Bet Totals, Make Money – November 7


Bettors can make bank by simply learning to bet on game totals. Want some proof? How about our Sports Hub experts at the top of yesterday’s leaderboard. We’ll check them out in a moment, but our top two cappers hit six totals bets between them. We have expert handicappers that tend to focus on totals bets too.

Betting on game totals is a pretty simple wager too. The most inexperienced of bettors can understand it and learn some easy strategy fairly quickly. We’ll go through an example of a totals bet, share some tips, and then take a look at where you can find totals picks here at Sports Hub.

Betting on Totals

Along with the moneyline and point spread bets, totals wagers are very common in sports betting. You can bet on totals in any sport. It’s football season, so we’ll use an NFL example. When betting on a game total, you are betting that the final combined score will go Over or Under a number set by oddsmakers. Let’s take a look.

  • Carolina Panthers +3.5 (-113) +150 O 40 (-108)
  • Chicago Bears -3.5 (-107) -170 U 40 (-112)

Thursday night, the Bears will host Carolina. Chicago is a 3.5-point favorite and we can see that the total right now is set at 40. The numbers in parentheses are the odds and determine your payout should you win the bet. 

Bet Totals, Make Money - November 7
There is money to be made betting on totals

If after doing some research you believe the game will end up with a combined final score of greater than 40, you would bet on the Over. Let’s say you place a $10 wager on the Over. The final score ends up 24-17. It doesn’t matter who wins. You are not betting on a side. You are just betting on the total.

With a final score of 24-17, you would be a winner! That adds up to 41, which is more than 40. As a result of your $10 bet at -108 odds, you would win $9.26. Your total payout, including your stake, would be $19.26.

Tips for Betting NFL Totals

One of the reasons why betting NFL totals is so popular is because of key numbers. Because of the way football is scored, there are certain scores that come up a lot. If you watch enough NFL football, you’ll see games that end in scores like 20-17, 27-24, and 24-17. 

The most common total in an NFL game is 41. This is followed by 43, 37, 44, and 51. Knowing these key numbers goes a long way in helping bettors wager on NFL totals. In our Bears-Panthers example, the total is set at 40, but we know that more games end with a total of 41. 

Bet Totals, Make Money - November 7
NFL key numbers

If we dig a little deeper, we find that when the totals market opened, this game was pegged at 41.5. Early betting has driven this number down to 40. Another common NFL total is 37. That comes from the most common final score in NFL games – 20-17. Does that mean you automatically bet the Under here? Not necessarily, but using key numbers is a tip for you when you bet NFL totals.

Finding Totals Picks at Sports Hub

Our handicappers offer a bunch of totals picks on a daily basis. The NBA and NHL have started their new seasons and we’ll see in a moment that many of our top cappers from yesterday bet (and won) totals in these sports. As I mentioned earlier, we have some handicappers that specialize in totals picks.

One of our experts that is absolutely crushing the books right now is Mario Deluca. Over the past 30 days, he’s up $2035! In that 30-day period, he’s made 21 totals picks. He’s 14-7 and has won $645 just betting totals. That’s No. 2 on the 30-day totals leaderboard. Sports Hub expert Seth Cohen is No. 1, winning 62.5 percent of his totals bets for winnings of $687.

Our Sports Hub Free Picks are 14-9 over the last 30 days and have won $412. Totals Guru bets only on game totals and over the last six months has won 56 percent of the time. Our Computer Picks win at a 59 percent clip over the last four years and most of the picks are on game totals.

Just Reserve a Seat for Sal at the Top of the Board

As I mentioned, our top two cappers yesterday nailed a bunch of totals picks. Sal Lombardi is becoming a fixture here at the top of the board. Along with Joe Berra, the two put together one of the best days in recent memory. Imagine if you had simply tailed these two guys yesterday.

Bet Totals, Make Money - November 7
Sal’s new seat is at the top of the board

You place 15 bets, 7 of them are on game totals. Once everything is done, you wind up going 14-1 and you collect a hefty $1350 in winnings. That’s what I’m talking about! Sal and Joe (and the rest of our expert cappers) are the reason we have so many members here at Sports Hub. You can become one too. In fact, you should, since it’s free right now.

Sal and Joe weren’t the only guys who had great days yesterday. Let’s take a look.

  • Recap the top two: Sal went 7-1 and cleared $715 in winnings. Joe won all six of his bets and made $635. 
  • Sports Hub experts go 4-0: Two more of our experts went 4-0. I already mentioned Mario Deluca and his performance this month. He did it again yesterday…4-0 and $400. He hit on the Chargers as they covered against the NY Jets. Diego Garcia did the same – went 4-0 – and, coincidentally, two of Diego’s picks were totals.
  • Another 4-0: Ralph Michaels also went 4-0 – all spread picks – and won $400. All four picks were on college basketball which began its season last night.
  • Worth noting: The top-17 cappers on the board yesterday all won at least $200. If you go deeper down the board, you’ll find that the entire top-50 walked away with at least $100 yesterday. Who doesn’t like a C-note? Jump on the money train with our Sports Hub handicappers!

College Basketball Kicks Off With an Upset, MLB Offseason Here

Yes, college basketball is now in season. Right now, we have the NFL, NBA, NHL, college football, and now college basketball all being played. It’s a great time of year. What we don’t have is baseball, but we do have the MLB offseason. The hottest free agent of course is the Angels Shohei Ohtani. Will he stay in L.A. or will he end up somewhere else?

There’s a lot trending today.

  1. No. 4 MSU loses: Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo scheduled James Madison, in part, because his nephew is an assistant coach there. Well, the nephew has bragging rights at the next holiday party. JMU upset the Spartans 79-76 last night to kick off the season. It was MSU’s first home loss in November since 1986.
  2. Oh Ohtani: The MLB star officially became a free agent yesterday. He received a qualifying offer from the Angels. This year’s qualifying offer is $20.325 million. Players have until Nov. 14 to decide whether to stay with their current team or venture into free agency. 
  1. More MLB: The Cubs fired manager David Ross and replaced him with former Brewers manager Craig Counsell. It was thought that Counsell would either return to Milwaukee or head to the Mets, but the Cubs reset the manager pay scale by offering $40 million over eight years.
  2. Michigan: The Big Ten announced that discipline may be coming for Michigan in the whole scouting/Connor Stalions mess. The conference only said discipline was a possibility.
  3. Murray back: Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is set to start this Sunday against Atlanta. Murray hasn’t played since Week 14 of last season.

It’s a Busy Tuesday Night for Bettors

If you are looking for something to bet on tonight, you have a ton of choices. With college basketball back in the picture, the betting board is a big one tonight, even though it’s a Tuesday in November. Oh, did someone say Tuesday in November? That can only mean one thing!

Here’s today’s sports schedule.

  • MAC-tion!: That one thing, of course, is MAC-tion! There are three MAC games tonight. Ball State-Northern Illinois, Central Michigan-Western Michigan, and Ohio-Buffalo are all on the schedule. Gotta love November!
  • The hardwood: With no games on the NBA schedule tonight, there are plenty of early season college basketball games as a replacement. No. 8 Creighton plays Florida A&M and No. 20 Baylor hosts Auburn.
  • The ice: There are 10 NHL games tonight. The TNT doubleheader starts with Detroit at the New York Rangers. The late game features New Jersey at Colorado.
  • The pitch: The MLS playoffs continue tonight. Atlanta United FC takes on the Columbus Crew. Nashville SC faces Orlando City SC. None of the other top leagues in the world have matches scheduled. There are matches in other international leagues.
  • The court: The ATP Tour has two tournaments going on right now. Second round play continues in the Moselle Open in France and in the Sofia Open in Bulgaria.

There are a lot of betting opportunities today. Start your day with our Daily Report. Then, visit Sports Hub for more of the best inside information to narrow down your top picks for the day. Speaking of picks, visit our members’ area for our expert predictions from the top cappers in the world. Partner with us and get used to more wins!