. The easiest strategies that every bettor should use are proper money management & line shopping. If you can find a better price on a game at a different sportsbook, why not take it? Shop around for the best lines and odds and never bet more than 5 percent of your bankroll.

What is a teaser?

A teaser is a parlay bet where the bettor gets to adjust point spreads. The most common NFL teaser is the two-team, six-point teaser. A bettor can take a team favored by 8.5 points down to -2.5. Bettors can also take a small underdog, +2.5 for example, and make them a +8.5 underdog.

Should I bet a football point spread or moneyline?

The answer comes down to where the value is. Typically, it doesn’t make sense to bet on huge NFL or NCAAF favorites on the moneyline. When you bet $300 to win $100 on a -300 favorite, you bet big and win small. In the same game, the point spread bet will usually have odds around -110. The bottom line is that success in football betting comes down to finding the value.

What are some important factors to consider when betting on football?

In addition to starting pitchers, there are several other factors to consider when betting on football, including:
– Pay attention to where the game is being played.
– Follow expert football predictions.
– Use multiple sportsbooks to compare betting lines.
– Don’t bet with your heart.
– Know individual player matchups.