2023 NFC East Win Totals Projections


Are you ready for NFC East win totals? Last week we concluded the American Football Conference with the AFC West. Now it’s time to take a look at the NFC win totals projections. Despite the AFC looking like the stronger conference, there are still plenty of great teams in the NFC. First up, we analyze NFC East win totals.

Let’s Examine NFC East Win Totals 

We are taking a look at each division across the NFL and analyzing their win totals for the 2023 season. Preseason is well and truly underway and the regular season will soon be upon us. We have already investigated the AFC East, North, South and West.

The division winner will have a say in NFC East win totals
The division winner will have a say in NFC East win totals

Below you can find my over/under picks for each team’s win totals. We are less than a month away from the beginning of the new NFL season and the NFC East has some promising teams. 

How will the Dallas Cowboys deal with the loss of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore? Was last year just a fluke for the New York Giants? Can the Philadelphia Eagles emulate last season’s Super Bowl run? Can Eric Bieniemy revitalise the Washington Commanders’ offense? Find out what I think!

It’s Time for NFC East Win Totals

The NFC East was one of the worst divisions in the NFL just two seasons ago. However, it has undergone some huge improvements since. Three out of the four teams in the division were able to reach the playoffs last season.

The Eagles were excellent in 2022 and Jalen Hurts proved he can be an elite dual-threat quarterback. The Cowboys have had back-to-back seasons of picking up 12 wins and Mike McCarthy is looking to run the ball more this season to get better control of the game.

The Giants have a considerably tougher schedule in 2023 compared to last year, so Brian Daboll is going to have to find a way for his team to step up once again. As for the Commanders, they appear to be rolling with 2022 fifth round pick Sam Howell as their quarterback and the pressure is on for the 22-year-old to perform. 

How will the Eagles fare without their two coordinators from 2022? Will Hurts reproduce his stellar performances? Can Dak Prescott stay healthy for the Cowboys? Can Dan Quinn improve the run defense? 

Will Danny Dimes be able to deliver once more in New York? Or will he buckle under the pressure? How much of an impact can Bieniemy make to the Commanders? Will their defense carry them to the playoffs? Let’s try and find some answers to the factors that can impact NFC East win totals. 

Dallas Cowboys – NFC East Win Totals

  • NFC East Win Totals: 9.5
  • 2022 Record: 12-5

The Cowboys looked good throughout the regular season in head coach McCarthy’s third year in the role. A record of 12-5 wasn’t enough to win the division, however, due to the superior quality of the Eagles. Nevertheless, Dallas still reached the playoffs with a Wild Card spot.

They finished with a 12-5 record for the second consecutive season. It was also the first time since 2006/07 that the Cowboys were able to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. However, they weren’t able to clinch the division as they did the year prior. 

After defeating Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-14 in the Wild Card round, they were dumped out of the playoffs after losing 19-12 against the San Francisco 49ers. Those in Dallas will be hoping to continue in their upward trajectory this season. 

Questions remain about Dak – how will the Cowboys offense influence NFC East win totals

NFC East win totals for the Cowboys looks low. Considering they have had back-to-back seasons of hitting 12 regular season wins, a win total of 9.5 certainly appears generous for OVER bettors. The general consensus seems to be backing Dallas for success again in 2023.

Dak will have something to say about NFC East win totals
Dak will have something to say about NFC East win totals

With that being said, NFC East win totals could be influenced by the health of quarterback Dak Prescott. He has had some injury issues over the last few seasons and started just 12 regular season games in 2022. It wasn’t the most convincing of seasons during his time on the field either. Dak had a passer rating of just 91.1 – the second lowest of his career – and threw 15 interceptions – also the highest of his career thus far. 

McCarthy wants to run the ball more in 2023 but they have lost Ezekiel Elliott over the offseason, albeit he is coming off one of his least productive campaigns in the NFL. Nevertheless, Tony Pollard had a breakout year in 2022 as he rushed for 1007 yards and nine touchdowns. He also continued to excel in the passing game too, making 39 receptions for 371 yards and three touchdowns. 

It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys do without Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator. He has joined the Los Angeles Chargers as their new OC.

New offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will now be tasked to make the most out of the weapons on show. The key will be for Pollard to be able to run the ball, while Prescott will need to link up well with Ceedee Lamb. Check out our AFC West win totals to see how much of an impact Moore could make on the Chargers offense. 

Dan Quinn needs to step up his run defense 

Dallas were poor against the run last year and gave up the 11th most rushing yards in the NFL last season. The franchise has clearly tried to address those issues during the offseason. The addition of defensive tackle Mazi Smith with the 26th overall pick in the 2023 draft was a good start. Considering how much both the Eagles and the Giants run the ball, the run D will need to see big improvements in 2023.

Nevertheless, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has shown how good he can be at running the Dallas defense over the last couple of years. He was named NFL Assistant Coach of the Year for 2021 and has overseen dramatic improvements as a whole. 2022 was also a good one, outside the run defense. The Cowboys gave up the sixth least amount of points last year and the eighth least passing yards per game too.

The addition of five-time Pro Bowler Stephon Gilmore will be a great addition as well. Him and Trevon Diggs should make an extremely solid corner pairing in the Cowboys’ secondary. Diggs had a PFF grade of 67.6 in 2022, while Gilmore had an overall defensive grade of 79.1. 

Dallas Cowboys Current NFC East Win Totals: 9.5

The Cowboys have managed to get at least ten wins in three out of their last five seasons. It will likely be yet another competitive division this year. However, the roster looks extremely solid and they should at least be the second best team in the division. 

Best Bet: Over 9.5 wins

New York Giants – NFC East Win Totals

  • NFC East Win Totals: 8.5
  • 2022 Record: 9-7-1

It was a surprising year for the Giants in 2022 as they managed to get nine wins in Brian Daboll’s first year as head coach. They started 2-0 for the first time since 2016 and raced to 6-1 through Week Seven.

However, it was a tough second half of the regular season for the Giants as they lost five games after their Week Nine bye. Nevertheless, they managed to clinch a spot in the playoffs with a Wild Card spot, making it three out of the four teams in the NFC East to reach the playoffs.

How will this new connection figure into NFC East win totals
How will this new connection figure into NFC East win totals

Most of their wins in 2022 were extremely narrow and they won a lot of one-possession games. It may be tough for Daboll and co. to emulate their success from last season. 

Danny Dimes continues to improve – it’ll affect NFC East win totals

Daboll has certainly earned respect and trust after a fantastic campaign last year. He was incredibly successful with the Buffalo Bills too as offensive coordinator and shone in his first head coaching role.

The Giants had the second least giveaways in the NFL last season which indicates how well coached the team is. However, they do have an incredibly harder schedule in 2023. They will go up against the likes of the Cowboys, the 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks, the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills all inside their first six games of the new season. All five of those teams made the playoffs last year.

NFC East win totals will likely be impacted by the performances of Daniel Jones. He had his best season under center for the Giants last season and improved in essentially every single metric. He threw for 3205 yards (the most in his career), 15 touchdowns and five interceptions (the lowest of his career). His passer rating of 92.5 was also the best since he entered the NFL in 2019 and his pass completion rate of 67.2% was the highest of his career too.

Daboll was able to hone Jones’ passing ability last season and limit the mistakes. The 48-year-old was also able to make the most out of Danny Dimes’ rushing ability. Jones rushed for 708 yards and seven touchdowns in 2022 – career bests for both statistics. A career low of six fumbles also demonstrates Daboll’s ability at being able to limit the mistakes.

How will the Giants deal with pressure and expectation? 

The Giants could start to struggle when the pressure and expectation is on. They were the underdogs last season and that suited them. However, they will be expected to at least replicate last season’s success.

Pressure will be on for Jones to perform once again after he got paid and signed a four-year, $160 million contract extension. However, he will have more weapons in 2023. The Giants traded for Darren Waller during the offseason and also picked up Parris Campbell during free agency. Third round pick Jalin Hyatt could also prosper as a receiver. 

Saquon Barkley will also be key. He had a comeback year last season as he rushed for 1312 yards and ten touchdowns. Barkley and the Giants failed to reach a long-term extension with the 6th-year running back. However, they did agree to a rare one-year deal worth up to $11 million in incentives after Barkley held out.

Despite not having the most impressive roster in the league, there are certainly plenty of quality pieces on their roster that could see them make the playoffs once more in 2023. Daboll’s coaching has limited mistakes which signal that last season may not have been a fluke. 

New York Giants Current NFC East Win Totals: 8.5

It should be a close call for the Giants to exceed their NFC East win totals. However, Daboll should be trusted to get the job done. Despite the schedule being a lot harder this season, they should have enough to just about get nine wins. 

Best Bet: Over 8.5 wins 

Philadelphia Eagles – NFC East Win Totals

  • NFC East Win Totals: 10.5
  • 2022 Record: 14-3

The Eagles were by far the best team in the NFC last year and they were incredibly unfortunate not to go on and become Super Bowl champions. They lost by a narrow three-point margin against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Hurts had by far his best season as a passer last season which dramatically improved the offense. He linked up superbly with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith who both exceeded 1000 receiving yards. Hurts’ passer rating of 101.5 was by far the best of his career and was ranked in the top five out of all quarterbacks in the NFL.

Nevertheless, the Eagles offense could be different this season without coordinator Shane Steichen. So too will the defense without Jonathan Gannon. Nick Sirianni will have a big task at trying to replicate last season’s success.

Eagle Coordinators set to influence NFC East win totals 

Philly has a tougher schedule than last year and that is predominantly why their NFC East win totals are set at 10.5 and are not the highest in the conference. They have plenty of expectations on them after reaching the Super Bowl last season.

Will new coordinators change Eagles success
Will new coordinators change Eagles success

The Eagles have also lost some key pieces to their staff. Defensive coordinator Gannon has joined the Arizona Cardinals to become their new head coach, while offensive coordinator Steichen has joined the Indianapolis Colts.

Steichen played a huge role in developing Hurts’ passing game and his departure could make a huge impact on NFC East win totals. The loss of Gannon too will also make an impact. New coordinators Brian Johnson and Sean Desai have plenty of pressure on them to succeed. They have some big shoes to fill after last season’s outcomes. 

Did the Eagles win the 2023 draft? 

The 2023 NFL draft was incredibly successful for the Eagles, just like the 2022 draft. Philly drafted defensive tackle Jordan Davis with the 13th overall pick in 2022. He had a solid rookie year, being graded 72.6 by PFF. 

They have managed to add even more key pieces to what is already a superb roster. They drafted defensive tackle Jalen Carter with the ninth overall pick before adding Nolan Smith with the 30th overall selection. Carter was projected to go inside the top five before his two misdemeanour charges and could have even gone inside the top three.

The Eagles already had an extremely strong defense in 2022. They gave up the eighth least points in the NFL last season and the least amount of passing yards per game in the league. They have strengthened that even further in the 2023 draft.

Philadelphia Eagles Current NFC East Win Totals: 10.5

Philly have had 11 wins in one out of their last five seasons in the NFL. Sirianni and Hurts will likely be able to carry on the Eagles’ success and their heartbreaking Super Bowl defeat will help spur them on to go one step further in 2023. The talent across the roster is undeniable and they should smash their NFC East win totals. 

Best Bet: Over 10.5 wins 

Washington Commanders – NFC East Win Totals

  • NFC East Win Totals: 6.5
  • 2022 Record: 8-8-1

A poor start to 2022 saw the Commanders go 1-4 through Week Five. They turned things around to go 7-5-1 by Week 13. However, they were pretty bad after their bye week, and lost three out of their final four games of the regular season as they missed out on the playoffs. 

It didn’t work out for Carson Wentz in Washington as he went 2-5 in 2022. Taylor Heinicke oversaw an improvement after he went 5-3-1. But neither have been deemed good enough for the Commanders. 

They will now go with Howell as their starter for 2023. However, will he be able to thrive in Bieniemy’s offense? Or is he just a stopgap before they draft a new quarterback in 2024? 

Can Bieniemy get a tune out of Howell and the offense? 

The Commanders look like they have a strong roster on paper but there are some issues under center. Either Howell or Jacoby Brissett will be QB 1 for 2023 and neither look likely to be good enough to be starters in the NFL. 

However, Howell may be given an opportunity to perform and has shown flashes in his limited game time. The 2022 fifth round pick will have some good weapons too. The offense features the likes of Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson and Curtis Samuel. The Commanders also have a solid running back room with Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson Jr. on the roster as well. Howell may also have the backing of the Commanders as they opted not to draft a quarterback in the draft.

Bieniemy and Howell will affect NFC East win totals
Bieniemy and Howell will affect NFC East win totals

Bieniemy coming in as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator will be key. We spoke about how important Bieniemy was to the Chiefs’ offensive in our AFC West win totals. He is now at the Commanders and could help invigorate what has been an incredibly poor offense of late.

The offense averaged 18.9 points in 2022 which was ranked the ninth lowest across the league. Bieniemy has some work to do to turn things around. However, the offensive line looks solid. They brought in former Chiefs tackle Andrew Wylie over the offseason and fellow tackle Sam Cosmi had a strong 2022 with a PFF grade of 71.6. Charles Leno Jr. has also had two successful seasons back-to-back on the Commanders o-line. 

The defense is incredibly strong – it can mix up NFC East win totals 

In spite of the potential issues on offense, the defense looks exciting. They added two corners in the first two rounds of the draft, including 16th overall pick Emmanuel Forbes. 2020 second overall pick Chase Young was missing for the majority of last season so his return will be vital to the defense. 

The likes of Daron Payne, Montez Sweat and Jonathan Allen also make up the defensive line and all three have performed well for the Commanders over the last few seasons. Sweat had a PFF grade of 86.4 for 2022, whilst Allen was graded at 80.1.

Washington Commanders Current NFC East Win Totals: 6.5

If the Commanders can keep their star players fit, they have a lot of potential on their roster. Bieniemy could play a big role in improving the offense but there still feels a lot of work to do, especially at quarterback. Hitting the over appears unlikely to happen this year, especially due to the quality of the rest of the division. 

Best Bet: Under 6.5 wins 

NFC East Win Totals – FAQ

How are NFC East win totals set?

Sportsbooks will give a line of how many wins they think teams across the NFL will get throughout the season. It is the job of the bettor to decide whether they think the team will hit over or under the win total.

How can the draft affect NFC East win totals?

Offseason moves, including trades and free agency, can influence win totals. However, the draft each year can play a big role in influencing NFC East win totals. That is because teams will make selections to improve their rosters. Bettors can analyze the quality of a team’s draft to help determine win totals.

Who are the favorites to win the NFC East in 2023?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the favorites to win the NFC East in 2023 at -115. The Dallas Cowboys also have a good chance, though, at +175. The New York Giants are priced at +700 to win the division, while the Washington Commanders are the least likely to do so at +1300.

Which superstars are likely to make the largest impact on the NFC East win totals?

The NFC East is filled with talented superstars. The likes of Jalen Hurts, Saquon Barkley, Ceedee Lamb and Chase Young will influence NFC East win totals the most.

Will scheduling impact NFC East win totals?

The schedules for each team can make a big impact on win totals. The easier a team’s schedule is, the more likely they are to hit the over on the win total. This is an incredibly important factor for the NFC East in particular. For example, the Eagles and the Giants have much harder schedules than they did in 2022.