Ridiculous Parlay Bet Cashes $490K – December 26


How about a 14-pick parlay bet to celebrate Christmas? An absolute miracle of a bet, one Christmas Day bettor turned in 14 NFL picks – all Anytime TD Scorer props – as a single parlay bet. When Christian McCaffrey scored in last night’s Baltimore-San Francisco Monday night game, the bettor was able to celebrate a very nice Christmas gift.

Ridiculous Parlay Bet Cashes $490K - December 26
McCaffrey’s TD sealed a $490K parlay bet

With his simple $5 wager, this bettor won $489,383.01! The odds of hitting this parlay bet were +9787560. That is the beauty and lure of a parlay bet. The more legs added to a parlay, the harder it is to win. That, of course, means higher odds and, ultimately as in this case, higher payouts. 

The Christmas Day Parlay Bet

As mentioned, this bettor chose 14 Anytime TD Scorer prop bets to put together in a single parlay bet. For the bet to cash, the bettor needed all 14 players to score a touchdown. Just getting two or three players to score in the same week is hard enough. But 14? Here’s the list of players that scored yesterday to bring this bettor a nice Christmas present.

Najee Harris, Gabriel Davis, Jahmyr Gibbs, DK Metcalf, Jerome Ford, Chris Rodriguez Jr., Jonathan Taylor, Calvin Ridley, James Conner, Raheem Mostert, Javonte Williams, Isaiah Pacheco, D’Andre Swift, and McCaffrey.

Ridiculous Parlay Bet Cashes $490K - December 26
Here’s the 14-pick parlay bet

What’s interesting is that most NFL fans know McCaffrey and Mostert, but Jerome Ford? Chris Rodriguez Jr.? Both are running backs. Ford plays for the Browns, who beat the Texans, and Rodriguez is a rookie for Washington. Both scored, of course, and this parlay bet was a winner!

Why a Parlay Bet

A parlay bet is difficult to win. It’s hard enough winning a single bet. Combining two or more bets into a single wager makes winning much more difficult. What bettors tend to focus on are the odds associated with a parlay bet. That’s the attraction – winning big money like this guy did.

Here’s how a parlay bet works. I’ll keep it simple and use just two legs. Make two bets and put them together to make one. Say you use McCaffrey and Mostert from above, both to score a touchdown. For sake of simplicity, we’ll say that the odds for each to score are -110. If you bet each one individually, you would stake $220 ($110 each) to win $200.

If you combine the two wagers into a parlay bet, you would stake $100 and if both legs were winners, you would cash $260. A two-leg parlay where the individual odds are -110 will pay around 13/5 odds, or +260. Add more legs to the parlay and the odds increase. That is what lures bettors to make a parlay bet.

Merry Christmas from The Bookie

The Bookie is a Sports Hub expert that treated himself – and anyone that followed him – to a perfect 4-0 mark yesterday that included some Christmas Day NBA. The Bookie wasn’t the only one. We had plenty of other Sports Hub experts that had a great Christmas as well. When it was all said and done, our entire top-5 won at least $200 and was made up of mostly Sports Hub expert handicappers. Merry Christmas to us!

Here’s the best from yesterday.

Ridiculous Parlay Bet Cashes $490K - December 26
It’s a Sports Hub Christmas!
  • The Bookie: As mentioned, a perfect 4-0 record yesterday led to $400 in winnings. The Bookie is now up $1189 over the last 30 days.
  • Sports Central: Sports Central hit some Christmas Day NBA too and matched The Bookie with a 4-0 record. With $400 in winnings, Sports Central is up $1289 over the last 30 days.
  • Robert Ferguson: Robert nailed all three of his picks to win $300. He’s had a great week with $620 in winnings over the last seven days. For the month, Robert is now up $1460.
  • SWJ Sports: Scott at SWJ Sports is back again. SWJ went 3-0 and won $300 just like Robert. Combine that with yesterday’s showing – 4-0 and $400 – and SWJ Sports is on a 7-0, $700 two-day run. Scott is up $1614 over the last 30 days.
  • Top-5: Rounding out our top-5 yesterday was a pair of Sports Hub experts who each went 2-0 and won $200. Diego Garcia hit both of his NBA picks and Sean Kuchman went 2-0 on the NFL. Sean is up $2447 for the last 30 days. Diego is up $1181.

Trending Sports News

The Baltimore Ravens proved they are a force to be reckoned with in last night’s win over San Francisco. The win might even propel a certain quarterback into the MVP mix. Luka Doncic hit a milestone last night as Dallas beat Phoenix in the final Christmas Day NBA game yesterday.

Here’s what’s trending in sports today.

  • The Ravens: Baltimore owns the top seed in the AFC playoffs after a huge 33-19 dismantling of the San Francisco 49ers. The Ravens made Brock Purdy look human, intercepting him four times last night.
  • Lamar Jackson: With his performance last night – 23-for-35 for 252 yards and two touchdowns and 7 carries for 45 yards – Jackson firmly cemented himself into the MVP mix. Purdy had an off night and Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts may have played their ways out of the MVP discussion.
  • Luka Doncic: Doncic put up 50 last night in Dallas’ 128-114 win over Phoenix. The Mavs star surpassed the 10,000-point mark last night. He was 11 shy going into the game. 

The Day After Christmas Schedule

It’s still a pretty light schedule for the day after Christmas. The NBA, of course, is back with nine games. The NHL is still off as it is Boxing Day in Canada. Action on the ice resumes tomorrow. There are a couple bowl games today and there is enough to keep bettors busy (and winning) today.

Here’s a look at today’s schedule.

  1. NBA: There are nine games on today’s schedule. NBATV has a doubleheader that includes Indiana at Houston in the early game and Charlotte at the LA Clippers in the late one.
  2. Bowl games: The Quick Lane Bowl kicks off today at 2:00 p.m. ET. Bowling Green plays Minnesota. If you watch on ESPN, you may be able to see our very own Coach Rick who will be in attendance. The First Responder Bowl pits Texas State against Rice and the Guaranteed Rate Bowl has Kansas playing UNLV.
  1. Soccer: The Premier League is back in action with five matches on the schedule. The English League Championship has a full schedule as do the English League One, English League Two, and the English National League. Check SportsHub for soccer picks all day long.

There is also no college basketball today. There are a few games tomorrow. It won’t be long before we hit the meat of the bowl schedule. The NFL will be back too with Week 17. Anyway, there is enough to keep bettors busy today and tonight. Check our picks database before making your bets, especially if you plan on making a parlay bet. Come back tomorrow and see how you did against our Sports Hub experts. See you tomorrow!