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The “Contact Us” feature at Sports Hub was put there for a reason. While we continue to bring you industry-changing content, picks, and more; we also want to improve and get better at what we do. We want to interact with our members and help them in whatever it is that they wish to achieve.

No Matter Your Problem, Contact Us For Assistance

For most bettors, we believe the goal is to simply win more. That’s why we bring you the best of the best in the industry. We start with picks. Sports Hub has the industry’s top handicappers across every major sport. They offer daily free picks as well as premium picks for everything from Monday Night Football to Grand Slam tennis.

Sports Hub computer picks use an artificial intelligence algorithm heavily based on statistics to produce wins at an almost 60 percent clip over the last four years.

Contact Us With Any Issues - Big or Small
Contact Us With Any Issues – Big or Small

Sports Hub also provides top quality content brought to you by industry insiders. Our team has decades of experience in the industry and with that experience comes access. We have access to information that the average bettor cannot get. We pass that information on to our members. That reminds me. You can sign up for a free Sports Hub account by clicking the JOIN NOW button at the top of this page.

Use the Contact Us Feature

Even though we are experts here at Sports Hub, we are not perfect. Our software is new and we are currently running the beta version of it. There will be bugs and issues that will pop up from time to time. If there is something that you find, don’t hesitate to use the contact us feature and let us know. We are continuously upgrading the software and fixing any issues that we find.

Contact Us for Top Betting Content
Contact Us for Top Betting Content

We’re also committed to helping our members. Remember that statement, “there’s no such thing as a dumb question”? Well, that applies here too. There is no question that is too big or too small. We realize that we offer a ton of information and features. This can be overwhelming for some people. For all the Baby Boomers out there, you might know what I mean.

The bottom line is this. If you have a question, concern, or even just a comment, contact us directly at [email protected]. You can also reach us by navigating to our Contact Us page. There is a contact form that you can fill out on the page. We answer all customer messages in prompt fashion.

Pro Picks – Mike Hits With Big Wins

It’s a new guy at the top of my leaderboard. Pro Picks – Mike put us on notice with a perfect day and a nice addition to his bankroll. He’s been doing a lot of that lately as you’ll see below. He wasn’t the only one either as a couple of familiar faces are back in the mix. Sports Hub handicappers are no joke!

Here’s what transpired on the leaderboard yesterday. 

Contact Us for Top Betting Content
Contact Us – Pro Picks Mike Is on Fire!
  • Pro Picks – Mike: As I said, this guy was our leader yesterday after going a perfect 2-0. He nailed the underdog Pirates over the Braves at +300 and won $400 total. That puts him up $972 for the last seven days. He hasn’t missed a pick in the last three days (5-0).
  • Pair of 3-0s: Looks like I got a message via contact us. Sal Lombardi and Jhon Walsh are back! Both went 3-0 yesterday to wind up near the top of the leaderboard. Sal, who is our No. 1 NHL capper, is enjoying the MLB season in the meantime. He won $300 yesterday. Jhon, our No. 4 MLB capper, topped Sal winning $351. Keep an eye on Jhon. He’s up $929 over the last seven days and $1516 over the last 30.
  • Sports Hub Insider: Yes, we are everywhere! The Sports Hub Insider is exactly what Sports Hub is all about. With our experience in the sports betting world, we have access to inside information that we pass on to our members. It results in things like this – 2-0 and $237! The Insider is up $455 over the last seven days.
  • Contact us: Bettors everywhere should contact us to sign up for a free account and take advantage of these handicappers. The top 43 cappers on the leaderboard won money yesterday and that is typical. Lots of winners here at Sports Hub!

What’s Trending Today in Sports

Another day, more trending sports news. I bring you the best of the best news from the sports world so that you can stay on top of it. You never know when one of these nuggets of information will be the difference in winning or losing a bet. That’s why it’s important to follow the trends.

Here’s what’s trending now.

  • More conference realignment: With the mass exodus of schools from the Pac-12, only four schools remain – Cal, Stanford, Washington State, and Oregon State. Now, Cal and Stanford are talking to the ACC about possibly joining. The Pac-12, now the Pac-4, is slowly coming to an end.
  • White House visit: The reigning World Series champions, the Houston Astros, visited the White House on Monday. President Joe Biden made a joke about Dusty Baker’s age. Baker, 73, is the oldest manager to ever win a World Series title. Biden is the oldest person ever elected President of the United States. If I failed to mention that, you could always contact us to let us know.
  • MLB suspensions: After Jose Ramirez’s knockout of Tim Anderson after an altercation at second base on Saturday, the pair received discipline from the league. Ramirez has been suspended for three games. Anderson is out for six. Both players hit the league’s proverbial “contact us” and appealed the ruling.
  • More MLB ejections: Speaking of Anderson and Ramirez, there were a few more ejections in MLB last night. Yankees manager Aaron Boone was tossed last night after arguing a called strike on Anthony Volpe. It was Boone’s sixth ejection of the season. That’s the most in MLB this season. Royals manager Matt Quatraro was also sent packing after arguing a check-swing call on Luis Urias with a 3-2 count. Instead of a strikeout, Urias was sent to first to load the bases. Two pitches later, Boston’s Pablo Reyes hit a game-ending walk-off grand slam to give the Red Sox a 6-2 win.
  • Texans trouble: Somebody used the contact us feature with the Houston Texans. Minority owner Javier Loya was indicted yesterday on a number of charges related to sexual assault. Loya purchased a minority stake (less than 1 percent) of the Texans in 2002. He denies all the charges.
  • Twins win: The Minnesota Twins beat the Detroit Tigers 9-3 last night to win their fifth game in a row. The Twins are now 60-54 and have a 5.5 game lead over Cleveland in the AL Central Division race. The five-game streak is the second-longest win streak in the majors. Texas has the longest at seven games after beating Oakland last night.

Baseball & Soccer Dominate Today’s Schedule

It’s a Tuesday in August and today’s sports schedule is dominated by baseball and soccer. The entire MLB will play today as teams either begin or continue their early week series. The women’s World Cup continues though the two matches on the schedule will probably be over by the time you read this. 

There is a ton of soccer, in addition to the World Cup, on the schedule today too. Leagues Cup and UEFA Champions League play mean plenty of opportunities for bettors. Check out the members area and find our best soccer handicappers if you are looking for more wins today. With guys like Diego Garcia, Lou Diamond, and a host of others, Sports Hub has your back when it comes to soccer picks.

Here’s a look at today’s schedule.

  1. MLB: All 30 teams are in action today. There are some great pitching matchups and new Angels pitcher Lucas Giolito makes his home debut as Los Angeles faces the San Francisco Giants.
  1. WNBA: After an off day on Monday, the WNBA is back today with five games on the schedule. The game that everyone will have their eye on is Las Vegas at Dallas. It will be the Aces first game since getting blown out by New York on Sunday. Las Vegas still holds first place in the league with a 24-3 record. New York (22-6) is second.
  2. World Cup soccer: Colombia beat Jamaica 1-0 to advance in the women’s World Cup. France leads Morocco 3-0 as you read this. You could always use the contact us feature and tell us to update the score when the match is over. There are no matches on the schedule for Wednesday.
  3. Leagues Cup soccer: The Round of 16 in the Leagues Cup continues today. There are five matches on the schedule. The big news, of course, is Lionel Messi and Inter Miami CF who beat Dallas yesterday to move onto the quarter finals.
  4. More soccer: Yes, there is even more soccer on tap today. The UEFA Champions League Qualifying continues with six matches on the schedule. Our handicappers already have soccer picks in the system for today. Not sure if there are any Leagues Cup or UEFA Champions League picks. You’ll have to visit the members area and check for yourself. Maybe you can hit contact us and offer our cappers some suggestions on which soccer leagues to offer picks for.

Like I said, baseball and soccer dominate the sports world today. Remember, you can always contact us if we miss something. It could be something with the schedule, trends, or something not even related to my daily report. This software is new and there are bound to be some bugs, as I had mentioned previously. Don’t be afraid to help us improve what we do. When we get better, you get better! Come back again tomorrow for more.

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