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Tennis betting has increased in popularity with the continuous growing number of sports bettors. There are a lot of sharp tennis handicappers that can help you make money wagering on tennis matches. This is even truer when it comes to betting on tennis majors.

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How to Bet on Tennis

Introduction to Tennis Betting

There are three primary tennis court surfaces on the professional tour. They are clay, grass, and hardcourt. Players frequently have a variety of skill sets that may position them for success (or failure) on various surfaces.

For instance, matches played on clay courts tend to be a little slower and involve more volleying. Conversely, grass courts are renowned for moving quickly. Long-term success in tennis betting requires an understanding of player strengths and weaknesses on these different surfaces – see Rafa Nadal at the French Open.

There are many ways to bet on tennis. The most common bets are on individual matches and the tournament winner. Lets learn more about them and other popular tennis bets.

Popular Tennis Bets

A lot more than just the outcome of a match in a tennis match or tournament can be bet on. Knowing the different tennis betting markets is important to your success. This flexibility will allow you to better approach every tournament.

The most popular bets when betting on tennis include:

Outright Winner – these bets can provide a ton of value with tournament winners regularly paying out at odds of +1000 and over. The outright winner may be the simplest bet on the tennis board and is a great place to start betting tennis.

Match Betting – a match bet is similar to an outright winner wager, except you are choosing the winner of a specific match as opposed to the overall tournament winner.

Handicap Betting – this form of betting is a lot like spread betting in other sports. Handicap odds offer a number of games to the underdog to give them a fair playing field. If the line is correct, the player who performs better than their expectations will be the winning bet. There are options to bet on spreads for games and sets in a match.

Over/Under Betting – With these markets you have to pick the duration of the match correctly. You’re essentially betting whether or not a match will end in straight sets.

Exact Score Betting – These bets allow you to attempt to predict the exact score of each set or the exact number of sets won by each opponent. If you consider yourself a tennis sharp, these wagers give massive odds for a big payday.

Prop Bets – Props are bets where sportsbooks make a prediction, and you place a wager on whether you believe it will occur. There are a massive amount of innovative options for prop bets, depending on which book you’re using.

Introduction to Tennis Betting Odds

Tennis betting odds are calculated the same way as odds from other sports. Different countries follow different formats of representation of betting odds, but we are going to focus on American odds.

American tennis odds are represented by a – (negative) or a + (positive) amount. It looks like -130 or +250 to denote the probability of winning a tennis match.

The higher the number (+), the less likely that player will win, and is considered the underdog. The lower the negative (-) number, the more likely that player is to win, and is the favorite.

Tennis betting odds are a reflection of the likelihood that a specific market will win. Odds are determined in accordance with what bookies believe the likelihood of a particular event – such as a player winning a game, set, match, or any other example – is.

Tennis Betting FAQ

Is tennis good for bettors?

Tennis is a very niche sport, but if you follow it closely, or know someone that does, betting on tennis can be lucrative. This is due to the long odds for relatively unknown players to either upset a big name in a match or get hot and make a run to win a tournament. You will commonly see players with odds over +1000 to win a tournament – giving you a $1000 profit on a $100 bet. A wager will increase excitement for any match you’re watching live too!

Does Sports Hub offer plays for tennis matches?

Yes, you’ll find picks, leans and high-unit plays for every sport, including tennis. SportsHub.com has recruited top handicappers that specialize in all sports. We will be offering our users winning options whenever possible.

What are the best tennis betting tips?

It is important to know what surfaces certain players play well on and which ones they don’t play well on. Tennis is pretty much a completely different sport when played on grass compared to clay. There’s a reason why Rafael Nadal has won so many French Open titles. He’s a master on clay, and holds the record with the most wins at any major with 14. Fatigue, travel and player schedules also play a part. Also, you need to pick your spots with handicap betting and avoid betting on heavy favorites.

Why are tennis majors special?

There are four tennis majors, the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. These tournaments are significant to pro tennis players for many reasons, including their history, size, ranking points, and prize money. However, tennis majors offer bettors a huge variety of betting markets for punters.

What are some important factors to consider when betting on tennis?

There are many things to consider before placing a wager on tennis. However, important ones include:
– Current player performance, health including fatigue, travel & personal schedule.
– Surface of the court.
– Players success at a particular event.
– Betting odds and markets.
– Head-to-head history between players.