NBA Divisions Futures – Who Will Win Every Division


We’re going to analyze NBA divisions futures and predict who will win every division. The 2023-24 NBA season will get underway in late October, but now is the ideal time to bet on NBA divisions futures.

Three of six NBA divisions have a favorite priced above -200 odds in NBA divisions futures. There is a ton of value to be had if you can guess which team is going to surprise. NBA divisions futures normally have long odds, with some teams having very long odds.

NBA Divisions Futures include all teams
NBA Divisions Futures include all teams

The NBA has two conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each conference is divided into three divisions. In the East, the three divisions are the Atlantic, Central and Southeast. In the West, they are the Pacific, Northwest and Southwest. There are five teams in each division, and each division winner claims a Top 3 seed (or ranking) in their conference.

NBA Divisions Futures Odds

First, let’s analyze the latest NBA divisions futures odds:

  • Atlantic: BOS (-210) / PHI (+280) / NYK (+800) / BKN (+2500) / TOR (+3500)
  • Central: MIL (-230) / CLE (+200) / CHI (+3000) / IND (+3500) / DET (+20000)
  • Southeast: MIA (-185) / ATL (+215) / ORL (+900) / CHA (+3500) / WAS (+20000)
  • Northwest: DEN (-475) / MIN (+700) / OKC (+800) / UTA (+5000) / POR (+15000)
  • Pacific: PHO (+165) / GSW (+320) / LAL (+330) / LAC (+550) / SAC (+900)
  • Southwest: DAL (+155) / MEM (+160) / NOP (+255) / HOU (+4000) / SAS (+5500)

The Nuggets are the biggest favorite in NBA divisions futures at -475 odds. The Celtics, Bucks and Heat are all odds-on to win their divisions during the 2023-24 NBA regular season. The Pacific and Southwest are expected to be the tightest NBA divisions futures races, with the Pacific being wide open.

Last season, the Kings won the Pacific, but they have the worst odds to win the division this season. Can the Kings upset the NBA divisions futures odds again? Last season, they were paying +25000 odds (Bet $1 to win $250) to win the Pacific division at the start of the 2022-23 NBA regular season.

NBA divisions futures preseason favorites ended up winning five of six divisions last season.

NBA Division Futures Updates

The NBA regular season is just getting started, but there has already been plenty of action. We’re going to update this page regularly with the latest NBA division futures line movements all season.

(November 1st 2023): The Celtics (4-0) are now -280 to win the Atlantic in NBA division futures. Denver (4-0) and Oklahoma City (3-2) are first and second in the Northwest. The Central is extremely tight, as three teams are 2-2 (Bulls, Bucks and Pacers) and two teams are 2-3 (Pistons and Cavaliers). The Heat (1-4) are still favored to win the Southeast despite being in last place after a slow start to the season.

Celtics could cash NBA divisions futures
Celtics could cash NBA divisions futures

The Grizzlies (0-4) can’t buy a break and they’re now +300 to win the Southwest. The Mavericks (3-1) have seen their NBA division futures odds drop to +120 after a strong start. The Warriors and Clippers have started the season 3-1, but every team in the Pacific are within one game of each other. The Clips have James Harden now and their odds to win the division are +400. The Pelicans (3-1) have seen their NBA division futures odds drop to +165. They’ll compete with the Mavs if they can stay healthy.

(January 1st 2024): It’s time for an NBA divisions futures update. The NBA division leaders currently are the Celtics, Bucks, Heat, Timberwolves, Clippers and Mavericks. Out of my recommended best bets, I’m hitting on two of them currently, but a couple others are close. The Suns are in a tight race in the Pacific. I need the Hawks to turn things around for my bet on the Southeast division. I also need the Nuggets to win the division, with the Thunder coming in second. My hope is that the Timberwolves begin to fade in 2024 and start losing ground in the Northwest. My NBA divisions futures parlay is looking decent. The Celtics and Bucks are winning their division, but I need the Nuggets to improve in the New Year.

NBA Regular Season Is in the Final Stretch

(February 23rd 2024): The Nuggets (37-19) are 2.5 games back from Minnesota in the Northwest. In the Central, I need the Bucks (35-21) and Cavaliers (36-18) to switch spots. The Bucks are struggling (3-7 in L10 games). Boston (44-12) are ten games ahead of the Knicks (34-22) in the Atlantic. Boston were -210 to win the division, which was essentially free money for NBA handicappers. You need to lock up your money for the season, but NBA divisions futures can be excellent investments.

I predicted the Heat (30-25) would win the Southeast, but they’re a 0.5 game back from the Magic (31-25) currently. The Pelicans (34-22) are leading the Southwest and my Grizzlies prediction is dead. I have the Suns (33-23) winning the Pacific, but they’re four games behind the Clippers (36-18). Phoenix are playing better basketball and could still close the gap. My NBA divisions futures parlay bet is still alive, but I need the Nuggets and Bucks to win their respective divisions and time is starting to run out.

Have you been able to find value in NBA win totals?

NBA Divisions Futures Predictions

There isn’t a lot of value in NBA divisions futures. Favorites often end up winning, however, it’s possible to add NBA division winners predictions to a parlay bet to make the payout odds more enticing.

Here are my NBA divisions futures predictions:

  • Denver Nuggets to Win the Northwest Division

The Nuggets went 53-29 (10-6 division record) and cruised to winning the Northwest. The Timberwolves were 11 games back. Nikola Jokic leads a deep Nuggets team that added Justin Holiday this offseason. Denver are nearly unstoppable at home (34-7 last season) and the competition in the division is weak.

I expect OKC to take another step forward. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is a superstar and Chet Holmgren is healthy after missing his entire rookie season. You can bet on the Nuggets to finish first and Thunder to finish second in the Northwest at +155 odds in NBA divisions futures (straight forecast market).

Best Bet: Nuggets 1st + Thunder 2nd (+155 Odds)

Western Conference NBA Divisions Futures
Western Conference NBA Divisions Futures
  • Milwaukee Bucks to Win the Central Division

Milwaukee won the Central Division and had the best record in the Eastern Conference (58-24). They had an 11-5 division record and 32-9 record at home. They improved SG depth by signing Malik Beasley, plus they were able to re-sign veterans Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez to run it back this season.

The only team that’ll remain somewhat close in the race to win the Central are the Cavaliers. Cleveland added depth to the roster this offseason to work with Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland. I expect the Bucks to win the Central for the sixth consecutive season and the Cavs will finish in second place again.

Best Bet: Bucks 1st + Cavaliers 2nd (-135 Odds)

  • Boston Celtics to Win the Atlantic Division

Boston should cruise to a third consecutive Atlantic Division title. The Celtics went 57-25 last season and ended up three games ahead of the 76ers (54-28). Boston added Kristaps Porzingis to the mix, but will be without Marcus Smart. The Celtics could finish with the best regular season record this season.

The 76ers signed Patrick Beverley and Mo Bamba, but both of their superstars (James Harden and Joel Embiid) are disgruntled and team chemistry will struggle. The Knicks (47-35 last season) are sleepers in NBA divisions futures predictions, but they still have a long way to go before catching the Celtics.

76ers should have a say in NBA divisions futures
76ers should have a say in NBA divisions futures

With the uncertainty in Philadelphia, betting the Celtics is a safe investment.

Best Bet: Celtics to Win the Atlantic (-210 Odds)

  • Miami Heat to Win the Southeast Division

Either the Heat (44-38 last season) or Hawks (41-41) will win the weak Southeast. My money is on Miami winning the division for the third straight season and tenth time in the last 14 seasons. Damian Lillard is still expected to be traded before the regular season and Miami could end up with the superstar.

Atlanta will need a huge season out of Trae Young and Clint Capela to compete. The team was forced to trade John Collins for salary relief and his production will be difficult to replace. Even without Lillard, the Heat have more depth to navigate an 82-game regular season with Jimmy Butler leading the way.

The Wizards, Magic and Hornets are all expected to finish well below .500 this season.

Best Bet: Heat 1st + Hawks 2nd (+130 Odds)

  • Memphis Grizzlies to Win the Southwest Division

The Mavericks (38-44) are small favorites to win the Southwest despite finishing in third place last season and missing the NBA playoffs. Memphis (51-31) won the division, while the Pelicans (42-40) finished in second place. I’m backing the Grizzlies even though Ja Morant is suspended for 25 games.

Memphis had the best home record (35-6) in the NBA last season. Steven Adams was injured and played in only 42 regular season games. Adding Marcus Smart will help them deal with the Morant suspension and add some toughness. The Grizzlies were also an impressive 13-3 in division games last season.

I’m not sold on the Mavs with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving leading the charge. The Pelicans could upset the NBA divisions futures odds if Zion Williamson is able to play a full season. He played in 29 games last season, but was averaging 26.0 PPG, 7.0 RPG and 4.6 APG. Can Zion find a way to stay healthy?

Best Bets: Grizzlies to Win the Southwest (+160 Odds) / Grizzlies 1st + Pelicans 2nd (+475 Odds)

  • Phoenix Suns to Win the Pacific Division

The Pacific is the most wide open division in the NBA. All five teams in the Pacific finished with a winning record last season. The Kings (48-34 last season) leaned on offense (120.2 PPG – 1st) to surprise almost everyone by winning the division. Phoenix (45-37 last season) finished second in the Pacific last season.

Phoenix made the biggest offseason move by trading for Bradley Beal. There’s no better starting lineup in the NBA than Beal, Devin Booker, Josh Okogie, Kevin Durant and Deandre Ayton. Depth could end up an issue, but there isn’t going to be much time to rest starters in a division as strong as the Pacific.

Best Bet: Suns to Win the Pacific (+165 Odds)

NBA Divisions Futures Parlay Bet

As mentioned previously, you can parlay multiple NBA divisions futures bets together.

I’m going to parlay the Nuggets, Bucks and Celtics to all win their divisions this season. The parlay pays out at +156 odds. All three teams should run away with division titles.

Best Parlay Bet: Nuggets + Bucks + Celtics to Win Divisions (+156 Odds)

NBA Divisions Futures FAQ

What are NBA divisions futures?

NBA divisions futures allow basketball fans to bet on which team will win a specific division. The odds are released during the offseason and remain available throughout most of the regular season.

When should I bet on NBA divisions futures?

It’s recommended to bet on NBA divisions futures during the offseason to get the best value. The futures odds will move throughout the season based on team performance and injuries.

Which team has won the most NBA division titles all-time?

The Lakers have won the most division titles (34), while the Celtics are in second place (33).