Yes, Unit Size Matters


Today, we answer the age-old question, “Does size matter?” Well, in our world, it does. Your betting unit size always matters and it’s something bettors should keep an eye on at all times. Establishing your unit size is part of any winning money management plan. Yesterday, we discussed how bettors can put themselves on a path to success by properly managing their money. Part of the plan includes figuring out your betting unit size.

Yes, Unit Size Matters
Smart bettors know their unit size.

It’s no secret that the best sports bettors have complete control of their finances. They understand establishing a realistic bankroll. They don’t make haphazard bets, nor do they ever bet blindly. Often, experienced bettors will establish grades for their wagers. If they are very confident about a pick, they may wager two to five units. The standard bet is always one unit. So, how do these bettors figure out their unit size?

Determining Your Unit Size

Establishing your betting unit size is nothing more than following a solid money management strategy. The very first thing you do is set the amount that you can use to place bets. This amount is one that the bettor can afford to lose. Everyone is different. This may be $10,000 per month for some bettors. For others, it may only be $100.

Once the total amount available for betting – aka the bankroll – is established, bettors can then figure out unit size. Professionals have used a very simple unit size strategy for years and it continues to work. One unit is equal to one percent of your bankroll. 

Yes, Unit Size Matters
Betting unit size matters.

If you are the $10,000 guy, then your unit size is $100. If you are the $100 bankroll, one unit equals $1. Your unit size is $1. If you absolutely love a bet – maybe you bought a pick package from one of our exclusive cappers – you might increase your unit size depending upon your level of confidence. Instead of $1 or $100, a bettor might up his unit size to $3 or $300.

Regardless, unit size is important and it will keep you from exhausting your bankroll. Too many bettors lose several bets in a row and then want to make up for it by making a bet that is way beyond their typical unit size. That is almost always a recipe for disaster.

Our Cappers Check Unit Size

Sports Hub handicappers are true professionals. You won’t see them chasing losses or making ridiculous bets off the cuff. They put in the time, effort, and research to make the best predictions possible. Our experts will follow the numbers and see where they lead. 

Yesterday, the numbers led to some big wins for cappers like Knup Sports and Randall Dickelman. James Anderson is having himself a week as he landed in the Top 5 once again.

Let’s take a look at yesterday’s action.

  • Big hockey day: Knup Sports went 8-3 overall and 7-3 on 10 NHL picks yesterday. The total profit was $470, which gives the guys from Knup a three-day total of $820. If you’re a hockey bettor, keep an eye on Knup Sports. They are No. 1 on the 7-day hockey leaderboard with $845 in NHL profits.
Yes, Unit Size Matters
Sports Hub’s 7-day hockey leaderboard.
  • Hockey all-around: Randall Dickelman was No. 2 on the board yesterday, going 10-6 overall and earning $415. Like Knup Sports, a majority of Randall’s picks were on NHL games. Over the last seven days, he is 20-14 on his hockey picks (+$478). 
  • Mr. Consistency: James Anderson is making reservations for the Daily Top 5. He went 4-0 yesterday and added $400 in profits to his bankroll. James is another capper that follows strict money management strategies and is always aware of his unit size. Over the last seven days, James is 17-6 and has profited $1040.
  • Logan & the Coach: Logan Wilson and Coach Rick each went 3-0 yesterday and won $300.
  • NCAA tournament picks: Tomorrow is Thursday and that means the NCAA tournament is back. The Sweet 16 begins tomorrow and if you want more wins at your sportsbook, hop on the Sports Hub money train. Over the past seven days, James Anderson is 16-6 on CBB picks (+$940). Randall Dickelman is 16-9 (+$553). Over the past 14 days, Seth Cohen is 25-11 and has profited $1290 on college basketball. Another Sports Hub expert, Neal Harris, is 14-4 (+$960). Check these guys out in our picks database.

Lakers Win, Offseason NFL News

The Lakers pulled off a huge road win and did it without LeBron James. The Bucks were an 8.5-point favorite going in and bettors likely didn’t up their unit size on this one. Why would they? Randall Dickelman, our No. 2 handicapper today, stayed away from the spread and bet one unit on the Over. It cashed. That’s solid money management sticking to a certain unit size on most bets.

Here’s what is trending today.

  • Lakers win in 2OT: LA was on the road in Milwaukee without LeBron and a couple bench players. Anthony Davis played 52 minutes logging 34 points and 23 rebounds to rally the Lakers back from a 19-point deficit. The Lakers won in double overtime 128-124.
  • Sean Payton: Payton has never drafted a first-round quarterback, but 2024 may be different. The Broncos dumped Russell Wilson after two unproductive seasons. The only two QBs on the roster currently are Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci.
  • New NFL kickoff: The NFL and its owners approved a massive change to the league’s kickoff format. Sports Hub can hear the murmurs already. Kickers will kick from their 35-yard line. The other 10 members of the kicking team will line up on the receiving team’s 40-yard line. The receiving team will have at least nine players between its 30- and 35-yard lines and one or two returners will start between the goal line and the 20. Only the kicker and returner(s) can move before the ball hits the ground or is touched by a player. Oh boy.
  • Calipari back: Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart said that men’s basketball coach John Calipari would return for a 16th season as the Wildcats head coach. Kentucky, a No. 3 seed, was upset by Oakland in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Just two years ago, the Wildcats were a No. 2 seed and were beaten by Saint Peter’s.

NIT Quarterfinals Continue, NBA Doubleheader 

Basketball reigns supreme once again on today’s sports schedule. The other two NIT quarterfinals are tonight. Which two teams will join Indiana State and Georgia in the NIT Final Four? 

The NBA has a full slate of games to keep bettors busy. Check the Sports Hub picks database for NBA predictions. Our experts have three dozen picks in the system already for tonight’s games. More will come later throughout the day.

Here’s what you can bet on today.

  1. NIT Quarterfinals Part II: It’s another NIT doubleheader with a trip to the Final Four and Madison Square Garden on the line. UNLV will play at Seton Hall at 7:00 p.m. ET and Utah plays host to VCU with tip-off set for 9:00 p.m. ET. Both games will be televised on ESPN2.
  1. Wednesday ESPN doubleheader: There are 12 games on the NBA schedule tonight. The ESPN doubleheader has the LA Clippers at Philadelphia
  2. UEFA Champions League: There are two women’s matches today, one in France and the other in England. 
  3. South American soccer: Soccer bettors looking for action will have to dig deep into Argentine Primera B and C as well as a number of other South American pro leagues. 
  4. Calm before the storm: There is no MLB action today as teams prepare for tomorrow’s Opening Day. 
  5. Miami Open continues: No. 2 Jannick Sinner and No. 3 Daniil Medvedev will play in the quarterfinals today. Ekaterina Alexandrova, who upset No. 1 Iga Swiatek on Monday, will face No. 6 Jessica Pegula in the women’s quarterfinal today.
  6. NHL: There are only two games on the ice tonight. Ottawa is at Buffalo and Boston plays at Tampa Bay in a game on TNT at 7:30 p.m.

Today is one of those sneaky good days. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot on the schedule, but there is. Wait until tomorrow. It’s Opening Day in MLB and the NCAA tournament starts play in the Sweet 16. Can’t wait! See you tomorrow.