Beginner’s Guide to Premier League Betting

Are you new to Premier League betting? Maybe you want to know more about how to bet on the most popular professional soccer league in the world. If so, then you need to read this article. Did you know that over 95% of countries worldwide tune in to watch the Premier League every week?

With action on show for ten months of the year, Premier League betting is a great way to make profits.

Not only can you enjoy the action-packed drama that the Premier League offers every week, but you can also earn some extra cash along the way. Keep reading to see what’s included in our beginner’s guide to Premier League betting.

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What is the Premier League? 

The Premier League was founded in 1992 and is the top tier professional soccer league in England. A total of 20 teams will battle it out to be crowned the champions of England each season. The Premier League is the most-watched professional soccer league in the world and is home to some of the finest soccer players on the planet. 

Each team over the course of a Premier League season will play a total of 38 games. 19 of those games are played at their home stadium. The other 19 are played away from home.

How do teams earn points? 

Teams are awarded points for their matches, depending on the result. If a team wins their game, they are awarded three points.

If two teams draw then they receive one point each. A draw is commonly referred to as ‘sharing the points.’ If you lose a game then you will not earn any points for the match.

How are rankings calculated for the Premier League? 

Using the points system above, teams are ranked based on the total number of points that they have accumulated over the course of a Premier League campaign. If two teams are level on points in the table, then their rankings are decided using goal differential.

English Premier League Table 2022-23
English Premier League Table 2022-23

Goal differential is worked out by calculating the difference between how many goals a team has scored and how many they have conceded or allowed. If two teams are still tied after this, rankings are determined by goals scored.

Promotion & relegation 

Each season, three new teams will enter the league. The bottom three ranked clubs in the Premier League are relegated to the Championship every year. The Championship is the second tier in English football.

The top two from the Championship will earn automatic promotion to the Premier League. Teams ranked from third to sixth will battle it out in the Championship play-offs. The winner of the play-offs becomes the third and final team to be promoted to the Premier League.

Why should you bet on the Premier League? 

There is so much coverage and information available on the Premier League. Due to its popularity, bettors have access to plenty of sources of information to make calculated bets. 

There are also multiple sportsbooks to choose from if you want to take part in Premier League betting. Therefore, bookmakers will want to provide competitive odds to give their prices an edge. 

Sportsbooks will offer many fantastic promotions and bonuses for Premier League betting. Once again, due to the league’s popularity, bookmakers will use tools such as promotions and bonuses to give them the edge over their competitors. This means that bettors can make juicy profits on things such as: 

  • Price boosts
  • Free bets 
  • Money back offers

Premier League Betting – Top Tips & Strategies 

So now you know the basics of the Premier League. You know how it works and why you should bet on it. Now it’s time to learn the best tips and strategies for Premier League betting. If you’re looking for more, you should take a look at our how to bet on soccer page.

There are plenty of ways that bettors can bet on the Premier League. However, it is important to follow the fundamentals to ensure that you are making profits. Here are some of the best strategies to follow when starting out.

Learn the teams 

In the Premier League, there are usually a handful of teams that will dominate the league. Since there’s no draft system in place for soccer in England, it makes it harder for smaller teams to compete with the bigger sides. 

Although rankings do change every season, the last decade has seen the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur dominate the league. These teams usually have the best squads in the league and will often be the favorites in games. These teams are known as the ‘big six.’ 

Big Six always included in Premier League betting talk
Big Six always included in Premier League betting talk

Despite these teams usually heading into games as favorites, the Premier League is still an extremely competitive league.

Each year will usually see at least one team overperform. They will often provide freak upsets throughout the season. Therefore, it is important for you to research and keep up to date with teams throughout the year.

Learn the rosters & watch the transfer market 

In spite of the aforementioned ‘big six’, teams in the Premier League will often see changes to their squad during the offseason. Not only can clubs pick up players who have seen their contracts expire, but they also can trade players during the transfer window.

It is important that bettors keep track of which teams have the stronger squads prior to the beginning of the year. If you are able to evaluate the quality of the squad for each season, it will allow you to identify the stronger teams. 

There is also a winter transfer market in England. This allows teams to make transfers for the month of January. These transfers can make a big impact on how a team is able to perform for the rest of the season. As a result, you need to continue to keep track of the squads over the course of the entire season.

Keep on top of the latest news

This one is similar to the sections above. You need to keep up to date with all the latest ongoings within the league in order for you to make the most informed decisions about your bets. 

By following the latest news, you will be able to keep track of all the updates that could impact a team’s results. Here are some examples that can affect a team: 

  • Head coach changes 
  • Training ground bust ups 
  • Changes in tactics / playing style 

Last season saw a total of 16 head coaching changes in the Premier League. This is important because the head coach will decide on the tactics, style of play and player selection. Therefore, the coach can make a massive impact on how a team may perform. 

Keep track of the head coaches. Research how well they have done at their older clubs and their style of play. This way you can learn more about how the team may set up under the new management. This can help give you the edge when trying to bet on the outcome of a match. 

Injury News 

Like most sports, the selection of the team is also significant. Teams can often be without their marquee players for large parts of the season. This can drastically impact their performance and how you go about Premier League betting.

If a strong team is without a couple of key players, it may be wiser to back the underdog.

However, sportsbooks will take this into account when setting their prices. It is also important to look out for players who are not at 100% fitness. Even if a star player is included in the lineup but is not fully fit, his performance may be weakened. 

Suspensions & Cards 

The Premier League also hands out various suspensions for its players over the season. Players can receive suspensions for a number of reasons. The most common ways are: 

  • Accumulating yellow cards
  • Being sent off for two yellow cards in the same match
  • Receiving a straight red card 

If a player receives a total of five yellow cards through the first 19 games of the campaign, they will receive a one-match suspension. If a player picks up a total of ten yellow cards throughout the year then they will be forced to miss two matches.

referee giving a red card
Yellow and red cards can favor into results

If a player receives a red card in a match and this has been through picking up two yellow cards, then that player will receive a one-match ban. If a player receives a straight red card during the game but this is for a professional foul then they will only receive a one-match ban.

Star Bans Play Huge Role

However, players will be banned for two matches if they have received a red card for dissent. If a player has been dismissed for violent conducent, such as an aggressive challenge or picking a fight with an opposition player, the referee, or even their own teammate, they will be suspended for three matches or maybe even longer!

Suspensions can vary and some players can even be banned for longer, depending on the severity of their actions. 

Similar to injuries, suspensions can play a huge role in the ability of a team’s performance. Say a team has their star defender out due to suspension because he received a red card for violent conduct, they will be without him for three games. This can make a huge impact on that team’s results.

referee giving out a yellow card
Premier League Betting Tip – Watch Star Suspensions

Premier League betting also allows bettors to place bets on cards. Therefore, learning and researching more about which players and teams pick up the most yellow or red cards will give you the advantage. This can be used if you want to try and predict either who will be carded or how many cards there will be in a match.


Looking at the head-to-head records between two teams is pivotal to Premier League betting. Since teams will play each other at least twice every season, rivalries are often created purely based on past results. 

If one team has typically had the advantage over another over the past few years, it is more likely that they will pick up the result. Even if it seems as though the other team is stronger. This can also be applied when looking at past home and away results. Perhaps one team struggles to win away from home against a particular team, even though they usually win when playing on their own turf. 

Bigger Premier League sides often have ‘bogey teams’ who they always seem to struggle against. If you are able to identify these trends through research, it could help give you the advantage over the bookmaker. 

Premier League Betting FAQ

What is the English Premier League?

The English Premier League is the pinnacle of English soccer. It is the highest level of professional soccer in England where games are played between the months of August and May. The Premier League is one of the most popular and most-watched professional sports leagues in the world.

How many teams compete in the Premier League?

There are a total of 20 teams that feature in the Premier League each season. Each team will play each other both home and away over the course of the campaign. That means that there are a total of 380 games during a Premier League season. Each team will play a total of 38 games. That gives bettors a great deal of opportunities to take part in Premier League betting.

What markets are popular in regards to Premier League betting?

The moneyline is the most common way to bet on the Premier League. When betting on the moneyline, you are simply selecting a team to win the game. In soccer, you also have the option to bet on the draw. Betting on the moneyline is one of the basic markets to bet on in Premier League betting.

Which team is the favourite to win the Premier League in 2023/24?

Manchester City are the current favourites in Premier League betting markets and to be crowned champions for the 2023/24 season. The Cityzens have won the title for the past three consecutive seasons. They have also won five out of the last six Premier League titles.

What is the safest bet when betting on soccer?

One of the safest ways to bet on soccer is by betting on the Double Chance market. This is because you are betting on two out of three outcomes for a given match. This Premier League betting option gives two outcomes instead of one. Bettors can select either: a home win and draw, a home win or an away win, or an away win and draw.

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