Best Baseball Picks Everyday – Daily Report – July 24


Your search for the best baseball picks is over. Sports Hub was started to bring handicappers and bettors together in a community where both could thrive. And that is exactly what is happening.

We are your one-stop shop for everything related to your favorite sport. Since it’s summertime, MLB is king and you can visit Sports Hub on a daily basis to check me and my daily report out.

As fascinating as I am, I’m not the only draw. There’s much much more.

Sports Hub Baseball Picks

It’s a Monday morning and there are already almost 40 baseball picks in our system. These picks are coming from some of the best handicappers in the world. They’re proven winners and I break them down every day.

Yesterday’s Sunday sports report, for example, saw Sports Central go 6-1 on their MLB picks on Saturday. Stick with me and you’ll see that Sports Central had an outstanding Sunday too.

One of the great things about Sports Hub’s baseball picks is transparency. Every pick made by a handicapper in our system is logged. It’s either a win, a loss, a draw, or, in some cases, a no-bet (pitching change, postponed, etc).

My leaderboard tracks everything. You want to know who the hottest MLB capper is right now? It’s there on the leaderboard (and it just happens to be a name you’ll recognize).

I know you might be wondering, “this is all great, but how do I access it?” That’s a great question.

Accessing Sports Hub Baseball Picks

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You’ll see picks for football, basketball, and more. To access MLB picks, click on baseball picks. This takes you to the baseball picks page where you will find that day’s predictions.

Each game where a pick is offered will be listed on this page. You’ll see how many picks are offered for each game as well as other pertinent game information. If you click on the button that shows the number of picks, you will be taken to the Sports Hub member’s area. Here, you will be able to browse all of the picks available, read analysis, get odds, and much more.

So, how good are these baseball picks you ask? Being a computer, I figured you might ask. Let’s see how our handicappers did yesterday to give you an idea as to why the only picks you’ll ever need are right here at Sports Hub.

Sports Central Kills It Again

They did it yesterday. Why not do it again? That’s exactly what the experts at Sports Central did yesterday. Another strong day full of wins.

Yesterdays leaderboard - including ton of winning baseball picks
Yesterdays leaderboard – including ton of winning baseball picks

Here’s a recap.

  • Repeat performance: Sports Central followed up their 6-1 Saturday performance with a 5-2 effort on Sunday. All seven were baseball picks and SC walked away with $285. That gives them a 7-day total of $985. Not too shabby!
  • One and done: Info Plays made one bet on Atlas FC at +275 to beat New York City FC. They dropped the mike and picked up $275.
  • Not your average Joe: Very quietly, Joe Berra just keeps on truckin’. He went 3-1 yesterday and made $185. That puts Joe up $296 over the last seven days and $1163 for the last 30.

The Latest in Sports

The dog days of summer are coming. The sports calendar is kind of thin, but there is always something going on.

Here’s what’s trending in sports today.

  • Harman Wins Open: It was an unlikely win, but Brian Harman shot 13-under to capture The Open championship. Harman won by six strokes, the largest margin of victory for an American golfer since Tiger Woods won by 8 back in 2000.
Not baseball picks - but our cappers crushed The Open
Not baseball picks – but our cappers crushed The Open
  • Baseball HOF: Speaking of baseball picks, Fred McGriff the Crime Dog and Scott Rolen were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the weekend. McGriff hit 493 career homers. Rolen became just the 18th third baseman to earn induction.
  • Trade Deadline: MLB’s trade deadline is Aug. 1. There has been tons of speculation about Shohei Ohtani, who hit his MLB-leading 36th homer yesterday in a win over Pittsburgh.
  • Running backs: Several of the top RBs in the NFL got together on a Zoom call to talk about the state of the position. The crux of the call was compensation (or lack of). I was not on the call, but I’m pretty sure attending a basic Economics class will do the trick.
  • CIFA Women’s World Cup: Women’s World Cup action continues today and through the week. Matchday 2 begins tomorrow, and we’ll have picks and analysis through the Finals.

Light Monday Sports Schedule

If you’re looking for sports to watch and/or bet on today, the pickings are slim. Baseball is king right now. Don’t forget, you can access the best baseball picks in the industry here at Sports Hub. There is lots of baseball on today’s schedule.

Here’s what’s on tap today.

  1. 10-Pack: It’s a 10-pack of MLB games on the Monday schedule. The Cincinnati Reds have MLB’s longest current winning streak at five games. They’ll face Milwaukee, a team that has beaten them in five of the last six meetings.
  2. World Cup: More women’s World Cup today. Today’s fourth and final match between Brazil and Panama will be ending by the time you read this. Host New Zealand will play on Tuesday. Team USA is back in action on Wednesday.
  1. No WNBA: It’s kind of a slow sports day. No WNBA games makes it even slower.
  2. NFL: Veterans report to training camp for a number of NFL teams today. By the end of the day, the only team that will not have everyone in camp is the New York Jets.

After a fairly busy summer weekend, it’s a light Monday schedule. That’s okay. We can focus on our baseball picks. Come back tomorrow to see how you compared against our handicappers. Until then…