Use Sabermetrics to Your Advantage


Baseball bettors can use sabermetrics to their advantage when placing MLB bets. But, what exactly are sabermetrics? It doesn’t sound like anything related to baseball; however, teams around MLB have been using sabermetrics for years in an effort to win more games and, ultimately, a World Series championship.

Bettors can use sabermetrics as they research and break down games. Our top MLB handicapperes here at Sports Hub all have detailed knowledge of sabermetrics and will use these statistics when needed to develop winning MLB picks.

Use Sabermetrics to Your Advantage

To better understand how to use sabermetrics as a part of a winning baseball betting strategy, it helps to know exactly what we are talking about here. Let’s define sabermetrics and then show you how you can apply it to your MLB betting strategy.

What Is Sabermetrics

At its simplest, sabremetrics is a detailed analysis of baseball data. Baseball analyst Bill James coined the term “sabermetrics” back in 1980. James used the term to honor the Society for American Baseball Research. Long before the best-selling book and movie Moneyball, old-school managers like Baltimore’s Earl Weaver were using these detailed stats as part of their game strategy.

There are numerous statistics that make up the whole of sabermetrics. We asked one of our top MLB handicappers how to make use of one of these sabermetrics numbers. Sas Insider, who you will hear more about momentarily, is our top MLB handicapper over the last week and over the last month.

Sas Insider, as well as some other SportsHub cappers, like FIP. FIP stands for Fielding Independent of Pitching. While ERA takes into account things not controlled by pitchers, FIP does not. Similar to ERA, an FIP of 3.00 is the mark of a very good MLB pitcher.

Use Sabermetrics to Your Advantage
FIP is a more accurate measure of the quality of a pitcher.

A pitcher may have a high average of balls in play and, as a result, have a higher ERA. That same pitcher’s FIP would be lower than his ERA because FIP does not account for balls in play. Too many other things can happen once a ball is hit into play and none are controlled by the pitcher.

Bettors can use sabermetrics like FIP to work on pitcher props like total outs recorded or even strikeouts. This is just one small example. There are tons of sabermetrics numbers that bettors can use to win more bets.

Handicappers Win More Bets

Speaking of winning more bets, one easy way to improve your sports betting game is to become a Sports Hub member and access the best picks in the industry. Remember Sas Insider? Yeah, well, he was at it again yesterday and wound up the overall leader.

Sas Insider put in 12 total picks, 10 of them MLB predictions. Once again, the Insider proved to be too much for the books and added another $373 in profits to an already huge bankroll. 

Let’s take a look at how he and the rest of our Top 5 did.

  • Insider again: He did it again. Sas Insider went 8-4 and earned $373. The Insider is a men among boys here at Sports Hub. He tops most every leaderboard, including the 30-day overall board where he’s got $4449 in profits for the month.
  • Hey, hey Bobby!: Bobby Babowski is having a strong week. He went 3-0 yesterday to earn $300. That gives him $614 over the last three days and $1219 for the week. Those numbers rank in the Top 5 in both leaderboards.
Use Sabermetrics to Your Advantage
Bobby Babowski is on the 3- and 7-day leaderboards.
  • Trifecta: Three handicappers, two of which can only be found at Sports Hub, each went 2-0 yesterday and earned $200 in profits. The Sports Hub experts were Kyle Buchman and Robert Jones. Robert is up $528 over the last three days. The other capper here was The Prez, who can be found on WagerTalk. All in all, another solid day by Sports Hub’s collection of elite handicappers.

What’s Happening in the Sports World

Somebody won a third NBA MVP yesterday, but his team is getting drilled in the NBA playoffs. A hockey game broke out in Florida last night and a franchise is on the move. There’s a lot of sports news to talk about. 

Here we go.

  • MVP No. 3: Denver’s Nikola Jokic won his third NBA MVP yesterday. The NBA announces the award at a really weird time. At the current moment, Jokic and Denver look like a JV team in their Western Conference semifinal series with Minnesota. The two teams play Game 3 in Minnesota tomorrow night. The TWolves lead 2-0.
  • What’s in a name: The Arizona Coyotes are moving to Utah and the franchise will leave the “Coyotes” nickname behind. The new franchise has presented 20 names to fans for a vote. Names include Yeti, Blizzard, Frost, and Ice.
  • A hockey game broke out: There’s that old joke about going to a fight and a hockey game broke out. Last night in Florida, the Panthers were up 6-1 in the third period when the gloves dropped and the Bruins and Panthers went at it. Boston had roughed up Florida in Game 1, 5-1. The Panthers were repaying the favor last night and ended up winning 6-1. The series is tied at 1-1.

The Prelude to the Weekend

Thursdays are the bridge to weekend sports. Today is no exception. It’s a light day in MLB as a number of teams get the day off. There are the usual NBA and NHL playoffs and the PGA Tour is back with not one, but two weekend tournaments that start today.

Let’s take a look at today’s sports schedule.

  1. Baseball: There are only seven games on the MLB schedule today. Arizona and Cincinnati start it off at 1:10 p.m. The Royals and Angels end it with a game starting at 9:38 p.m. That game will be broadcast by FS1. Use sabermetrics to bet on today’s games.
  2. Stanley Cup playoffs: The Rangers are up 2-0 in their series with Carolina. The Hurricanes, who were favored to win the series, need a win badly. That game starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. The other game tonight is Game 2 in the Colorado-Dallas series. The Avalanche stole one in Game 1 and lead 1-0.
  1. NBA playoff doubleheader: After one game last night, we get a pair of Game 2s tonight. Cleveland is in Boston and Dallas is in Oklahoma City. Both home teams won Game 1 and both home teams are favored to win Game 2. The Celtics are a -13.5 favorite while OKC is a 5.5-point chalk.
  2. Men’s & women’s tennis: Both the WTA and ATP Tours are in Italy playing in the Internazionali BNL d’Italia. Round 1 matches continue today.
  3. PGA Tour: The Wells Fargo Championship starts today at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, NC. Due to some weather, tee times were delayed by an hour. Also starting today is the Myrtle Beach Classic. It will be played at the Dunes Golf & Beach Club in Myrtle Beach. Play is underway there.
  4. Soccer: It’s almost like a day off for world soccer. Other than a few UEFA Europa Leaguea and Conference League matches, there isn’t much on the schedule. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of soccer to bet on over the weekend.

Make the best of today. If you’re betting on baseball, consider using sabermetrics if props are your thing. Don’t forget, you can always get winning MLB picks right here at Sports Hub each and every day.