Sports Hub – What We Have To Offer

Updated: has reinvented the handicapping industry as we know it. Everyone and their dog knows the sports betting industry has EXPLODED over the last couple years. The writing was on the wall when US states started legalizing single game sports wagering.

33 states in the United States are currently legally taking bets. Canada quickly followed. You can’t watch anything on TV now without being inundated by commercials pumping sports betting, featuring some of today’s biggest superstars.

Our goal is to bring the best of the best that sports betting information has to offer. All while helping grow the handicapper industry. This will help cappers and sports bettors.

The history of sports betting is an entire encyclopedia of its own. You can go read more about that later, but we’re here to talk about Sports Hub and how we’re bringing today’s technology to the sport handicapper industry.

Technology Has Continually Improved

There is a subsection of the sports betting industry that not many people know about. It’s the pay per head industry. The pay per head industry, sometimes referred to as price per head or PPH, offers a service to help bookmakers run and manage their operation online.

PPH is a great option for anyone that takes wagers, but we only care about their technology. It has continued to grow over the decades. And that’s where we come in. Our team has inside access to how these operations work, and with that, we’ve developed software that will allow handicappers the access to cutting-edge technology.

This technology will help professional cappers in every way possible. Starting with submitting picks, to selling their picks, notify their customers of their selections and become more marketable.

Some of our software features include:

– full betting market menu (straight, 1st half, 2nd half, props, futures, etc)

– parlays & teasers

– automatic notifications

– sortable leaderboards


– tons of Admin functions

Who is Sports Hub For? is for EVERY sports handicapper and bettor! We will have three different membership levels.

1. Professional Handicapper (website owner)

2. Any Handicapper

3. Sports bettor

Our software is a simple API that we plug directly into any URL. So, if you’re a professional handicapper that currently has a website, but you are not happy with your online presence, we are your solution.

Maybe you are newer to the capping industry, and want to get your name out there and start selling your picks. We are also your solution. For a monthly fee, we will generate you a handicapper profile, where you’ll have a personal login to create and manage your profile / page.

While there will be some rules and guidelines, you will have full control over every aspect of your page. Your profile will be linked directly to our software, allowing you to add picks, write your analysis, give a value to each pick and much more.

The third membership level is any and every sports bettor.

With your membership comes tons of perks. Not only will you have access to a plethora of premium and free picks, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn points that can be used in a number of different ways.

We will go more in depth into each level later in this article.

We Are ALL Looking For Quality Information

There is an endless supply of information on the Internet right now. You could legitimately google any topic, and find numerous articles defending every side. It is up to you what you want to believe in a lot of instances.

Our goal is to provide sports bettors with the most quality information, from the most trusted sources.

We will only accept professional handicappers that are 100% transparent. No one gets every pick correct, and we’ll be sure to make every result public.

All the data that we will collect will be stored in our database, allowing everyone with a membership to access it. Our sortable leaderboards will let you view every handicapper. You can check out their records via a timeline, sport, league, bet type and much more.

No longer will you have to search the Internet for sports picks, and wonder if you’re in the right place, getting the right information. Now, Sports Hub will do all the work for you. We’ll procure the data, sort it, then report it to you.

Why Use Our Membership

As stated above, after signing up for a membership at Sports Hub, you’ll have access to more picks than ever before. But that’s not where the perks end.

With a membership at Sports Hub, you will be able to build your profile using our points system. You’ll get points for doing simple tasks, such as confirming your email address and mobile number.

You will be able to cash your points in in a number of different ways. Use them to get access to premium picks, enter contests, play in a poker tournament and other fun things you’ll find on our site.

We will be making very interactive.

In your profile, you’ll be able to customize your dashboard to save your favorite handicappers, show picks from your favorite teams games and tons of other options.

We’ve already been asked, why is a membership better than buying picks? It’s simple. The sure volume of picks available to you, to go along with our fully customizable or sortable leaderboard, you’ll never be without a solid side to bet for any game you’re looking for.

We give you all the picks, now all you have to do is decide where your hard earned cash is going tonight. The best part of all this? It’ll be free of charge.

Why Handicappers Need Our Service

Our ownership group – albeit a small group – covers every aspect of the sports betting industry. Including professional handicappers.

Handicappers who know a lot of other handicappers. In general, we’re a tight group that is always looking for ways to improve together. Improvements will not only affect cappers and their livelihood, but in the end will also affect every single sports bettor out there.

We sent out a questionnaire to our circle of friends regarding the technology being used within the professional handicapping world. Our focus was to identify problem areas and the best way to fix them.

That’s where our new software was born.

Handicappers need our service because our software will bring us up-to-date with today’s technology.

Technology, Technology, Technology

Believe it or not, some handicappers are still using the same processes they were using in the 1980’s. Yes … 1980’s! One guy we know still calls his clients to give his picks. On the telephone!

Our software will provide handicappers with the tools to instantly send notifications to clients when a pick is placed. Get a text message sent directly to your phone (or any other device) and / or email.

Another major problem with today’s capper technology is betting markets and the variety of wagering options.

Most handicappers only have the ability to place bets on basic betting markets. One software we use only has point spreads, totals and moneylines. And only lines for the most popular sports and leagues.

With our software, you’ll have access to make picks for any betting market found at online sportsbooks.

Not only can you place a spread, total or moneyline bet, but now you can make bets on 1st half, 2nd half, adjusted lines, game props, player props, futures, etc.

You’ll even have the option to place parlays, teasers, round robin, etc.

Maybe you’re a professional sports bettor that has a knack for picking winners from the Masters Snooker League or Australian Cricket. You will find those options and much more when you’re using our software.

Levels of Service – Own Your Own Handicapper Website

Let’s say you’re an established career handicapper that has his/her own website. You have enough clients that your betting bankroll gets stacked every week with people buying your picks. But your capper side hustle is taking up too much of your time.

Too much of your time is being spent on sending out your picks, sorting how long clients paid for access and other administrative tasks.

Our software will take care of all that for you. We’ll take care of the dirty work, while you spend your time studying games and leagues. This will only improve your picks. It will also allow you to focus more energy on marketing, further improving your bottom line.

A simple API plugged into your website will get you going quickly.

All you have to do is contact us, tell us exactly what you’re looking for, send us some basic info … and we take care of the rest. The next thing you know; you have a brand new website featuring the best sports handicapping software on the market today.

We can also take a brand new URL and get your new website active on the same day. Go ahead, go buy that URL you’ve been thinking about and contact us right now to get started.

Admin Handicapper Services

We could never get into every service that is offered when you sign up for our full meal deal. But we’ll touch on some of the most important ones.

Some of the options you’ll find when you log in as an Admin Handicapper include:

1. User Management – roles, permissions, users, plans, data sync (past website data)

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – easily manage your clients. Including payments, marketing and notifications

3. Source Data – specify data by teams, leagues, groups, time periods and more

4. Reports – create a report for many processes

5. Social Media Configuration – connect to all social media platforms

6. Messages – from clients / potential clients

7. Transactions – follow signups, payments, etc in real time

8. Help Wizards – assistance understanding and using our software

You won’t believe the options available to you the first time you log in as an admin. But don’t worry; our customer service team is by your side in case you need some extra help.

Start Selling Picks as a Handicapper Today

There are a lot of you out there that need to be selling your picks. We’re out in the community every day, and we see a lot of talent floating around.

Are you hitting 55% or more of your sports bets? Are you not ready to start your own website yet? If so, you need to contact us. We have the perfect option for you.

All you have to do is get hold of us, and tell us you want to start selling picks with us and use our new software. We’ll immediately start a handicapper profile for you, one that you will have full control of. Sure, there will be some rules and regulations, but for the most part, you’ll be able to do what you wish with your profile.

Just pay a monthly fee of $200, and you’ll have full access to our software. This enables you to place picks that will be for sale on and throughout our large network of sports betting focused websites.

You’ll take 70% of all your sales, with 30% coming back to us to help pay for software upgrades, marketing and other service fees.

We are planning a large-scale marketing effort as the dog days of summer start ending and football is back on the horizon.

Handicapper Perks Don’t End There

When you sign up to be a handicapper with Sports Hub, you automatically get registered in our Capper Competition.

We’ll track every pick made by every handicapper.

At the end of the season, we’ll have cash prizes for the top 3, with the champion getting a Championship ring!

Plus, as we grow, we will continually be adding exclusive handicappers. The large majority of our exclusive contracts will come directly from you, our handicapper family.

That’s right, we are your path to becoming a fulltime, professional handicapper. All you have to do is sign up, start adding picks, and prove you regularly profit on your sports bets. If you can prove this, we will market your picks for you. It’s a win, win situation.

Being able to market yourself is a huge bonus as well. If you have a solid social media presence, live online airtime (YouTube, Twitch, etc) and other benefits, you’re already ahead of the game.

Why Every Bettor Can Benefit From Sports Hub

Yes, we are a handicapper site – but it’s the everyday, recreational sports bettor that will benefit the most from and its services.

Not only will our state-of-the-art handicapper software bring that industry into 2023, the data around the software is also next level. What we will do with that data is sure to be a favorite of every single person that bets.

Our service will be free – at least for a while – allowing you to get familiar with our process. You’ll quickly be able to figure out how it best works for you and how you can get the most out of it.

How To Use Our Service

To get the most out of Sports Hub, you will need to start yourself an account. It is totally free to do so, without having to add any payment options.

You’ll gain access to tons of free picks, from a variety of different handicappers. Searching trends and streaks will be made easy. You can search handicappers, bet type, leagues, sports, teams, timeframes, pick range and much more.

Our leaderboard feature will allow you to acquire the info you’re looking for quickly and easily. No more having to search or click through countless pages to find what you are looking for. Now, it’ll all be at your fingertips.

The ranking feature is also a fantastic way to quickly locate top handicapper trends and winners. There, you can search for cappers by sport, league, bet type, timeframe and more.

Once your account is active, you can start saving your favorite handicappers, teams, sports, etc. Then, when you log into your account, your dashboard will automatically show you all your favorites and saved data.

We are truly revolutionizing the sports betting industry. Are you ready to win more bets?

Earn Sports Hub Points – Redeem Any Way You Like

Start earning Hub Points as soon as you create your account and enjoy our membership perks, extras and bonuses. There will be countless ways to earn points with tons of ways to redeem them.

You can start collecting points by simply confirming your email address, mobile number and other basic info. After that, the points will keep coming the more active you are.

Our site will be very interactive. We want to get our community talking. We want to start making smarter bettors. Be an active member of our community, and you’ll receive points. Join us on Twitch, YouTube, Discord and other common platforms (Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc).

After earning points, you will have an opportunity to buy, sell and trade them. Earn points by participating in polls, chatting and contributing in a number of ways.

Once you have enough points, you’ll be able to spend them to dive even deeper into our community. Redeem them to get premium picks from your favorite handicappers, guarantee yourself a seat in our weekly poker tournament, get free entry to our contests and other events that will put cash in your pocket.

Get Used To Seeing Us Around

Like we just said, you’ll see us on all social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. Watch our shows on Twitch, YouTube and join our Discord. You may even be able to join us live as a guest to pitch a pick, give some advice or come hangout.

Our cappers will regularly make appearances on our shows, and will also have shows of their own. Growing our community and educating the average, recreational gambler is our goal.

We’ll teach you how to read lines and line movements, follow or fade steam plays and shop for the best lines. We will show you how to use premium handicapper picks for the best return on investment.

We will show you how to spot sharp money moves and when to follow them. Or how to pick your contrarian spots.

Simply join our community and start to WIN MORE BETS. That’s what we’re all about.

Help Us Improve – Earn Rewards

The software we are creating is huge – and getting all that information posted, in the most efficient way possible to our users is our top priority at this time. To ensure we get the best product, in the fastest time frame, we will operate through a beta version.

For anyone that is unsure of what a beta version is, here’s the definition: a version of a piece of software that is made available for testing, typically by a limited number of users outside the company that is developing it, before its general release.

We’re only limiting testing to those that don’t sign up for a free account. Get to know us and our cappers by following along daily, visiting multiple times daily, as we will be regularly updating our data throughout the day.

As you become more familiar with our product, you may spot errors or inefficient processes.

We ask that you report any bug or error you see. You will be rewarded for it.

Maybe some stats are not updating correctly or the wrong team was awarded a win when they actually lost. When you build state-of-the-art software from scratch, there will be errors.

The goal is to have a fully polished product by July, when football season is peeking its head around the corner. With this goal, we will all be ready to crush college football and the NFL in 2023!

Get Free Entry to Contests & Other Incentives

Let’s talk more about participating in our improvements and getting rewarded. We spoke earlier about our Hub Points – how you can earn and use them.

Not only will reporting bugs earn you points, it will give you instant access to exclusive contests. Access will give you the opportunity to win straight cash. We plan on getting creative with our rewards. Maybe you’ll get VIP access or a free pizza.

You report a bug, you get rewarded. You’ll also have the distinction of being a pioneer with us.

You will see us grow from the ground up, into the most popular source of everything that is sports betting.

Our early followers will be grandfathered into getting great prices for life, once we do start to charge for our services. We are 100% confident that we will rule this industry.

What Did You Do Before We Existed?

Handicappers and bettors alike will wonder what they did before our existence. We will make life so much easier for everyone on every level of sports betting.

Professional handicappers will be able to focus on capping games and growing their client list while our software takes care of the dirty work.

We’ll help you generate marketing plans, newsletters, reports, notifications, funnels and much more. All cappers have to do is handicap games and add their picks and analysis.

Maybe you’re newer to the sports betting world. You notice you win a lot more bets than any of your friends. Now you want to start selling your picks but don’t know where to start. Contact us and we’ll have you selling picks today.

Our prices will be very fair. Plus you’ll get the majority of all your sales. Did you know that most top professional handicapper sites give their exclusive cappers less than 50% commission of their sales? We’re not here to rip anyone off.

We Put Smart Between Square & Sharp

With so many professional sports handicappers calling Sports Hub home, we’ll truly be your hub for everything sports and betting. Get your picks, scores, odds, news and information.

You’ll find regular content based solely on making a community of smarter bettors. Square bettors are forever funding their accounts. We put smart between square and sharp.

One goal is to make sharp bettors – or at least make you look like one.

Your personal account dashboard will be full of information pertinent to you. It’s geared to get you on the right side of the action. Imagine winning more of your bets than you lose – on a regular basis. That’s what our data is focused on doing.

Sign Up and Get Started

Sign up today and dig into our site. We want to know what you think. Remember, this is version 1. We will be continuously upgrading. Not just making improvements to our existing stuff, but adding new features.

We have so much instore for you, we can barely contain our excitement. There’s no chance we could even tell you everything we have going on here at!

Are you ready to evolve with us into the future of sports betting? We’re ready to have you and can’t wait to go on this journey with you.