Why You Should Bet on Cricket


Cricket may seem like an alien sport to many people around the world, but there is a reason why entire continents watch and bet on cricket. 

The sport’s routes date back to the late 16th century in England. It’s safe to assume that people didn’t bet on cricket in the 1500s, but that era laid the foundations of what is now one of the most popular sports on the planet. 

So, why should you bet on cricket? Let’s go over the key aspects that make cricket betting a fun and profitable pastime. 

Cricket is the World’s Second Most Popular Sport 

Although the majority of countries don’t have a professional cricket league, the sport is loved by billions of fans across the globe. Thanks to its prevalence in Asia, Africa, Australia and the UK, cricket is the world’s second most popular sport. 


  1. Soccer/Association Football – 3.5 Billion 
  2. Cricket – 2.5 Billion 
  3. Field Hockey – 2 Billion 
  4. Tennis – 1 Billion 
  5. Volleyball – 900 Million 
  6. Table Tennis – 850 Million 
  7. Baseball – 500 Million 
  8. Golf – 450 Million 
  9. Basketball – 400 Million 
  10. American Football – 400 Million 

Cricket is the number one sport in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – three of the world’s most populous countries. India’s population is close to 1.5 billion alone, while Pakistan and Bangladesh have a combined population of over 400 million. 

Since the sport is also adored in regions like Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand and the West Indies, cricket has a vast reach. Consequently, millions – if not billions – of people bet on cricket. 

At the end of the day, there must be a reason why so many people watch and bet on cricket around the world. The sport continues to attract new fans at a rapid rate, so be sure to get a piece of the action. 

There is a Cricket Format for Everyone 

Many people who don’t understand cricket consider the sport to be boring. Sure, a five-day Test match can feel a bit arduous at times, but reduced formats like ODI and T20 condense the action and excitement into shorter matches. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular cricket formats and assess the nuances. 


  • Test – Test cricket is the only format of the spot with unlimited overs. Each team has two innings, and matches can last up to five days. 
  • One-Day – One-day or ODI cricket matches are capped at 50 overs per team. As the name suggests, one-day matches are completed within a day. 
  • Twenty20 – T20 cricket is capped at 20 overs per team, meaning the matches are must shorter. Typically, a T20 match lasts around three hours. 
  • Hundred – The Hundred is a new format that limits each team to 100 balls per innings. This format also has time limits, which speed up play. 
  • Ten10 – T10 cricket is the sport’s shortest format. Each team has just 10 overs (60 balls) per innings, meaning the matches can last only an hour or two. 

We understand that a five-day Test match isn’t for everyone, so why not give the shorter formats a try? Most new fans start with the shorter formats before eventually falling in love with Test cricket, and there are multiple reasons to bet on each format. 

The Cricket Betting Markets Are Endless 

Not only are there multiple cricket formats to enjoy, but there are also tons of cricket betting markets to take advantage of. Thanks to the sport’s popularity, all the best sportsbooks offer a wide range of wagering opportunities. 

Check out the list below to see what tickles your fancy. 


  • Betting on Cricket Matches – Cricket match betting gives you the chance to predict the winning team. There are lots of other options, too, including handicaps, run totals, wicket totals and boundary betting. 
  • Cricket Futures and Outrights – Futures are long-term bets that allow you to predict the outright winner of a league, tournament or award. For example, you could bet on India to win the ICC Cricket World Cup. 
  • Live/In-Play Cricket Betting – The leading cricket sportsbooks offer in-play options, enabling you to bet on live matches. You can wager on the next wicket taker, the next six hitter and many other aspects. 
  • Cricket Props and Specials – Will Virat Kohli score over 500 runs in the tournament? Will Pat Cummins take over 20 wickets this season? These are some examples of cricket props that you might come across. 

Of course, those who bet on cricket will already have their favorite markets. However, if you’re just starting your cricket betting journey, be sure to explore all the different options to find what works best for you. 

More People Bet on Cricket Than Ever Before 

There used to be a time when betting on cricket was nowhere near as popular as betting on other sports. Fast-forward to today – cricket betting is enjoyed by countless people around the world. 

Thanks to the influx of leagues, formats and markets, more people bet on cricket than ever before. Consequently, there is no shortage of professional cricket handicappers and expert tipsters to get advice and information from. 

We recommend following helpful social media accounts and keeping up to date with all the latest trends and statistics. The more info you digest, the more your potential winnings will increase. 

Ready to Bet on Cricket? 

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to give cricket betting a try. Of course, we’re not forcing you to bet on cricket, but the chances are that you will enjoy wagering on a different sport. 

Millions of fans across North America bet on the major leagues and other popular sports, but not enough people branch out into other areas. If you broaden your horizons, you will almost certainly find excellent betting value. 

Our team of experts covers all the top cricket tournaments and leagues, serving up predictions and picks for the sport’s biggest events. So, be sure to stick with Sports Hub for more cricket betting content.