Divisional Round NFL Futures Report


With the NFL Championship games on the calendar this weekend, now is the time to check out Divisional Round NFL futures! Who will win Super Bowl LVIII? There are still plenty of futures markets to bet on. 

Two rounds of playoff football have been and gone. Teams in the postseason have been reduced from 14 to 8, then down from 8 to 4 after the Divisional Round games. 

Two of either the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions or San Francisco 49ers are set to meet at Allegiant Stadium, Nevada next month in the Super Bowl. We’re ready now to delve into Divisional Round NFL futures!

Divisional Round NFL Futures – Top Markets 

There are just three games left of the NFL season, and it seems to have flown by. A host of NFL futures markets have already been determined, but there are still a number of markets yet to be decided. Take a look at the markets we will be examining in our Divisional Round NFL Futures Report:

  • Super Bowl Winner 
  • AFC Champion
  • NFC Champion
  • Super Bowl MVP

We will find out the winners of the AFC and the NFC this weekend once the Championship games are completed. Of course, now that we are down to just two teams for each conference, the odds will be the same as the moneyline for each matchup. 

The main two futures markets left in Divisional Round NFL futures are the Super Bowl Winner and Super Bowl MVP. However, sportsbooks are also offering playoff player specials. 

Super Bowl Winner

We will begin our Divisional Round NFL Futures Report by analyzing the odds for teams to lift the Lombardi Trophy. Here’s a reminder of the odds for the Super Bowl contenders after Wild Card Weekend: 

  • San Francisco 49ers (+175)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+280)
  • Buffalo Bills (+500)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+700)
  • Detroit Lions (+900)
  • Green Bay Packers (+2800)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2800)
  • Houston Texans (+3000)

The Buffalo Bills were listed as third-favorites to win the Super Bowl heading into the Divisional Round. However, they were beaten 27-24 at home to the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and co. just somehow find a way to produce in the postseason. 

Meanwhile, the longshot contenders in the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans were all eliminated. All three have arguably punched above their weight this season, but prospects look good going forward. 

Below you can find the updated Super Bowl winner odds for the remaining four teams: 

  • San Francisco 49ers (+140)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+180)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+425)
  • Detroit Lions (+800)

The Niners failed to cover the spread last weekend, but still managed to advance to the Championship game after beating the Packers 24-21. Linebacker Dre Greenlaw made two clutch plays, picking off quarterback Jordan Love twice to help his team advance. 

The Ravens were far more convincing in their 34-10 victory over the Texans, but it is the 49ers who remain favorites to win the Super Bowl at this stage. The Chiefs and the Lions are the outsiders right now. 

AFC Champions

So, it’s time to have a quick look at the AFC championship game for Divisional Round NFL futures. Check out last weekend’s prices for the AFC champion below:

  • Baltimore Ravens (+115)
  • Buffalo Bills (+230)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+320)
  • Houston Texans (+1300)

It would have been quite the shock if the Texans managed to get past Baltimore last weekend. They were as long as +1300 to win the AFC entering the Divisional Round. The Ravens managed to limit C.J. Stroud to just 175 passing yards and zero TDs. They are expected to beat the Chiefs on Sunday, according to the odds. 

Here are the moneyline odds for the AFC Championship game: 

  • Baltimore Ravens (-210)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+172)

Mahomes will have to go on the road again for just the second time in the playoffs. It looks set to be an even harder task this time, though, up against an incredibly strong Ravens defense. That’s reflected by Kansas City being +172 on the moneyline. They are also 4-point underdogs for the game. 

The Chiefs will also have to contain Lamar Jackson. Lamar scored a total of four touchdowns against Houston, and will prove a tough task, despite Kansas City having a very strong defense. Nevertheless, we just can’t rule the Chiefs out. Usually, they somehow find a way to win. 

NFC Champions 

Let’s switch over to the NFC now in my Divisional Round NFL Futures Report. You can find a recap of the odds to win the conference after the Wild Card Round here:

  • San Francisco 49ers (-185)
  • Detroit Lions (+325)
  • Green Bay Packers (+950)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000)

The Niners and Lions, as expected, got past the Packers and the Bucs respectively in the Divisional Round. However, both games were close. Love showed his inexperience after throwing a pick on the run, across his body, to end the game. Baker Mayfield also threw an interception in Tampa’s last drive of the game. 

Check out the latest moneyline prices for the NFC Championship matchup: 

  • San Francisco 49ers (-355)
  • Detroit Lions (+262)

The Lions are bigger underdogs than the Chiefs for the NFC Championship game, with the 49ers listed as 7-point favorites. San Francisco has struggled to cover the spread this season so it may be closer than first thought. Still, it would be a surprise if Detroit managed to reach the Super Bowl for the first time in their history. 

There’s enough talent across the Lions’ roster, though, for them to cause an upset. Nevertheless, there are some question marks surrounding the health on the offensive line which could prove pivotal. As for the Niners, they will be sweating over the health of Deebo Samuel for the game. He was limited for Thursday’s practice. 

Super Bowl MVP

The final market that I will be examining in my Divisional Round NFL Futures Report is Super Bowl MVP. You can see a recap of the MVP odds after the Wild Card Round below:

  • Lamar Jackson (+330) QB Baltimore Ravens 
  • Brock Purdy (+372) QB San Francisco 49ers
  • Josh Allen (+600) QB Buffalo Bills 
  • Christian McCaffrey (+797) RB San Francisco 49ers
  • Patrick Mahomes (+800) QB Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jared Goff (+1200) QB Detroit Lions
  • C.J. Stroud (+3400) QB Houston Texans
  • Jordan Love (+3400) QB Green Bay Packers
  • Baker Mayfield (+4000) QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stroud, Love and Mayfield were all incredibly long to win the Super Bowl MVP, and they just didn’t quite have enough to lead their respective teams to Nevada. However, they have all shown a lot of promise for the future. 

Jackson remains the favorite to become Super Bowl MVP, and it’s hard to argue that cause. The Ravens are favored to get past the Chiefs, and LJ is a game-winner. He had a passer rating of 121.8 against the Texans, completing 72.7% of his passes, throwing two TDs and zero picks. 

It’s his dual-threat ability that makes him so scary, nonetheless. Lamar also rushed for 100 yards and two scores against Houston. The Kansas City defense has a huge job on their hands this weekend. 

Here are the latest odds for the top-five contenders to win Super Bowl MVP:

  • Lamar Jackson (+210) QB Baltimore Ravens 
  • Brock Purdy (+301) QB San Francisco 49ers
  • Patrick Mahomes (+500) QB Kansas City Chiefs
  • Christian McCaffrey (+650) RB San Francisco 49ers
  • Jared Goff (+1200) QB Detroit Lions

Purdy is the second favorite to win Super Bowl MVP, but I would recommend fading him. Although the statistics show that Mr. Irrelevant is having an excellent season, many believe it to be a product of the Kyle Shanahan system. Instead, we can find more value in running back Christian McCaffrey (+650). He rushed for 98 yards and two scores against Green Bay, and is arguably more deserving than Jackson at winning the season MVP award. 

Of course, Mahomes (+500) has to be considered. He is just clutch during the postseason, and if the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, it’s almost guaranteed that he will become favorite to be named the MVP for the game. 

We can’t not mention Jared Goff, either, who has been putting in some incredible performances for Detroit. Goff managed to take the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl before, and has been fantastic throughout the postseason. He has a passer rating of 112.7 over his two playoff games this season, throwing three touchdowns and no picks. The Lions are the feel-good story of the NFL this season, and Goff’s price of +1200 could be worth a shot.