Sports Hub Makes You a Smarter Bettor – Daily Report – August 28


I’m sure you’d like to be a smarter bettor. Don’t we all? Here at Sports Hub, we are committed to helping you become a smarter bettor. We are building a community of like-minded bettors who want to win more bets. That’s why we have brought the top handicappers in the world to SportsHub where they can interact with you, the bettor. The result is a win for both sides. 

Our handicappers provide free picks and premium service plays in all sports each and every day. Sports Hub also provides things like football computer picks and other artificial intelligence-generated picks. However, it’s our capper network that really makes the difference here. They are why anyone can become a smarter bettor.

Finding the Smarter Bettor in You

We all know that you don’t win all of your bets all of the time. The best handicappers out there – the best in the world are right here at Sports Hub – will win consistently 55 to 60 percent of the time. That’s enough to produce a nice size bankroll. Just ask guys like Ben Miller, one of our Sports Hub experts who over the last 30 days is 70-48 with his picks. He sits atop our 30-day leaderboard. Imagine if you had made all of the picks that Ben did. You would be up $2277 right now. That would surely make you look like a smarter bettor!

Sports Hub Makes You a Smarter Bettor
There Is a Smarter Bettor Inside Us All

It’s not just the picks though that can help you become a smarter bettor. Sports Hub has a comprehensive library of betting articles. These cover everything from how-to articles to betting tips, to learning about line movements. You can learn the same tricks that our professional handicappers use on a daily basis. Our exclusive content is written by our handicappers and will instantly make you a smarter bettor.

Sports Hub Handicappers Make You a Smarter Bettor

Sometimes, I think I’m stuck on repeat. Or maybe I’m just a computer version of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. It’s a good thing, though. Once again, our Sports Hub handicappers ended up at the top of my leaderboard after a solid Sunday. If you had jumped on yesterday’s top-5 and made their picks, you would have gone 11-1 and pocketed $1032! That’s enough to make you want to do the Groundhog Day thing everyday!

Each of the top-5 is a SportsHub exclusive handicapper. These guys have been around, understand the industry, and know how to win. They are part of the reason why you should have a Sports Hub account. Clicking the JOIN NOW button above will do a couple things. One, it gives you access to all of our outstanding handicappers and their daily picks. Two, it’ll make you a smarter bettor. That’s a win-win situation. Take it…now!

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s leaderboard.

Sports Hub Makes You a Smarter Bettor
Sports Hub Cappers Own Top Five
  • He’s back: He’s been here before and that just shows you his consistency. Robert Ferguson went 3-0 yesterday, had a great call on the Twins +115 over the Rangers, and went home with $315. Over the last three days, Robert is now 6-3.
  • Want some inside information?: Do you continually search for inside information that will give you an edge against the competition? That’s why we created Sports Hub Insider, our capper that went 2-0 yesterday. We’ve got over 85-plus years of combined sports betting industry experience. We’ve got access to data and a proven system of winning. We can help you become a smarter bettor. Join Sports Hub and find out.
  • The 2-0 crew: Gino De Luca and Ryan Davis each went 2-0 and won $200 yesterday. Both have been in our top-5 a number of times since I started putting my daily report together at the beginning of July.
  • Rounding out the top-5: The final member of yesterday’s top-5 was Al Grant, a Sports Hub expert who has become a smarter bettor himself and continually finds winners. Al went 2-1 yesterday and won $115. That capped a week in which Al won $478. That put him fourth just behind Ryan Davis ($480) and our 7-day leader Patrick Doyle ($530).

Watch These Trends in Sports

The smarter bettor is always seeking more information. Here at Sports Hub, our team of expert handicappers provides information not always available to the average bettor. This inside information can often be the difference between a betting win and a loss. We would prefer to be on the right side of the action. That’s why we pay attention to trends.

If you’ve been a loyal reader, thank you. If you’re relatively newer, you should be catching on to how I do things here. Each day as part of my daily report, I provide information on trends happening in the sports world. Any one of these could give you a win that you otherwise might not have obtained. All because you followed our trending sports information.

Here’s a look at what’s trending in sports currently.

  • Little League, Big Dreams: Louis Lappe will never forget this. In the bottom of the sixth inning in the Little League World Series, Lappe hit a walk-off solo home run to give the US a 6-5 win and the LLWS title. 
  • Streak ends: The Phoenix Mercury will miss the WNBA playoffs for the first time in ten years. It was the longest streak in the league. 
  • Biles does it again: Ten years after her first US championship, Simone Biles did it again. Biles won her eighth US gymnastics championship on Sunday, solidifying her status as the GOAT.
  • Starting QBs: A number of teams entered the 2023 NFL season with a question mark at the quarterback position. Those questions have been answered. No. 1 overall pick Bryce Young will be the starter in Carolina. The second overall pick, CJ Stroud, was named the Houston Texans starter. Anthony Richardson, taken fifth overall this year, will start for Indianapolis. Baker Mayfield was named the starter in Tampa Bay.
  • Luka: NBA superstar Luka Doncic is tearing it up in the FIBA World Cup for his home country, Slovenia. Doncic had 37 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists in Slovenia’s 100-85 win over Venezuela on Saturday. Luka can often make you a smarter bettor.

Lighter Sports Schedule Today

The weekend fills us with joy because there are so many sporting events. All the action provides a wide variety of betting options for our handicappers and for you, the bettor. When the weekend ends, it’s back to work and the sports world takes a collective yawn and gives us much less to watch and wager on. Still, there’s enough on the schedule for us to find our inner smarter bettor. Plus, it won’t be long before Monday means Monday Night Football!

Here’s what we have going on today.

  1. Back to baseball: It’s anti-climatic. After a weekend full of sports action, it’s back to Monday. It’s like the old Carpenters song “Rainy Days and Mondays.” They always get you down. But, there are 14 MLB games on the schedule. All it takes is just one for the smarter bettor in you to come out.
  2. US Open is back: After the qualifying round, US open participants had a few days off to prepare for Round 1. The women will take to the court first. No. 1 seed Iga Swiatek is in action today taking on unseeded Rebecca Peterson. The men’s first round will begin tomorrow.
  1. Re-re-re-match: For the fourth time since Aug. 6, the top two teams in the WNBA meet tonight. Las Vegas, which has lost the previous two meetings, will take on the New York Liberty. The Liberty won the Commissioner’s Cup with a victory over the Aces on Aug. 6. 
  2. The world’s game: When all else fails, there is always soccer. Many of the top European, South American, and Indonesian leagues will be in action today. There is also a number of NCAA men’s soccer matches. Check the member’s area for soccer picks and become a smarter bettor.

There’s your Monday schedule. Check the SportsHub member’s area for today’s picks. Any one of our numerous experts can make you look like a smarter bettor today. Get on the right side of the action and then come back tomorrow. We’ll do it all again!