Wild Card NFL Futures Report


We’re soon approaching the Divisional Round games and so Sports Hub is ready to provide you with an update with its Wild Card NFL Futures Report!

Although the regular season is now over, there are still plenty of NFL futures markets for bettors to wager on. Who is going to win Super Bowl LVIII? Who will win MVP for the game? How about the AFC and NFC champions? 

These are the questions that our Wild Card NFL Futures Report will try and answer! We saw a couple of shock results during Wild Card Weekend. Could we be in for more as the divisional games get underway? 

Wild Card NFL Futures – Top Markets 

We have been investigating the odds for a host of top NFL futures markets throughout the 2023 regular season. Some futures bets have now been wrapped up, and bets are off for markets such as MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year. 

However, we still have another four markets that we can continue to analyze in Wild Card NFL futures. Here is a full list of markets I will be examining this week:

  • Super Bowl Winner 
  • AFC Champion
  • NFC Champion
  • Super Bowl MVP

Lamar Jackson has all but won MVP and his price dropped to as low as -20000 for him to win the award. Meanwhile, Christian McCaffrey and Myles Garrett appear to be taking home the OPOY and DPOY awards. C.J. Stroud and Jalen Carter are set for OROY and DROY. It’s time to delve into Wild Card NFL futures!

Super Bowl Winner

As usual, Wild Card NFL futures will start by analyzing the odds for the Super Bowl winner. We now have just eight contenders left to lift the Lombardi Trophy. First, here’s a recap of the odds for the Super Bowl LVIII winner after Week 18: 

  • San Francisco 49ers (+220)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+320)
  • Buffalo Bills (+650)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+750)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+1000)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+1700)
  • Miami Dolphins (+1800)
  • Detroit Lions (+2000)
  • Cleveland Browns (+3500)
  • Houston Texans (+5000)

With the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins a lot shorter than teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans to win the Super Bowl, it was a surprise that the first three teams were eliminated at the first hurdle. 

The teams left in the playoffs have been cut from 14 to eight. Here are the odds for the remaining Super Bowl contenders after Wild Card Weekend: 

  • San Francisco 49ers (+175)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+280)
  • Buffalo Bills (+500)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+700)
  • Detroit Lions (+900)
  • Green Bay Packers (+2800)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2800)
  • Houston Texans (+3000)

The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens remain the two frontrunners to win the Super Bowl. They were on bye last weekend and will begin their time in the postseason in the Divisional Round. They deservedly secured their respective No.1 seeds through their regular season performances, and home-field advantage will be a big plus this weekend. 

The Buffalo Bills easily dispatched the Pittsburgh Steelers during the Wild Card round, beating them 31-17 at a snowy Highmark Stadium. They have been cut from +650 to +500. 

Elsewhere, surprise victories for the Packers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Texans haven’t changed their chances too much. They still remain longshots to go all the way at around +3000 or slightly under. 

AFC Champions

Breaking things down further, let’s focus just on the AFC conference. Below is a quick recap of the odds after Week 18:

  • Baltimore Ravens (+125)
  • Buffalo Bills (+280)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+490)
  • Miami Dolphins (+900)
  • Cleveland Browns (+1200)
  • Houston Texans (+2000)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+5000)

With the Steelers as long as +5000 to win the AFC prior to their matchup with the Bills, it’s no surprise that they were eliminated. There would have been a slight chance if star defensive player T.J. Watt was healthy, but he was forced to miss out the Wild Card game due to injury. 

There are four teams left in the race to win the AFC. Check out the latest prices for Wild Card NFL futures: 

  • Baltimore Ravens (+115)
  • Buffalo Bills (+230)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+320)
  • Houston Texans (+1300)

The Ravens are the team to beat and the Texans have a monumental task when they face them on the road on Saturday. Baltimore are -9.5 favorites to beat Houston so the bookmakers are anticipating a fairly comfortable victory. However, the Texans were underdogs against the Browns last week, but Stroud went off to advance his team into the Divisional Round. 

The Bills and the Chiefs will battle it out in the other divisional game in the AFC. It’s a rematch between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. Will Allen get revenge for the 42-36 OT loss two years ago? 

NFC Champions 

It’s time to head on over to the NFC now in my Wild Card NFL Futures Report. The Niners continue to get shorter in price to win the conference. Here’s a quick recap of the market after Week 18:

  • San Francisco 49ers (-129)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+320)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+750)
  • Detroit Lions (+900)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+2100)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3100)
  • Green Bay Packers (+4000)

The other four remaining teams left in the playoffs come from the NFC. You can find the most recent odds to win the conference below: 

  • San Francisco 49ers (-185)
  • Detroit Lions (+325)
  • Green Bay Packers (+950)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000)

San Francisco’s chances to win the NFC have shortened, largely due to the underdogs beating the Cowboys and the Eagles. Both the Packers and the Bucs are big longshot contenders to reach the Super Bowl. Green Bay are currently +9.5 underdogs to beat the Niners. 

However, both the Packers and the Bucs proved their worth in fantastic displays during the Wild Card round so we could see some value if you believe their hot streaks can continue. The Lions managed to just edge past the Los Angeles Rams last week in a 24-23 win. They’re the second favorites to win the conference, but must advance past the Bucs first in their divisional game. 

Super Bowl MVP

With Lamar looking set to win MVP, it’s no shock that he is also the favorite to win Super Bowl MVP. Here’s a reminder of the odds for the top-five candidates after Week 18:

  • Lamar Jackson (+380) QB Baltimore Ravens 
  • Brock Purdy (+450) QB San Francisco 49ers
  • Josh Allen (+750) QB Buffalo Bills 
  • Christian McCaffrey (+950) RB San Francisco 49ers
  • Patrick Mahomes (+1048) QB Kansas City Chiefs

The top-five from before the Wild Card games remain in the playoffs and so they are still in the running to win Super Bowl MVP. Their prices have all been cut, however, and it’s worth mentioning some of the remaining contenders that have an outside chance at this stage. 

Check out the updated Super Bowl MVP odds after the Wild Card Round: 

  • Lamar Jackson (+330) QB Baltimore Ravens 
  • Brock Purdy (+372) QB San Francisco 49ers
  • Josh Allen (+600) QB Buffalo Bills 
  • Christian McCaffrey (+797) RB San Francisco 49ers
  • Patrick Mahomes (+800) QB Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jared Goff (+1200) QB Detroit Lions
  • C.J. Stroud (+3400) QB Houston Texans
  • Jordan Love (+3400) QB Green Bay Packers
  • Baker Mayfield (+4000) QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s hard not to include the likes of Jared Goff, Stroud, Jordan Love and Baker Mayfield in the hunt to win Super Bowl MVP. If any of their teams reach the Super Bowl, there’s a good chance that they could be in with a shot. 

Stroud, Love and Mayfield put in remarkable displays as they overcame the odds to lead their teams to victory last weekend. All three threw three touchdowns each and also kept it clean by throwing zero interceptions. 

However, with the Niners and the Ravens the most likely teams to reach the Super Bowl, LJ and Brock Purdy are the top-two contenders. It makes sense for Lamar to be the favorite as he has the ability to win the game on his own. Nevertheless, Purdy could have a career day with the talent at his disposal such as McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. 

Speaking of CMC, his odds of +797 are offering some excellent value for him to win Super Bowl MVP. Despite having to go all the way back to 1998 since the last time a running back won the award, it isn’t necessarily given to a QB. McCaffrey has the ability to win the game for the Niners if they get there, and is more of a difference maker than Purdy.