Toronto Raptors Trade Rumors – Is it Time to Rebuild?


There have been a lot of Toronto Raptors trade rumors swirling around since last season. Masai Ujiri has been hesitant to commit to a rebuild up to this point, but the writing is on the wall. It’s time to rebuild.

With the way the Toronto Raptors roster is currently built, they’re not winning anything.

A Raptors rebuild remains risky, as our 2024 NBA draft pick is only protected for selections #1-#6. At the same time, the longer the Raptors wait, the less chance they’ll have at keeping next year’s draft pick.

Pascal Siakam has been a mainstay in Toronto Raptors trade rumors. Siakam is in the final year of his contract. He’ll be an UFA after this season and he’ll be 30 years old, which doesn’t fit our timeline.

Why it’s Time for a Toronto Raptors Rebuild

You need to be able to shoot the basketball effectively in today’s NBA. The Raptors lack shooters and that translates to poor spacing on the offensive end. You can only drive and kick it out so many times.

Eventually, you need guys that can shoot the basketball. The Raptors are scoring 107.1 PPG (26th), while shooting 45.7% on FGs (20th) and 35.8% on three-pointers (16th). Scottie Barnes leads the Raptors in scoring (22.6 PPG). He’s shooting 51.3% on FGs and 42.1% on three-pointers.

Barnes leads the team in rebounds (9.9 RPG) and blocks (2.1 BPG). He’s second in assists (5.9 APG).

Siakam is fourth on the team in points (15.4 PPG) despite attempting the second most shots. Siakam is also fourth on the team in rebounds (6.1 RPG). His style of play isn’t likely to age well either. Based on Toronto Raptors trade rumors there are multiple suitors for Siakam and he should be moved soon.

It’s time to pass the torch to Barnes and build the roster around him with shooters.

Toronto Raptors Trade Rumors – Pascal Siakam Trade Packages

Siakam has been in Toronto Raptors trade rumors for a long time now, but nothing seems to materialize. There has been discussion about keeping Siakam, which would be a huge mistake in my opinion.

Ujiri needs to analyze the potential Pascal Siakam trade packages and pull the trigger. Losing Siakam for nothing in free agency like what happened with Fred VanVleet would be inexcusable. Signing Siakam will ensure the Raptors are stuck fighting for a spot in the Play-In Tournament every season at best.

The first step to rebuilding is cashing in on the Toronto Raptors trade rumors surrounding Siakam.

One issue with getting the most value for Siakam is his team have said it wouldn’t be a guarantee that he signs an extension with his new team. However, what else are the Raptors supposed to do?

Pascal Siakam Trade Destinations – Hawks, Kings and Warriors

We know the Atlanta Hawks are interested in Siakam and they’ve even made an offer for him. I’ve seen a few other intriguing Toronto Raptors trade rumors, including dealing Siakam to the Kings or Warriors.

  • Hawks Trade Package: Hawks send De’Andre Hunter, AJ Griffin and draft compensation to the Raptors for Pascal Siakam. One of the recent Toronto Raptors trade rumors had Atlanta send Hunter, Griffin, 2024 first-round pick (lottery protected) and a pair of second round picks to the Raptors for Siakam and Otto Porter Jr. The draft compensation is weak, but Hunter is averaging 15.7 PPG (54.1 FG% / 41.4 3P%) at 25 years old and Griffin is a second-year player with upside.
  • Kings Trade Package: Kings send Harrison Barnes, Malik Monk, Davion Mitchell, second-round pick in 2024 and first-round pick in 2026 for Siakam and second-round pick in 2026. Barnes can score. He’s shooting 55.6% on FGs and 54.2 on three-pointers. Monk is still young and space the floor. Mitchell is in his third year and would have more opportunity on the Raptors.
  • Warriors Trade Package: Warriors send Chris Paul, Jonathan Kuminga, 2026 first-round pick and 2028 first-round pick for Siakam. Paul could potentially be flipped for draft assets. Kuminga is only 21 years old and has upside, plus the two draft picks are unprotected.

Out of these Toronto Raptors trade rumors, I like the Kings package the best, but all three could work. We need draft assets and younger talent to build around Barnes. Siakam needs to be moved first, though.

Toronto Raptors Trade Rumors – Anunoby, Trent Jr. and Boucher

If the Raptors can close a Pascal Siakam trade, they need to look at trading some of their other assets for draft compensation or young assets. Several players have been in Toronto Raptors trade rumors.

  • What to Do With O.G. Anunoby: Anunoby is locked up for next season. He’s shooting 55.9% on FGs and 42.5% on three-pointers, both are career-highs. Anunoby is only 26 years old and since he’s signed through the end of next season, there’s no rush to move him unless it’s an overpay.
  • What to Do With Gary Trent Jr.: Trent Jr. needs to be moved after Siakam if the Raptors can get a first-round pick for him. He’s an UFA after this season and won’t be worth paying. After shooting 40.7% on three-pointers in his last two seasons with Portland, he’s shooting 37.3% from deep with the Raptors since joining the team during the 2020-21 NBA regular season.
  • What to Do With Chris Boucher: The Boucher experiment hasn’t worked. Boucher hasn’t been getting much playing time and we’re paying him over $10 million this season and next. If we can attach a second-round pick to him, maybe a team like the Wizards would take him.

Anunoby is the Raptors most valuable asset and a steady fixture in Toronto Raptors trade rumors. Unless the front office can get a big overpay from a contender, he should be re-signed.

Toronto Raptors Trade Rumors – Cap Space and Draft Picks

The Raptors aren’t contenders in the Eastern Conference. If I’m Ujiri, I’m clearing out everyone with value not named, Barnes, Anunoby and Gradey Dick. Ujiri has made numerous mistakes building this team in the last few years. None are more glaring than the Thaddeus Young trade, as he has done nothing.

Ujiri is also making a mistake by not rebuilding yet. Toronto Raptors trade rumors will continue to heat up as this season progresses, but the more wins the Raptors accumulate now, the more likely they’ll lose their 2024 first-round draft pick to the Spurs. The best way to rebuild this roster is a complete overhaul.

Some casual Raptors fans may get off the bandwagon, but that’s fine. If the Raptors build around Barnes and Anunoby, it might not take too long before they start contending in the East again.

Right now the Raptors need draft picks and younger assets. Let Barnes develop into the #1 option and build around him with shooters. We’re fine at center with Jakob Poetl signed for the next four years.

Developing younger assets, building up draft capital and maintaining cap space is the way to go. We may even be in a position down the road to trade for a disgruntled superstar when we’re ready to contend.

Ujiri should already be on the hot seat, if he messes up this season, he should be fired.

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