Premier League Betting Markets to Target in 2023


The 2023/24 English Premier League season is now underway and we are taking you through some of the top Premier League betting markets to target in 2023. Of course, bettors can bet on each game as they come but many sportsbooks will offer a host of different and exciting Premier League betting markets to try and profit on.

There are many Premier League betting markets
There are many Premier League betting markets

Many of these Premier League betting markets will include futures. Naturally, this will include the Premier League winner but there are plenty of other markets that bettors can choose from. Below, take a look at the top Premier League betting markets to bet on both individual games and futures. 

Premier League Betting Markets – Matches 

Bettors will often target individual games to bet on when looking at Premier League betting markets. There are plenty of different options to choose from when betting on the matches. Here is a list of the top markets:

  • Moneyline 
  • Over/Under Goals 
  • Both Teams to Score 
  • Correct Score 
  • First Goalscorer 
  • Bet Builders


The money line is a common market to bet on when it comes to sport. You are selecting the winner of the match and it is one of the simplest and easiest of ways to bet on the Premier League. Bettors can either select one team to win or select the draw. 

Over/Under Goals

This Premier League betting market allows bettors to try and predict the outcome of the total number of goals in a particular match. Soccer games are typically low-scoring and so this market is usually focused around the over/under 2.5 goals market. However, sportsbooks will also offer other lines.

Both Teams to Score

You can select either “yes” or “no” as to whether both teams will score during a Premier League match. Over the course of the season, it is easier to highlight the teams which most commonly see both teams score. For example, Leeds United saw 68% of their matches during the 2022/23 season have both teams score. 

Correct Score 

This market allows bettors to try and correctly predict what the score of the match will be. Odds for this market are typically higher than the aforementioned markets. This is because it is harder to predict the exact score of a given game. 

Bet Builder

Bookmakers are now starting to offer bettors the chance to build their own bets for a particular match. A bet builder is the common name for this type of bet but it can also be known as alternatives such as creating your own odds.  

Essentially, it allows bettors to use a host of different selections and single bets to create a parlay. However, it is still only used on one specific game. These types of bets are becoming increasingly popular in Premier League betting markets. 

You can select from a range of different markets to choose from when building them. That can also include specific player actions such as cards, goals, shots on target, shots, fouls and much, much more. If you like looking at statistics, this is one of the great Premier League betting markets to profit from. 

Arsenal players

Premier League Betting Markets – Futures 

Many bookmakers will provide a host of different futures to bet on for those wanting to try and make profits on Premier League betting markets. Betting on the winner of the league is one of the most common ways to bet on the Premier League. Take a look at some of the other top markets below: 

Top 4 Finish

The race for a top-four finish is highly competitive almost every single season. It allows Premier League teams to qualify for the Champions League. The monetary benefits of qualifying for the competition are huge. 

Although a lot of the top clubs will have extremely short odds to finish in the top-four, the league is so competitive that there is a chance an outsider could sneak their way in. 

Teams such as Aston Villa, Brighton and Tottenham all currently have good value odds this season to get into the top-four. 


European soccer and most professional soccer leagues around the world will have promotion and relegation. The fight for Premier League survival is usually extremely competitive every season. That can give bettors some excellent odds for teams to face the drop. Betting on relegation is one of the popular Premier League betting markets. 

Despite there often being clear favorites and much weaker teams in the division, quite often the relegation candidates are not who you’d think before the start of the campaign. If bettors can identify these teams, who, perhaps have had a poor transfer window, they could find a good selection at great odds. 

Both Southampton and Leicester City were relegated from the Premier League last term. The former had been in the top flight for 11 straight seasons, whilst the latter had been there for the past nine. 

A team like Wolverhampton Wanderers, who have been in the Premier League for the past five consecutive campaigns, look like a good option to go down this year. However, their odds are at a good price to face the drop, compared to other candidates, due to being in the league for a while. 

Next Manager To Be Sacked

The Premier League is known to sack a lot of their managers and head coaches throughout the season. During the 2022/23 campaign, a total of 14 sackings took place. That was the highest total for a single Premier League season. 

With this trend continuing, bettors can bet on which manager will be next to be sacked. A manager or head coach can be relieved from their duties for a variety of reasons. Of course, the results are the most obvious one. However, issues such as a breakdown in relationship with the board, the loss of the dressing room with the players and the imminent threat of relegation are all big factors. 

With this Premier League betting market, you need to try and identify the manager or head coach who is most likely to be the next one to be sacked. Different clubs will be more lenient than others when it comes to making the decision. This can be a tricky market to bet on as a result.