Bundesliga Totals – European Soccer Weekly Report

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We’re focusing on how to bet on Bundesliga totals this week in Sports Hub’s weekly European soccer report. 

I have analyzed Bundesliga totals a lot throughout the soccer season with differing trends resulting in profits throughout the campaign. 

Bundesliga totals are the focus this week

I’ll be providing you with an update on how to wager on Bundesliga totals this week. As always, I have been examining all of the latest betting tendencies for you so you can make some money again this weekend with your picks. 

European Soccer Weekly Report – Results & Key Stats 

It’s time to review all of the latest results across Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga from last weekend. We also saw one match from the Bundesliga midweek. 

If you want to take a look at all the latest updates from the English Premier League, head on over to our Matchweek 23 review. Our Matchweek 24 picks are also locked in already! Our Bundesliga totals analysis is coming up.

Ligue 1: 

Round 20

  • Strasbourg 1-2 Paris Saint-Germain
  • Rennes 2-1 Montpellier
  • Nantes 0-1 Lens
  • Monaco 1-1 Le Havre
  • Metz 1-2 Lorient
  • Reims 2-3 Toulouse 
  • Lille 4-0 Clermont
  • Brest 0-0 Nice 
  • Lyon 1-0 Marseille

Key Stats: 

  • 55.56% of Ligue 1 matches saw both teams score during Round 20
  • 55.56% of Ligue 1 matches saw over 2.5 goals during Round 20
  • PSG have lost just one Ligue 1 match so far this term and lead by 8 points
  • Brest are undefeated across their last 9 league matches, winning 6 in the process
  • Metz have lost their last 7 consecutive league matches
  • 33.33% of Ligue 1 matches resulted in home wins during Round 20
  • 22.22% of Ligue 1 matches resulted in draws during Round 20
  • 44.44% of Ligue 1 matches resulted in away wins during Round 20


Round 20

  • Heidenheim 0-0 Borussia Dortmund 
  • Darmstadt 0-2 Bayer Leverkusen
  • Bochum 1-1 Augsburg
  • Mainz 0-1 Werder Bremen 
  • Freiburg 1-3 Stuttgart
  • Bayern Munich 3-1 Borussia Mönchengladbach 
  • FC Köln 2-0 Frankfurt
  • Wolfsburg 2-2 Hoffenheim
  • RB Leipzig 2-0 Union Berlin 

Round 18

  • Mainz 1-1 Union Berlin

Key Stats: 

  • 44.44% of Bundesliga games during Round 20 saw both teams score 
  • 33.33% of Bundesliga games during Round 20 saw over 2.5 goals
  • 33.33% of games during Round 20 saw over 3.5 Bundesliga goals
  • Leverkusen are the only team that remain undefeated this term 
  • Darmstadt are without a win in 13 in the league 
  • 33.33% of matches resulted in home wins during Round 20
  • 33.33% of matches resulted in draws during Round 20
  • 33.33% of matches resulted in away wins during Round 20

Serie A:

Round 23

  • Lecce 3-2 Fiorentina 
  • Udinese 0-0 Monza
  • Empoli 0-0 Genoa
  • Frosinone 2-3 Milan
  • Bologna 4-2 Sassuolo
  • Torino 0-0 Salernitana
  • Napoli 2-1 Verona
  • Atalanta 3-1 Lazio
  • Inter 1-0 Juventus
  • Roma 4-0 Cagliari 

Key Stats: 

  • 50% of matches from Round 23 saw both teams score in Serie A 
  • 60% of matches from Round 23 saw over 2.5 Serie A goals 
  • Inter have lost just one league game this term
  • Inter haven’t lost a league match over their past 16 outings
  • Salernitana and Udinese have just two league wins each this season (lowest in Serie A)
  • 60% of Serie A matches ended in home wins during Round 23
  • 30% of Serie A matches ended in draws during Round 23
  • 10% of Serie A matches ended in away wins during Round 23

La Liga: 

Round 23

  • Athletic Bilbao 4-0 Mallorca
  • Valencia 2-1 Almeria
  • Granada 1-1 Las Palmas
  • Alaves 1-3 Barcelona 
  • Girona 0-0 Real Sociedad
  • Villarreal 0-0 Cadiz
  • Osasuna 0-3 Celta Vigo
  • Real Betis 1-1 Getafe
  • Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético Madrid
  • Rayo Vallecano 1-2 Sevilla

Key Stats:

  • 60% of La Liga matches saw both teams score during Round 23
  • 50% of La Liga matches saw over 2.5 goals during Round 23
  • 20% of matches during Round 23 saw over 3.5 La Liga goals
  • Real Madrid have returned to the summit of La Liga, leading Girona by 2 points 
  • Real Madrid haven’t lost any of their last 16 La Liga outings
  • Girona are unbeaten across their last 15 in the league, winning 11 in the process
  • Almeria are the only team left in La Liga yet to record a win
  • Cadiz have failed to win any of their last 19 successive league outings
  • 20% of La Liga games ended in home wins during Round 23
  • 50% of La Liga games ended in draws during Round 23
  • 30% of La Liga games ended in away wins during Round 23

European Soccer Weekly Report – Bundesliga Totals

Totals have been a hot topic of conversation week in week out when reviewing European soccer. I took a look at La Liga totals last week. This time, I’m returning to the German top-flight to investigate Bundesliga totals. 

Previously, I have advised bettors to target Bundesliga Overs. That is because the Bundesliga is an incredibly high-scoring league, and, especially at the beginning of the campaign, the over was landing. 

However, in more recent times, Bundesliga Unders have been profitable. That is because the bookmakers have spotted these trends, too, and have adjusted their totals lines accordingly. As a result, it then became more profitable to back the under. 

The typical total line set for soccer matches is O/U 2.5. However, due to the high goal-scoring nature of the German top-flight, oddsmakers started to shift their lines towards 3, 3.5 and even 4. 

Back during Week 12, just 44.44% of Bundesliga matches saw over 2.5 goals. That dropped to as low as 11.11% for over 3.5 goals. More recently, the Unders have been more common once more. 

For example, just 44.44% of all fixtures during Round 19 saw over 2.5 and over 3.5 goals. Most recently, during Round 20, these ratios dropped down to 33.33% for both over 2.5 and over 3.5 goals. As a result, it seems like bettors should continue to ride the trend of Unders when it comes to Bundesliga totals. 

Euro Soccer Betting Trends – What’s the best way to bet Bundesliga totals?

Now that we know that, by and large, we should focus on the Unders, it’s still important to continue to examine each individual matchup as it comes. Some teams just simply don’t follow the overarching league trends. 

Moreover, the more we breakdown statistics, such as into each individual team, followed by home and away tendencies, the more accurate information we can get. That means, we have more reliable data to help us make our weekly bets!

Below you can find the all the basic statistics you need when betting Bundesliga totals: 

  • Borussia Mönchengladbach have the highest over 2.5 goals ratio in the division (90%)
  • Bayern Munich (85%) and Hoffenheim (80%) also see high percentages for over 2.5 goals 
  • Both Bayer Leverkusen and Stuggart have seen 75% of their total games this season hit over 2.5 goals 
  • FC Köln have the lowest over 2.5 goals ratio in the Bundesliga (35%)
  • Mainz are also seeing less than half of their games result in over 2.5 goals (40%)
  • Heidenheim, Frankfurt and Union Berlin have seen just 50% of their total matches result in over 2.5 goals 
Latest Bundesliga totals

You can view some of the latest Bundesliga totals above for the weekend’s upcoming fixtures. Gladbach are an excellent example to use when analyzing lines. The oddsmakers know that they have a high ratio for over 2.5 goals. Therefore, that is one of the contributing reasons as to why their line is set at O/U3 in their home matchup against Darmstadt.

Gladbach have also seen 90% of their home games this season result in over 2.5 goals, further signalling that the over could be a good way to go. However, for the bet to land, we need to see over 3 goals scored in the match. When looking at the over 3.5 goals stats, Gladbach have seen just 60% of their total games come in. That drops further to 40% for home games.

That explains why the bookmakers have set the line at O/U 3 as it makes it a lot harder for the bettor to analyze the stats before making their selection. Equally, opponents Darmstadt have seen only 50% of their total matches result in over 3.5 goals. This slightly increases to 56% for road games.

At first glance, it looked as though the Gladbach vs Darmstadt matchup could be a good one to target the over. However, having broken down the stats in more detail, you can now see how it’s not as straightforward, and perhaps the under could be a better bet.

Before making our final decision, we need to look at the most recent goal-scoring trends for both teams. If you backed O3 goals for Gladbach’s last five games, it would have landed just twice. For Darmstadt, it would also come in only twice.

These are the factors that you need to weigh up before deciding your Bundesliga totals. The best method is to break down the statistics as much as possible, analyze the most recent trends, and then make your decision. Of course, you may not get it right all the time. However, this way, we should see winners on a more consistent basis.

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