Win in 2023 – College Football Betting Tips

Here at Sports Hub, we make it a point to give you the best college football betting tips so you can win more bets this fall. It’s what every die-hard fan and bettor wants, right? 

In order to make a profit betting on college football this season, there are a number of things you should do to prepare. You have probably already realized the immense complexity and dizzying array of statistical information involved with college football.

a football player running across
Start winning more bets with our betting tips

Yes, it’s a lot, but my job is to help you make informed decisions that will help ensure your success as a college football bettor. Here are the essential football betting tips for picking winners in the 2023 college season.

Sports Hub Has All Your Football Betting Tips

One of the great things about Sports Hub is the sheer amount of information available to the betting community. We provide bettors with information on how to bet on college football games. From the regular season through the college football bowl season all the way to the college football playoff, Sports Hub has bettors covered. We believe you can never get too many betting tips.

From free college football picks to articles about how to bet, we provide you with the best edge you can find in the industry. You can locate the latest in betting trends here at Sports Hub, the best in NCAA football predictions, and much more.

You can always check with me, Coach Rick, your free college football expert, here at Sports Hub. I will bring you college football betting picks all season long. Throughout the season, the bowl season, and into the college football playoffs, I will offer free expert NCAAF picks, picks against the spread, totals picks, and a lot more.

I follow some simple strategies and bettors everywhere can benefit from some of these easy betting tips.

Research the Teams 

You cannot simply start betting on college football without some knowledge of the teams you will be betting on. It’s one of the simple betting tips. Prior to a season beginning, you have to sit down and do some research. 

Take some time to read up on team news from NCAA football teams around the country. This season, there are 133 FBS programs. There is simply no way you’ll be able to become an expert on every college football team. However, you can become an expert on one or, possibly, two conferences.

a USA map showing every FBS team
It is impossible to follow every FBS team

You can make it easy by following the college football experts. They can help you fast track your learning of NCAA football teams.

Football Betting Tips – Gain an Advantage

Remember, the betting public likes extremely popular teams. They will bet on SEC teams like the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide and Big Ten teams like the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan. These teams are popular virtually every season. Why not focus on a lesser-known conference where you might be able to gain an advantage over the sportsbooks?

Sportsbooks don’t spend as much time looking at schools like Eastern Michigan. The Oregon State Beavers have a game in the Pac-12. So what? Even teams like the North Carolina Tar Heels and the South Carolina Gamecocks are not as popular as the Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers.

Betting experts know this and can gain an advantage when they dive deep into making football predictions on so many games involving less popular teams.

Sportsbooks put a ton of time into making sure their lines are sharpest on the biggest games each week. That includes SEC, Big Ten, and other Power 5 conference teams. Where they don’t focus as much is on the AAC, MAC, and Mountain West conferences, for example.

A little research on these lesser-known conferences can go a long way in producing success later in a college football season. We have exclusive handicappers whose college betting tips will boost your bankroll all season long.

College Football Betting Tips – Types of Bets

If you’re a fan of college football and have never dabbled in sports betting, it can be intimidating to figure out where to start. Luckily, there are some key football betting tips that can help you. 

One is simply understanding the different bet types that are available and how they work. If you are not familiar with them, take some time to learn how the basic bets work. These include point spread bets, moneyline wagers, and bets on game totals, also called Over/Under bets. 

Here’s a short tutorial on each bet type.

Betting on the College Football Moneyline

Moneyline bets are the easiest to understand of all wagers. Let’s say the Tennessee Volunteers are playing the Oklahoma Sooners in an NCAA football game. The moneyline odds may appear as follows.

  • Tennessee -125
  • Oklahoma +160

In NCAAF betting or any sports betting, the team listed with the negative number is the favorite. In this case, it’s Tennessee. The underdog is Oklahoma.

A $125 bet on the Vols will result in a payout of $225 ($100 in winnings plus the original $125 stake). On the other end, if the Sooners pulled the upset, a $100 bet would payout a total of $260 (the $100 stake plus winnings of $160). One of our favorite betting tips is to bet on the moneyline when you’re not sure about the point spread.

Here at Sports Hub, you will find tons of college football picks each and every week. There are free college football picks as well as premium expert college football picks from some of the top handicappers in the industry.

You can gain access to these college football experts this season when you sign up for a free account at Sports Hub. Just click the JOIN NOW button at the top of this page and follow the prompts. It will be one of the best things you do all season!

Betting the CFB Point Spread

Placing a wager on the college football point spread is a popular bet, but you must know how it works in order to be successful. The point spread is established by oddsmakers at sportsbooks. It’s a way of leveling the playing field between two teams.

In FBS college football, there are 133 teams. There is a huge difference between the best teams in FBS and the worst. The point spread can help bettors wager on a game even when it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.

For example, the Oregon Ducks are taking on the Utah Utes in a Pac-12 conference game. Oregon and Utah both have pretty strong programs. Oddsmakers make Oregon the favorite by three points. The bet might appear as follows at your sportsbook.

  • Oregon Ducks -3 (-110)
  • Utah Utes +3 (-110)

If you like the Ducks to win, keep in mind that Oregon must win by four or more points in order for your bet to pay out. If Oregon wins by one or two points, they do not “cover” the spread and you don’t win.

3 football players celebrating
In this example the Ducks are the favorite

If the final scoring margin lands exactly on three points – 27-24, for example – the result is called a ‘Push’ and all bets are refunded.

The numbers in parentheses are the odds on each side of the bet. In many cases, the standard juice (or commission) on a point spread bet for any given game is -110. That means that you as the bettor must wager $110 in order to win $100.

Later, we’ll talk about key numbers and how they can be used to make better point spread wagers. Keep in mind that you can find free NCAAF picks at Sports Hub. Many of those free college football picks are on point spread bets. Our betting tips will be the talk of podcasts once the season gets rolling.

Over/Under College Football Betting Tips

Bettors can wager on the final total score of both teams in every game during the season. You can bet on totals in a bowl game, in the college football playoffs, even the national championship. Sports Hub has a number of handicappers that offer NCAA football picks on game totals.

Sports Hub is one of very few college football betting sites where you can find odds on any game for all sorts of bets, including player props. You’ll find a number of weekly college football free picks all season long straight through the postseason games like the Quick Lane Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Rose Bowl.

Betting on totals is pretty simple. The outcome of the game doesn’t matter, only the total number of points scored. Let’s stick with Oregon and Utah as the example.

Above, we saw that Oregon was a three-point favorite Over Utah. The Over/Under, or totals bet, would appear along with the point spread bet. See below.

  • Oregon Ducks -3 (-110)  O 47.5 (-110)
  • Utah Utes +3 (-110) U 47.5 (-110)

Again, we see the point spread and the corresponding odds, but this time we also see the total and the odds on the totals bets.

Why Sportsbooks Use .5 in Their Lines

Oddsmakers have established the total at 47.5. This is common – to use 0.5 – so that the result is never a push. It is also common for the odds on a totals bet to be the standard -110. Another of our important betting tips is knowing your sportsbook.

Now, if you like the teams to play a defensive battle, you might bet the Under. If the game ends with a score of 24-20 – regardless of who wins – the bet is a winner. Because of the -110 odds, you would have to bet $1.10 to win a $1.00. If you bet $110, you would win $100.

Over/Under bettors have an advantage in wagering on NFL totals due to the key numbers associated. More on that later. Bettors can find free college football totals picks here at Sports Hub too.

Manage Your Bankroll 

The best college football experience can be a thrilling experience, and placing bets on the sport only further enhances the excitement. If you desire more success with your CFB wagers, it’s important to manage your bankroll to ensure you don’t end up losing more than you can afford. What do you know about betting bankroll management?

The key is to strike a balance between risking too much and betting too little. Start by setting a realistic budget for your football bets. Never wager more than you can afford to lose. When it comes to football betting tips, too many overlook their bankroll and how they manage it.

This will help you decide on a bankroll amount without affecting your daily expenses. After establishing a bankroll, you should then determine your unit size. Many of the best handicappers in the industry can be found here at Sports Hub. They will tell you that your unit size should range from 1 to 5 percent of your bankroll.

Keeping your bets at a certain size will prevent you from chasing losses. Too often, bettors will try to make up for big losses by placing a large wager on a bet they see as a sure winner. When they lose, they often end up wiping out their entire bankroll.

Another of the easy-to-follow college football betting tips is to keep track of your winning percentage, adjust your bets accordingly, and don’t chase. By following these simple tips and managing your bankroll wisely, you can enjoy the excitement of the game without putting your finances at risk.

College Football Betting Tips – Follow Trends

If you’re an avid sports bettor, keeping track of the latest trends and news in college football is essential to making informed and successful bets. Also use Sports Hub to track your bets, it’s one of the more secret betting tips.

While staying up-to-date with injury reports, weather forecasts, and team lineups may seem tedious, it is crucial in making the best college football predictions. By doing so, you can take advantage of the exact same information that oddsmakers have. Plus, you never know when you’ll find a nugget about one team like Ohio State or the Texas Longhorns which actually gives you a leg up on your sportsbook.

a football player assisted by his team
Betting Tips 101 – Follow updates regularly

You may identify your own betting trends, too. It is typical to find the best odds on favorites not long after the odds are released. One of your trends may simply be making your best bets on a Sunday or Monday morning when you get the best odds on a favorite.

If you want to up your CFB win percentage, staying informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and news in college football during the season is one of your keys to success. Paying attention to trends also involves watching scores and odds. You can learn a lot studying line movements, as well as past scores.

Track Injuries and Other Player Information

There is no question that one of the crucial pieces of information you need as a bettor is related to injuries. Whether the NFL or NCAA football, knowing who is playing and who isn’t is a must for the successful bettor.

Sometimes, it’s not just injury-related information that can help you get a win. There are suspensions and other roster moves that teams make (particularly in the NFL). At the college level, remember that these are still 18- to 22-year-old (for the most part) kids that still have to attend class every day.

Making college football picks without knowing who is playing is like driving a car while blindfolded. It’s not highly recommended. If you want to win more bets, you have to track player information. This is especially true during the bowl season and the national championship game. 

Don’t forget to check Sports Hub for free NCAAF picks all season long.

Betting Tips – Identify the Best Bets

To increase your win percentage, one of the things you must do is find the best bets. You must find bets that have a high likelihood of winning. It’s almost an art form and takes some skill and some experience.

Here are Sports Hub, we have hundreds of handicappers available for the college football season. Many will offer free college football picks as well as premium service plays. The reason they are able to offer such services is that they have become very good at identifying great bets.

Some of our cappers will identify picks against the spread, for example. They look for certain key numbers like -2.5 or -6.5, for example. Knowing that most college football games will be decided by 3 or 7 points, handicappers will look to bet on a favorite of -2.5 or -6.5 simply because of the number.

It’s the ability – and sometimes just the patience – to find these bets that can really pay off in the end.

Understanding Key Numbers

I mentioned key numbers in the previous paragraph and alluded to them earlier as well. In the NFL and in college football, key numbers are those related to scoring margins and totals.

Scoring in football is pretty straightforward. A touchdown is six points, a point after touchdown is worth one when it is kicked and two when it is passed or run into the end zone. Field goals are always worth three points.

The result of such scoring leads to some common final scores. For example, the most popular final scores from season to season in the NFL are 20-17 and 24-21. As a result, 3 is a key number when it comes to picks against the spread.

a graph comparing Percentage of games vs margin of victory (points)
Knowing key numbers – betting tips required

In college football, the most common total is 55. Whether the score is 28-27 or 41-14, 55 occurs in 3.32 percent of all college football games. That makes 55 a key number.

There are many of these key numbers in both pro and college football. Knowing them is helpful in making the best bets possible week in and week out.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Risk

When it comes to football betting, it’s important to trust your instincts and not be afraid to make bold bets. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, there’s no denying that betting can be both exciting and profitable. 

Inn order to truly succeed, you need to be confident in your choices and willing to take risks. If you have a hunch about a particular game or team, don’t hesitate to make a bold bet. Sometimes the greatest rewards come from taking the biggest risks. 

With the help of some reliable football betting tips, you can increase your chances of success and make the most of every bet. Bettors can access a ton of NCAAF picks here at Sports Hub. Often, these picks can help a bettor make a decision on a bet. 

Player Props – The Latest Craze

This is the hottest trend, along with live betting, now in wagering on college sports. It’s now a thing every college football season. 

Bettors can wager on a single game performance by an individual player, say the Over/Under on a number of touchdown passes that a quarterback will throw.

a banner for NCAA FB prop bets
Player props and fantasy football go hand in hand

Just like one can do in the NFL, these wagers are now available on virtually every game on the CFB schedule. At Sports Hub, some of the free college football picks you can find are on props. Player props and fantasy football are truly a match made in heaven.

Each week during the season, you will have access to numerous college football picks, many of which are free. These free picks along with all of our NCAAF picks are just part of what is available to the serious CFB bettor. Sports Hub will have free picks and more available all the way through the season, including for the national championship.

The Final Word – CFB Betting Tips

To sum up, betting on college football can be a great way to make some money if you do it responsibly. You should start by doing some research. Learn about Ohio State. Learn about the MAC or Conference USA. Familiarize yourself with CFB.

Keep track of the latest news, including injury updates, and trends in the sport. This knowledge will help you make better NCAA football predictions

Knowledge and experience will also help you as you figure out which bets to pick. You will want to select bets with a higher likelihood of success. A free account at Sports Hub can help since you gain access to free NCAAF picks, paid picks, and computer picks. You can use Sports Hub right through bowl season and for the national championship.

Don’t be afraid to take some risks. Every year and every bowl season there are plenty of upsets. Live on the edge a little and take a risk on a big underdog like the North Carolina Tar Heels in an ACC game. Maybe you take a risk on the underdog in the national championship game.

The bottom line is to not let fear keep you from making a pretty penny off of college football! Take advantage of the information out there, pick your winners wisely, and reap the rewards that come with successful gambling.

College Football Betting Tips FAQs

When does the college football season start?

The college football season typically begins with Week 0, which starts on the last Saturday in August. Week 1 of the season begins with a number of games the following Thursday night. The season really gets underway on that first Saturday in September with a full slate of games. Be sure to brush up on your NCAAF betting tips.

What betting tips can Sports Hub provide when wagering on NCAAF?

Sports Hub can help the average bettor in a number of ways. One is the vast amount of sports betting content provided to you from our team of experts. You’ll get free & premium picks, betting tips, current articles and much more.

What is the best way to bet on college football?

With the rise of sports betting everywhere, the easiest way to place a bet on any college football game is to do so through an online sportsbook. Smart bettors will have accounts open at a few different sportsbooks. This way, they can shop for the best prices on the bets they like.

Is betting on college football like betting on the NFL?

They are similar, but betting on NCAA football & the NFL do have their differences. One is the parity in the NFL. In FBS college football, there are 133 teams, an area our betting tips focused on. That makes for some vast differences in talent between the best & worst teams.

Can I bet on CFB games after they have already started?

Yes, you can. Live betting is one of the hottest things in the industry right now. Sportsbooks now offer in-game odds on just about every bet you can make prior to a game starting. Live bets are a great way to capitalize on favorable odds.

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