Week 5 NFL Picks

week 5 nfl picks

NFL Week 5 is crucial for distinguishing the true contenders from the pretenders. Every week in the NFL is vital, but Week 5 is when the stakes become even clearer. Our Week 5 NFL picks reflect this pivotal moment in the season.

Statistically, teams that start 3-0 have a 75% chance of making the playoffs, while 0-3 teams have just a 13% chance. If a team remains undefeated or winless through five weeks, these percentages shift dramatically.

The 2024 NFL schedule has been released, and sportsbooks have set odds for every game. As we dive into the season, it’s time to focus on the most thrilling matchups to bet on for Week 5.

This week also marks the first set of BYEs, with the Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, and Los Angeles Chargers taking a break. Let’s explore the most exciting games to place your bets on for Week 5.

Top Week 5 NFL Picks: Five Best Bets for the Week

Week 5 of the NFL 2024 season offers several exciting betting opportunities. From classic rivalries to games featuring emerging talents, there’s something for every bettor. Remember, all odds are subject to change, so keep an eye on the latest updates on our NFL Odds Page.

Bills vs. Texans (-1.5)

The Houston Texans hosting the Buffalo Bills is a must-watch for several reasons. Stefon Diggs facing his former team adds a layer of drama to this clash. On the quarterback front, Josh Allen, a proven star, will be up against CJ Stroud, who is seen as the next big thing in the NFL.

Buffalo has experienced significant roster turnover this offseason. This game will serve as a crucial indicator of their ability to remain competitive against playoff-caliber teams. The Texans, slight favorites at -1.5, have a chance to prove themselves against one of the AFC’s top contenders.

Ravens (+1.5) vs. Bengals

An AFC North showdown always promises excitement, and the Week 5 game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals is no exception. This matchup could have major implications for the division title, as both teams are strong contenders.

The Ravens, coming in as underdogs at +1.5, will look to leverage their strong defense and versatile offense against Joe Burrow and the high-powered Bengals. This game is a perfect bet for those who enjoy classic rivalries with high stakes.

Packers vs. Rams (-1.5)

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the most unpredictable teams this season. They could range from playoff contenders to bottom-tier performers. Their Week 5 game against the Green Bay Packers will provide a clearer picture of their standing.

With both teams having secured wild card berths in 2023, this game will be a key indicator of their 2024 playoff prospects. The Rams, favored at -1.5, need to show consistency, while the Packers aim to prove their resilience on the road.

Cowboys (-1.5) vs. Steelers

A rare clash between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers brings back memories of the classic 1970s battles. This game is particularly intriguing given Pittsburgh’s challenging schedule this season.

Dallas, slight favorites at -1.5, are expected to widen the gap as October approaches. Betting on this game early could be advantageous, as the Cowboys are projected to be much bigger favorites by game day. This historic rivalry makes for a thrilling betting opportunity.

Panthers (+5.5) vs. Bears

Week 5 features a fascinating game between the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears, showcasing the two most recent No. 1 overall draft picks: Bryce Young and Caleb Williams. Young, looking to improve after a tough rookie season, will lead the Panthers, while Williams enters a promising situation with the Bears.

The Panthers are underdogs at +5.5, but this game will provide valuable insights into the development of both young quarterbacks. It’s an excellent matchup for those interested in the future stars of the NFL.

Saints at Chiefs

The New Orleans Saints may have been the most unremarkable 9-8 team last season, but their top-10 finishes in both scoring offense and defense suggest they are capable of challenging the Kansas City Chiefs. This game could be more competitive than expected, making it an interesting bet.

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Week 5 NFL Picks FAQ

What are the best games to bet on in NFL Week 5?

The best games to bet on include Bills vs. Texans, Ravens vs. Bengals, Packers vs. Rams, Cowboys vs. Steelers, Panthers vs. Bears, and Saints vs. Chiefs.

Why is the Bills vs. Texans game exciting?

Stefon Diggs playing against his former team and the matchup between quarterbacks Josh Allen and CJ Stroud make it a thrilling game.

Who are the favorites in the Cowboys vs. Steelers game?

The Dallas Cowboys are slight favorites at -1.5, but the odds are expected to shift in their favor as the game approaches.

How can the Ravens vs. Bengals game impact the division title?

Both teams are strong contenders for the AFC North title, and this game could play a significant role in determining the division winner.