Your Home for Capper Picks & More – Daily Report – Aug 22


Sports Hub is your new home for the best capper picks in the entire sports betting industry. When we started this thing, we set out to change the handicapping industry. We’re doing just that and every day I get to bring you the results of our new software designed to help cappers which, in turn, helps sports bettors. 

We are simply offering a new way to look at sports betting. SportsHub is a new community that brings bettors and handicappers together. With our deep connections in the industry, we’re able to provide the best information available for our bettors. You don’t have to play the Monday morning quarterback anymore. Our sports handicapping software makes it easy for even a beginning handicapper to be able to offer his services. We bring everyone together into one tight-knit community with its eyes set on success.

Free Capper Picks, Premium Picks & More

Here at Sports Hub, bettors can find a variety of capper picks. There are daily free picks for all sports. We do all the dirty work by gathering all of the best free capper picks and putting them into one easy to access location. When you sign up for a free Sports Hub account, you get access to these free picks. 

Your Home for Capper Picks & More
Free Capper Picks Available in All Sports

That’s not the only benefit of a SportsHub membership. We also offer computer picks, which are generated by an artificial intelligence software algorithm based heavily on statistics. Sports Hub computer picks have been hitting at a 59 to 60 percent clip over the past four years. And, our computer picks are unique in that they are only released when there is a two-point difference between the computer line and the actual betting line. 

Sports Hub also offers the best in premium capper picks. We have assembled the best of the best in this industry. Many of our handicappers are exclusive to Sports Hub, meaning you need a SportsHub account to gain access to them. You won’t find their capper picks anywhere else. Do yourself a favor. Go back and read a few of my daily reports. You’ll see just how good our handicappers are. In fact, let’s do that right now. Read on to see how our capper picks fared yesterday.

Sports Hub Capper Picks on Point Once Again

It was a slower sports day on Monday, but that didn’t stop our handicappers from doing what they do best – win! It was another great day for our capper picks with the top-28 winning at least $100. There were some new faces in the mix, but like most days, it was our Sports Hub exclusive cappers that led the charge. 

Here’s what the top of the leaderboard looked like yesterday.

Your Home for Capper Picks & More
Robert Jones Hits All Four Capper Picks
  • Jonesin’ for wins: Robert Jones is a Sports Hub expert who simply gets the job done. He’s been getting it done over the last seven days. He hit all four of his MLB picks yesterday to top the leaderboard with winnings of $435. He’s hit 8 of his last 10 capper picks and is up $1193 over the last seven days.
  • Doyle rules: Patrick Doyle is another Sports Hub guy who is building some steam. He went 2-0 yesterday with his capper picks, hitting both of MLB games. He won $240 yesterday. Patrick already has NFL and NCAAF picks in the system. Keep an eye on this up-and-comer.
  • Findlay & Ferguson: It sounds like a high-profile law firm. No, just some of our best offering up quality capper picks on a daily basis. Robert Ferguson has been here before. He nailed the Commanders upset of the Ravens in NFL preseason action and hit his MLB pick for a perfect 2-0 day. Matt Findlay is a newcomer whose first day on the charts was a good one…2-0 for $200.
  • More SportsHub experts: Most of the rest of the success on the board came from guys hitting their only pick of the day. Dan Jones and Gino De Luca each put three capper picks in the system yesterday and both went 2-1. Both won $100 and that C-note gives Dan winnings of $683 for the week and $1531 for the last 30 days. Make sure you watch these guys come football season. The bottom line is this. If you want more wins, Sports Hub is the place to be!

The Good, the Bad & the Trending

For a Monday in August, yesterday had a solid sports menu. The final game of the NFL’s preseason Week 2 took place and a huge trend ended and a new one began. The college and NFL football season’s are peeking at us just over the horizon. That means some things are trending in both sports. Even the world of track and field brings us some exciting news.

Here is the latest in trending sports news.

  1. Slye dog ends preseason win streak: Joey Slye kicked a 49-yard field goal with nine seconds remaining as the Washington Commanders defeated the Baltimore Ravens 29-28 in the final game of the NFL preseason’s Week 2. The win was significant because it broke the Ravens’ 24-game preseason win streak. Now, the Las Vegas Raiders hold the longest preseason winning streak at six games.
  1. Harbaugh sits out: Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will not be the team’s head coach for the first three games of the season. The university has decided to impose its own three-game ban due to NCAA violations. The NCAA has not come out with any formal discipline for Harbaugh or Michigan. Apparently, Harbaugh either did not cooperate with the NCAA or misled the NCAA during the investigation into recruiting violations.
  2. Jonathan Taylor: He’s been in and out of the Indianapolis Colts training camp. Now, Taylor will have the opportunity to seek a trade. He’s in the final year of his contract and negotiations with the Colts have gone nowhere. He failed his pre-training camp physical because of his surgically repaired ankle. The Colts placed him on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list where he remains.
  3. Call it a comeback: A few years ago, Sha’Carri Richardson was a pariah. A positive drug test for marijuana left her at home for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Now, she’s a world champion. Richardson ran a blazing 10.65 100 meters to capture the world title.
  4. Mariners are on one: If you haven’t noticed, our capper picks have been hot on the Seattle Mariners. That’s because Seattle has now won seven straight games. The Mariners are 32-13 in their last 45 games which puts them just two games out of first place in the AL West. The Mariners are a half-game behind second-place Houston.

Baseball Is King on Today’s Schedule

The early week MLB series that didn’t start yesterday will start today. That means all MLB teams are in action. That also means our guys are dialing up the capper picks for MLB games tonight. Big league baseball isn’t the only baseball on the schedule either. The Little League World Series is humming along. You won’t believe what one pitcher did. The WNBA is back and there is an abundance of international soccer. 

Here’s a look at today’s schedule.

  • Full day of baseball: MLB is back with a Tuesday full of baseball. All 30 teams are in action. The Dodgers have won 9-1 in their last 10 games and will travel to Cleveland to begin a series with the Guardians. The Washington Nationals are 7-3 in their last 10 and 12-5 in their last 17. They will start a new series against the Yankees. There are numerous MLB capper picks in our system for tonight’s games. 
  • WNBA is back: After a day off, four games are on tap in the WNBA. League leader Las Vegas is at fifth-place Atlanta (16-16). The Aces, second-place New York, and third-place Connecticut have all clinched playoff spots. The Liberty hold the top spot in the WNBA power rankings.
  • More soccer: Arsenal beat Crystal Palace in the Premier League yesterday and today presents bettors a whole new slate of international matches. European and South American soccer makes for a busy soccer day. Plenty of capper picks are in the system already. Check them out in the member’s area.
  • Little dude throws heat: If you haven’t checked out the Little League World Series yet, you need to. Chinese Taipei pitcher Fan Chen-Jun threw a fastball 82 mph. Remember, the pitcher’s mound in Little League baseball is only 46 feet from home plate. How about the MLB equivalent? Yeah, that would be a 107 mph heater! Four more games are on tap today, two each in the US Bracket and International Bracket.
  • Halep out of US Open: The final Grand Slam of the 2023 tennis season started yesterday and continues with more first round action today. Former world No. 1 Simona Halep is out of the tournament due to a provisional doping suspension. 

That’s about it. It’s not a huge schedule, but it’s enough to generate a number of capper picks in our system. You’ll find MLB, soccer, and WNBA picks there right now and there will be many more to come. Use our capper picks to get on the right side of the action. After another successful day, come back tomorrow for my daily rundown of the leaderboard, trending sports, and a look ahead. Until then.