Free Picks Tip of the Day – Daily Report – July 18

How about a tip of the day to start things off on a beautiful summer Tuesday. You come to Sports Hub every day to read my daily report. You get the latest on how our handicappers did and some quality sports news as well.

Yesterday, we educated you on service plays.

Sports Hub Daily Report
Sports Hub Daily Report

But, there is so much more to Sports Hub. So, today I thought it would be beneficial for you to learn something that you may not know about using Sports Hub’s members’ dashboard. Let’s learn how you can find great free picks and the best tip of the day.

Tip of the Day – Finding Quality Free Picks

You log into your Sports Hub account and you are on the dashboard page. Scroll down past the blocks that show the leaders in the various categories. 

Directly beneath those blocks, you will see “All Picks,” “Free,” and “Paid.” The default setting is for All Picks. The leaderboard will display all picks on the leaderboard, both free and paid.

To find great free picks, click “Free” and the leaderboard will now only display the results of free picks. The default setting will include all free picks over the last 30 days. You can change the time period, if you like. Clicking on paid picks will bring you to our service plays.

The board is sortable by win percentage, number of wins, and net winnings. For example, if I sort today’s free picks board by “Net” I will find that Oskeim Sports is the leader with $1297 in winnings and a record of 20-5 on its free picks entered into the system.

This is a great tip of the day. You can use this feature on the leaderboard to find which handicappers offer the best free picks. Our premium picks are free for a limited time. Now is the time to keep record of our picks and see just how valuable of a pick service we are.

The Tip of the Day & the Leaderboard

Here’s another great tip of the day. You might want to consider using Sports Hub exclusive handicappers to help your bankroll. It was another winning day for our guys. Three of them topped the leaderboard with winnings of over $300.

It was a strong day for our cappers as over 80 percent went home with something other than their hand in their pocket.

Free Picks Tip of the Day - Leaderboard
Free Picks Tip of the Day – Leaderboard

Here’s how the best of the best did yesterday.

  • Sports Hub rules: Once again, Sports Hub’s experts owned the top three on my leaderboard. The big winner was Ross Walker, who has been absolutely smoking hot as of late. Ross went 3-0 yesterday and won $493. Over the last three days, he’s earned $953. Over the last 30 days, Ross is up $1303. He’s hit 8 of his last 9 picks.
  • The Dan Band: Dan Jones is back. Remember, he was at the top of the board yesterday too. He nailed all three of his MLB picks and made $325. That brings his three-day total to 8-1 and $780. That’s a guy you might want to follow if you want to find some MLB success. 
  • New guy: Logan Wilson has shown some promise over the last month. Yesterday, he proved his value as another Sports Hub expert. Logan went 4-1 and earned $323. That adds to his 30-day total of $2126. That’s a nice chunk of change. Don’t sleep on Joe, since Friday, he’s gone 9-2, up almost a grand. 
  • Tip of the day: Hey, don’t forget today’s tip. There are some great handicappers here and many will offer daily free picks. Use the information I gave you today to find the best free picks at Sports Hub. Visit our about us page today.

What’s Happening in Sports

You know, I already gave one tip of the day. If I had to offer another, it would be to stay on top of what’s happening in the sports world. 

It’s pretty easy this time of year. It’s the slowest month of the sports season. Sure, there’s a full slate of baseball every day, but there’s just not the same amount of news as there is when it’s football and basketball season.

Anyway, here’s a look at what’s going on in sports today.

  • Golf: The final major of the season, The Open, begins on Thursday. Still, everyone keeps talking about Steph Curry winning a celebrity golf event. Here’s another tip of the day. Curry would get absolutely smoked by professional golfers. It would be like him against Rory McIlroy in a three-point shooting contest. We’ll have a full writeup with The Open picks and analysis coming soon!
  • More Shohei: This guy is simply incredible. Ohtani hit his MLB-leading 35th homer to tie last night’s game with the Yankees. The Angels then went on to win in 10 innings. It was the third straight game in which Ohtani homered in the seventh inning or later.
  • Cavs win: Isaiah Mobley had 28 points and 11 rebounds to lead Cleveland to a 99-78 win over Houston last night to win the NBA Summer League title. 
  • The Yankees: The Yanks are actually trending downward. Since Aaron Judge left the lineup with an injury, New York is 15-20. They have dropped from third place in the AL East to last and are now 2.5 games out of a wild card spot.

Today’s Sports Schedule

There are quite a few MLB picks in the system already. At this time of year, there is more baseball than anything on the schedule. 

Don’t forget today’s tip of the day. You might find some great free picks. Check Sports Hub throughout the day as our handicappers will be putting picks in the system at various times.

Here’s a look at what you can find on today’s sports schedule.

  1. Baseball: It’s another full slate of MLB games. Some great interleague games top the schedule. Los Angeles is at Baltimore and San Diego is at Toronto.
  1. It’s back: The WNBA returns from its All-Star break. Two games – Connecticut at Phoenix and Minnesota at Atlanta are on the schedule.
  2. Did you know: You probably weren’t even aware, but there are three men’s tennis tournaments going on right now. The Nordea Open, EFG Swiss Open Gstaad, and the Infosys Hall of Fame Open are all on the schedule with matches today. 
  3. Rookies report: The NFL season is still a ways off, but rookies report to training camp in Buffalo and Kansas City, among several others. Very soon, teams will begin their practices and preparation for the upcoming 2023 season.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, you gained some knowledge about how to use Sports Hub with my tip of the day. Every now and then, I’ll offer up a tip so you can maximize using this great site. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with another rundown of our outstanding handicappers and another look into the world of sports. See you then!

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