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How to Bet on Auto Racing / Motor Sports

Wagering on motorsports as a whole is quite a bit different from wagering on more commonly watched sports like football and basketball. Almost all racing disciplines and motor sport betting markets focus as individual sports.

A driver wins – or finishes higher than other drivers – in a competition or race. Although there are certain team competitions, the individual in motor sports is more important.

Motor sports come in a variety of forms, such as NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar, and MotoGP. Each week of their individual seasons, there are odds on who will win a race, in addition to a variety of other bets.

Popular Ways to Bet on Auto Sports

Racing is a more solitary sport meaning you typically bet on a single driver. You can place bets on head-to-head matches between two specific drivers. The outcome is determined by which driver finishes first. If you are familiar with golf betting, motor sports betting is very similar.

The wager on a race winner is the most common of all racing bets. Normally, there are between 20 and 30 drivers in a field. On the betting board, gamblers can select the winner they believe will get the checkered flag. Like golf, bettors will find that race favorites are given some outstanding odds. It’s not uncommon to see an overall race favorite listed at +700 odds in the days leading up to a race.

There are plenty of alternatives, many of which offer good value for any specific event. If you are going to wager on motor sports, one of the first things you must do is gain a thorough awareness of the various racing bet categories and the available wagers. You will also need an understanding of auto racing betting odds.

Motor Racing Betting Odds

All of the auto racing bets offered for a particular race are listed on the betting board with odds. Understanding these odds and what they mean are paramount to having success betting on any motor sport.

As mentioned, in the Race Champion category, even favorites are often given longer odds to win. Let’s say you like Chase Elliott at +750 to win a NASCAR event. 

In reading and interpreting the odds, you will note that you will win $7.50 for every $1.00 that is wagered. Bet $100 and you’ll win $750, for example. There may be a strong longshot candidate given +3000 odds. A $100 bet on that longshot would pay out a profit of $3,000!

Individual Matchup Markets Are Exciting

Bettors can wager on individual matchups, where Chase Elliott goes up against Joey Logano, for example. Elliott is given -115 odds and Logano is listed at -105. Here, a bettor that likes Elliott must wager $115 to win $100. All Elliott has to do is finish higher than Logano. For example, Elliott wins if he finishes fourth and Logano comes in 14th place.

Odds are also given to bets in the top-5, top-10, and top-20 categories in motor sports. There are prop bets as well and oddsmakers set odds for things like the number of caution flags in a race and the number of laps a certain driver will lead throughout the entire race.

One of the keys to having success in auto betting is just knowing how to look at odds and determine if there is any betting value. For help in finding betting value, join the Sports Hub and access our huge betting library. Best of all, it’s free!

Motor Sports Betting Tips – Go Fast, Win Big

As mentioned, knowledge is power. Auto racing betting is no different. Preparation is a key and there are numerous useful resources available for the racing bettor. 

Bettors can find tons of stats including things like practice times, results from past races, testing results, and more. Technical details for cars are readily available as is the latest racing news.

One of the big things that racing bettors should check in the days leading up to an event is the weather. The weather can have a big impact on motorsports. All of this information is out there and with the help of Sports Hub you can gain valuable insight into any race or motorsports event.

Auto Racing Betting FAQ

What are the different types of auto racing bets I can make?

There are several types of auto racing bets that you can make, including:
– To Win: You predict the outright race winner. These wagers typically provide a significant return if your driver finishes first.
– Head-to-Head Driver Matchups: You bet on individual matchups that are limited to what your sportsbook has posted.
– Podium/Position Bets: Predict if a driver will finish top 3, top 5, top 10, etc.
– Props & Futures: Find markets where you predict which driver will win the series Championship, number of flags, etc. Check your sportsbook for markets.
– Winning Margin: Predict the time gap between the winner and the runner-up over or under a certain mark.

How can I learn to bet on motor sports?

Part of what we do here at Sports Hub is educate bettors. Sign up for a free account and you’ll gain access to a massive betting library that can help you learn to bet on auto racing. Knowledge is power in anything, and sports betting is no exception. Let Sports Hub guide you in your quest for betting success!

What motor sport events can I find betting odds for?

Depending on which sportsbook you use, this answer will vary. The short answer is that you’ll be able to bet on any auto racing event you want to bet on. If you know about the event – short of a local event – as long as it’s a professionally sanctioned race, chances are you will find odds for it.

Should I bet on motor racing?

You should at least consider it. Sportsbooks make the majority of their money on the major sports – football and basketball, in particular. Bookmakers don’t spend as much time making sure lines and odds are sharp on less popular sports. That means there are likely value opportunities in auto racing for those that will take the time.

What are some important factors to consider when betting on auto racing?

There are several other factors to consider when betting on auto racing, including:
– Know all available betting markets for auto sports.
– Find the best betting lines by shopping at multiple sportsbooks.
– Factor in weather conditions.
– Follow driver’s current form and confidence levels.
– Be patient and disciplined.