NFL Betting Strategies That Will Bring Profits in 2024


The 2023 NFL season may be over but we’re already looking at the best NFL betting strategies that will bring you even more profits in 2024. 

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What are the best NFL betting strategies?

It can be tough to consistently find winners in football and the NFL. However, by following our recommended NFL betting strategies below, you can get one step closer to becoming a successful bettor. 

Basic NFL Betting Methods

Let’s kick things off with the basics. There are multiple ways in which you can wager on the NFL. Sportsbooks will offer bettors a number of different markets and methods to bet on. Here is a list of the main ways to bet on the NFL:

  • Moneyline – Straight up bet – you’re predicting who will win the game
  • Spread – the two teams will be given a points handicap to balance the odds
  • Totals – bet on the number of total points, deciding to go over or under the line
  • Props – wager on team or player stats for the matchup 
  • Futures – predicting the outcome of events for later on in the season
  • Parlays – two or more wagers in one bet to increase the odds

By understanding the most common NFL betting methods, it becomes easier to decide the best markets to target. That’s when you can start thinking about the best NFL betting strategies. We’ll go a little deeper on what you should potentially avoid later on!

Fundamental NFL Betting Strategies

Before we get into the predominant NFL betting strategies that you should consider, I’d also like to point out the basic ones first. 

Bankroll management is key when it comes to betting on any sport. You should put away a certain amount of money that you are prepared to lose. This way, you can bet sensibly and not lose money that you need. 

It also allows you to put your top NFL betting strategies into practice. This is because it is the crux of what makes a profitable bettor, and allows you to make calculated decisions about which bets to place, which bets to leave and how much you should stake. 

Managing your bankroll correctly will help you see profits in the long-term too. You won’t get as disappointed when one of your bets loses, allowing you to have a clearer mind when trying to find your next pick. 

Research, Research, Research

The most obvious betting strategy across all sports is research. But it’s the most obvious for a reason. The more knowledge you have about a particular sport, league or team, the better chance you have at correctly predicting outcomes. Below is a list of the factors that you should prioritize when it comes to research:

  • Injury Report
  • Form
  • Schedule 
  • Roster Moves
  • Betting Trends
  • Evaluate Odds

If you focus on these six different aspects when betting on the NFL, you are almost GUARANTEED to win more bets. Many casual punters will place their wagers based on gut feeling. However, if you take the time to study what’s going on below the surface, the easier it is to identify winning picks. 

At the end of the day, that’s what the professional sports bettors do. It’s their job to take the time to fully understand the game they are betting on. 

If you are the first to find out if a star player is out injured for a particular team, you may be able to beat the bookies before they change their prices. If you can understand which team is in better shape heading into the game, you’ll know who’s more likely to win. 

Furthermore, analyzing the strength of schedule is important. One team may be on a bad run, but they have played tough opposition. Conversely, that same team could be playing a team on a three-game winning streak, but they have played all teams under .500. That makes form reading harder to carry out. 

With the NFL trade deadline not closing until mid-season, it’s always important to keep track of trades and roster moves. Both of these factors can play a big role in how a team may perform. For example, if a franchise has had a 2-5 start, they may opt to trade away their best players, embrace the tank and get a higher draft pick for next year. 

To Parlay Or Not To Parlay 

Parlays can offer bettors some fruitful payouts, making it an enticing option when it comes to NFL betting strategies. However, it’s hard enough to consistently land singles, let alone multiple wagers in the same bet. 

If you want to try out parlay betting, I would recommend only using 2 or 3 wagers. This way, you can still make the chances of winning quite high, whilst still getting a good value in the odds. 

Sure, parlays are fun and should be utilized from time-to-time. However, if you want to be set up for sustained success to help bring you profits on the NFL in 2024, you should be focusing on straight up bets for the most part. 

Here’s a quick example why betting on parlays aren’t the best option: 

You select three spread bet wagers as part of a three-leg parlay on the upcoming games. 

  • Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Rams +2 (-110)
  • Miami Dolphins -7 (-110) 

You decide to place a $100 bet on the parlay. If all three teams win, then you have won just under $600. However, if just two of those three teams win, the whole bet loses and you have lost your $100. 

However, if you decide to make the same bet, but they are all singles, you can still turn a profit. Let’s say that the Chiefs and the Rams both cover the spread, but the Dolphins don’t. 

You have placed a $100 bet on each selection. From the two winners, you have made a profit of just over $180. Minus the money from the final wager that lost ($100), you have still made a profit of just over $80. 

Instead of losing $100 on the parlay, you have profited $80 as you have placed your bets on singles, instead of just one parlay. Of course, you need to make sure you have the bankroll for this, but it is a wiser move in the long run. 

The prospects of winning a juicy payout from a parlay can be tempting, and it can be a fun method to use if you have the bankroll. However, if you want to be successful in the long-term, you should avoid betting on parlays for the most part.

NFL Betting Strategies – Track Your Picks 

Sports Hub is the perfect example of how the best sports handicappers go about their business. Our software allows them to keep track of every single pick that they enter into the system. Winners, losers and pushes will all be recorded. 

By keeping track of your bets, you can see what’s going right and what’s going wrong. That makes it easier to identify the latest betting trends as well. You can then use this information to adjust your different NFL betting strategies throughout the season. 

For example, you may notice that you are regularly finding the best favorites that are covering the spread. However, you also notice that you’ve been losing money with your totals bets. You can then decide whether to stop betting on totals, or use a different approach when making your pick. 

Equally, it makes it far easier to manage your bankroll. As stated above, bankroll management is the underlying strategy of every successful bettor. If you track your picks, you can see your overall profit and loss in the short-term and the long-term. 

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Find The Best NFL Betting Strategies At Sports Hub 

We’ve gone through the best NFL betting strategies that will see your profits increase for 2024. To summarize, decide which methods you want to bet on, manage your bankroll, heavily research each game, limit parlay betting and keep track of your wagers. 

If you follow those steps, you should be winning more bets. We have a number of articles dedicated to letting you know about the best strategies to follow. That’s not just limited to the NFL, but also other top professional sports leagues such as the NBA and the MLB

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