2023 Monday Night Football Picks, Odds and Schedule

Monday Night Football Picks

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How to Watch Monday Night Football in 2023

The majority of Monday Night Football games will be aired live exclusively on ESPN. Four games will be available on ESPN and ABC. Four games will be available exclusively on ABC (Weeks 2, 3, 14, and 16). The Week 4 game in London (Falcons vs. Jaguars) will be available on ESPN+.

Local stations will also air MNF games for the teams in action (check local listings).

Breaking Down the Monday Night Football Schedule for 2023

There are 23 games that’ll use the “Monday Night Football” branding on the 2023 NFL schedule.

A total of 19 games will be played on Monday night. Four of the MNF-branded games will be played on the weekend. Those games include a Week 4 matchup between the Falcons vs. Jaguars in London on Sunday, a Week 17 game between the Lions vs. Cowboys on Saturday, and two Week 18 matchups on Saturday (Teams TBA). The final game on Monday night is on Christmas Day (Week 16).

There’s a Christmas Day tripleheader, but only the Ravens vs. 49ers game is using MNF branding.

The Monday Night Football schedule is loaded this season. Only four teams (Cardinals, Commanders, Colts, and Texans) won’t play on MNF in 2023. Out of the teams to compete in last season’s NFL playoffs, all of them will play twice on MNF except for the Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Seahawks.

There are four MNF-branded doubleheaders (Weeks 2, 3, 14, and 18).

Complete 2023 Monday Night Football Schedule

WeekGameDateWatch on
Week 1Bills @ JetsSeptember 11, 2023NBC
Week 2Brown @ SteelersSeptember 18, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 3Eagles @ BuccaneersSeptember 25, 2023ESPN
Week 4Falcons @ JaguarsOctober 1, 2023ESPN
Week 5Packers @ RaidersOctober 9, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 6Cowboys @ ChargersOctober 16, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 749ers @ VikingsOctober 23, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 8Raiders @ LionsOctober 30, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 9Chargers @ JetsNovember 6, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 10Broncos @ BillsNovember 13, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 11Eagles @ ChiefsNovember 20, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 12Bears @ VikingNovember 27, 2023FOX
Week 13Bengals @ JaguarsDecember 4, 2023CBS
Week 14Titans @ DolphinsDecember 11, 2023NBC (Peacock)
Week 14Dolphins @ JetsDecember 11, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 15Chiefs @ PatriotsDecember 18, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 16Ravens @ 49ersDecember 25, 2023Amazon Prime
Week 17Lions @ CowboysDecember 30, 2023Amazon Prime

23 games are using the Monday Night Football branding for the 2023 NFL season. There are 19 games on Monday night, three on Saturday, and one on Sunday. The MNF schedule will open up with two doubleheaders to start the season (Weeks 2 and 3). The biggest highlight will be the Christmas Day tripleheader on Monday near the end of the regular season (Week 16).

We’ll update this page weekly with our Monday Night Football picks, analysis, and game previews. Remember, we also have our Thursday night football picks page.

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Who is playing in the NFL London game at Wembley in 2023?

There are five 2023 NFL International Games, but only the first game at Wembley will be MNF branded. The Atlanta Falcons will play the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley in Week 4. For the first time in NFL history, the Jaguars will be playing two regular season games outside of the United States this season.

How many games are on the 2023 Monday Night Football schedule?

A total of 23 games are Monday Night Football branded games for the 2023 NFL season. There are going to be 21 NFL games played on Mondays this season, but two of them aren’t MNF branded.

Which NFL teams are playing on Christmas Day in 2023?

In Week 16, there are three games on Christmas Day. Only the late game (Ravens vs. 49ers) will be MNF branded. The other two games will feature the Raiders vs. Chiefs and Giants vs. Eagles.

Which NFL teams play the most Monday Night Football games in 2023?

There are 14 teams that’ll play twice in MNF branded games this season. The Raiders, Chiefs, Giants and Eagles will each play three games on Mondays, but only two are official MNF branded games.

Where can I get winning Monday Night Football picks?

If you want winning Monday Night Football picks all season long, Sports Hub is your best option. We have a huge team of handicappers that’ll be releasing NFL picks for every MNF game on the schedule.