How To Bet La Liga Totals – European Soccer Weekly Report

Totals are a very common method of betting on soccer, and this week we are taking a look at how to bet on La Liga totals. It’s a busy time right now for European soccer, and the Premier League has dominated the schedule throughout the week. The winter breaks across Europe are truly done and dusted. 

That’s great news for us soccer zealots who have been dealing with multiple weeks of limited fixtures. We’ve also had La Liga games midweek, with a host of heavyweight Spanish sides in action such as Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. 

FC Barcelona – La Liga Totals

It’s non-stop at the moment, and the next round of matchups begin on Friday. Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and La Liga are all in action, before all five major leagues feature on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, Monday will round off the gameweek with the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga on show. 

We’ve got a lot of fixtures to sink our teeth into this weekend. That means it is essential that you check out our weekly report to keep up to date with all the latest Euro soccer betting trends. This week, we return to Spain to examine La Liga totals. 

European Soccer Weekly Report – Results & Key Stats 

Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga were all in action last weekend. Therefore, we have a full schedule to analyze, meaning we can get some accurate betting tendencies. 

You can get a full rundown of all of the results and the key statistics from last weekend’s results below. La Liga totals are the main theme this week. 

Ligue 1: 

Round 19

  • Lyon 2-3 Rennes
  • Nice 1-0 Metz
  • Marseille 2-2 Monaco
  • Montpellier 0-0 Lille
  • Reims 0-0 Nantes
  • Clermont 1-1 Strasbourg
  • Lorient 3-3 Le Havre
  • Toulouse 0-2 Lens
  • Paris Saint-Germain 2-2 Brest

Key Stats: 

  • 55.56% of Ligue 1 matches saw both teams score during Round 19
  • 44.44% of Ligue 1 matches saw over 2.5 goals during Round 19
  • PSG have lost just one Ligue 1 match so far this term and lead by six points
  • Brest are undefeated across their last eight league matches, winning six in the process
  • Marseille are unbeaten across their last eight in Ligue 1 
  • Metz have lost their last six consecutive league matches
  • Loreint are without a victory in 10 Ligue 1 outings 
  • 11.11% of Ligue 1 matches resulted in home wins during Round 19
  • 66.67% of Ligue 1 matches resulted in draws during Round 19
  • 22.22% of Ligue 1 matches resulted in away wins during Round 19


Round 19

  • Frankfurt 1-0 Mainz
  • Stuttgart 5-2 RB Leipzig 
  • Augsburg 2-3 Bayern Munich
  • Werder Bremen 3-1 Freiburg
  • Hoffenheim 1-1 Heidenheim
  • Wolfsburg 1-1 FC Köln
  • Bayer Leverkusen 0-0 Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Union Berlin 1-0 Darmstadt
  • Borussia Dortmund 3-1 Bochum

Key Stats: 

  • 66.67% of Bundesliga games during Round 19 saw both teams score 
  • 44.44% of Bundesliga games during Round 19 saw over 2.5 goals
  • 44.44% of games during Round 19 saw over 3.5 Bundesliga goals
  • Leverkusen are the only team that remain undefeated this term 
  • Darmstadt are without a win in 12 in the league 
  • 55.56% of matches resulted in home wins during Round 19
  • 33.33% of matches resulted in draws during Round 19
  • 11.11% of matches resulted in away wins during Round 19

Serie A:

Round 22

  • Cagliari 1-2 Torino
  • Atalanta 2-0 Udinese
  • Juventus 1-1 Empoli
  • Milan 2-2 Bologna 
  • Genoa 2-1 Lecce
  • Verona 1-1 Frosinone
  • Monza 1-0 Sassuolo
  • Lazio 0-0 Napoli
  • Fiorentina 0-1 Inter
  • Salernitana 1-2 Roma

Key Stats: 

  • 60% of matches from Round 22 saw both teams score in Serie A 
  • 40% of matches from Round 22 saw over 2.5 Serie A goals 
  • Inter and Juventus have both lost just one league game this term
  • Juventus are unbeaten across their last 17 matches, winning 13 in the process 
  • Inter haven’t lost a league match over their past 15 outings
  • Salernitana and Udinese have just two league wins each this season (lowest in Serie A)
  • 30% of Serie A matches ended in home wins during Round 22
  • 40% of Serie A matches ended in draws during Round 22
  • 30% of Serie A matches ended in away wins during Round 22

La Liga: 

Round 22

  • Almeria 0-3 Alaves
  • Real Sociedad 0-0 Rayo Vallecano
  • Las Palmas 1-2 Real Madrid
  • Barcelona 3-5 Villarreal
  • Mallorca 0-1 Real Betis
  • Celta Vigo 0-1 Girona
  • Cadiz 0-0 Athletic Bilbao
  • Sevilla 1-1 Osasuna
  • Atletico Madrid 2-0 Valencia
  • Getafe 2-0 Granada

Key Stats:

  • 30% of La Liga matches saw both teams score during Round 22
  • 30% of La Liga matches saw over 2.5 goals during Round 22
  • 10% of matches during Round 22 saw over 3.5 La Liga goals
  • Girona sit atop the standings on 55 points, but Real Madrid have a game in hand 
  • Real Madrid haven’t lost any of their last 15 La Liga outings
  • Girona are unbeaten across their last 14 in the league, winning 11 in the process
  • Almeria are the only team left in La Liga yet to record a win
  • Cadiz have failed to win any of their last 18 successive league outings
  • 20% of La Liga games ended in home wins during Round 22
  • 30% of La Liga games ended in draws during Round 22
  • 50% of La Liga games ended in away wins during Round 22

European Soccer Weekly Report – La Liga Totals

The prominent method that I usually focus on when it comes to Euro soccer betting is looking at totals. Of course, moneyline wagers can be incredibly profitable. However, I have been focusing on totals for large parts of the season so far, and I am targeting La Liga totals this week. 

That is because we can gather accurate information surrounding goal totals. This data can be broken down and scrutinized heavily in order to gain accurate betting trends. As a result, we can utilize these consistent tendencies when betting on soccer. 

I have been vocal in suggesting that soccer sharps should consider betting on La Liga Unders in the past. Below, I will be analyzing the most recent La Liga totals trends, and sharing with you how to bet on this market. 

Euro Soccer Betting Trends –  La Liga totals tendencies

Towards the beginning of the season, it looked as though La Liga Overs were a clear betting trend. That is because the opening weeks saw high percentages for over 2.5 goals. 

Throughout the season, there have also been many weeks where a lot of goals have been scored in the Spanish top-flight. For example, Weeks 8 and 9 saw at least 70% of La Liga matches have over 2.5 goals.

Nevertheless, betting trends change a lot throughout the season. Only 20% of La Liga matches had over 2.5 goals during Week 10, and it was as recently as December where I stated that bettors should look to La Liga Unders

That is because Week 15 and Week 16 saw just 20% and 30% of games have over 2.5 goals respectively. Week 17 followed that trend as only 30% of matches saw over 2.5 goals again, whilst Week 19 resulted in just 40%. 

Last week, only 40% of La Liga games had over 2.5 goals once more. For Round 22, that ratio dropped down to 30%. There’s a clear theme developing here with La Liga totals. 

How to bet La Liga totals

Euro Soccer Betting Trends – How to bet La Liga totals

So, we know that the under for La Liga totals has been trending now for some time. The last few months have clearly demonstrated that Unders have been way more common. But, how do you go about betting La Liga totals? 

It can be difficult to identify which teams and games are the best ones to target. Of course, there are some teams who almost always go against the league trend of Unders. The best tactic is to target the teams with the most common under 2.5 goals ratios. 

You can see the best teams to target when it comes to La Liga Unders here: 

  • Mallorca have the highest under 2.5 goal ratio in the division (77%)
  • Cadiz also see a high number of games hit the under (73%)
  • Rayo Vallecano, Real Betis, Alaves, and Las Palmas are fellow teams with low-scoring games (68%)
  • Mallorca have seen 82% of their home games have under 2.5 goals 
  • Alaves and Getafe have seen 80% of their home matches have under 2.5 goals
  • Cadiz, Athletic Bilbao and Las Palmas are the teams to target when it comes to Unders for away games (82%) 

We have now identified teams such as Mallorca, Cadiz, Rayo Vallecano, Alaves and Las Palmas when it comes to Unders. In particular, look out for Mallorca’s home games, whilst Cadiz, Bilbao and Las Palmas should be the target for road matches. Use this method to find the ideal teams to focus in when it comes to La Liga totals.

When taking a look at the fixtures for the weekend, we can see who is playing home and away. Therefore, we then cross-reference the over/under 2.5 goals data with the fixture. If we find one team who are low-scoring at home, and their opponents are low-scoring away. Boom, we have found an ideal match to target the Under.

Conversely, if there are two sides who have a high percentage of games see over 2.5 goals, then it may be wise to back the over. However, it also depends on the line that the bookmakers have set for each specific matchup. The bookies will know if there are two teams that are high-scoring, and thus, will set the totals line higher.

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