Our Handicapping Software Is Changing the Industry – February 13


Sports Hub’s proprietary handicapping software is revolutionizing the industry. With the rise of sports betting around the globe, millions and millions of new sports bettors have entered the market. With so many more bettors, there has been a strong demand for sports handicappers. That’s where Sports Hub comes in.

Our Handicapping Software Is Changing the Industry - February 13
Sports Hub is changing the game for handicappers

Sports Hub brings handicappers and bettors together in a community designed to help both groups prosper. Our handicapping software makes it easy. I’ll show you how you can use it to up your sports betting game in just a moment. For now, make sure you are taking advantage of everything Sports Hub has to offer. The best handicappers in the world offer picks in all sports right here. Bettors can access these picks every day at Sports Hub.

How Sports Hub Handicapping Software Works

Our handicapping software was developed by our team, which has over 100 combined years in the sports betting industry. While there are plenty of websites out there that cater to bettors, there aren’t really any built for the sports handicapper.

With that in mind, our technology team began building what is now Sports Hub. What drives Sports Hub is handicapping software that is extremely dynamic. We make it possible for virtually anyone to become a sports handicapper. 

Our Handicapping Software Is Changing the Industry - February 13
Our handicapping software makes it possible for anyone to live their dream

For a small fee, handicappers can become part of our vast network of handicappers. They can reach millions of sports bettors that have joined Sports Hub looking for sports betting information and, primarily, picks. Cappers can put in a variety of picks – moneyline, spread, totals, props, parlays, halves, quarters, and more – in our database on a daily basis. 

Handicappers don’t need to spend a fortune on their own website. They don’t need to hire graphics people and write content for their website. It’s all right here at Sports Hub. Since we opened Sports Hub up for business last July, the results have been amazing! Get on board with our revolutionary new handicapping software and start building your business today.

Handicapping Software Produces Daily Leaderboard

Sports Hub’s handicapping software is what makes our daily leaderboard possible. The software tracks every single pick put into the system by our elite handicappers. Our handicapping software is then able to do tons of amazing things with the data. One of those is to produce a daily leaderboard. There are also leaderboards for 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days as well as leaderboards for each individual sport.

Members can use our handicapping software in a number of different ways. However you choose to use it, Sports Hub’s handicapping software is designed to help bettors win more often.

Let’s see which cappers were big winners yesterday.

  • Madjack Sports continues run: Madjack Sports went 5-1 yesterday and won another $490. That gives our friends a three-day total of $1280 and a seven-day total of $1457. Using our handicapping software, you could search for the hottest cappers over the last three or seven days and, BOOM!, you would see Madjack Sports at the top of the list.
Our Handicapping Software Is Changing the Industry - February 13
Handicapping software produces our daily leaderboard
  • Scott’s Picks: Scott’s Picks went 4-0 yesterday and earned $400. Scott’s Picks is part of our network of handicappers and can be found elsewhere on the world wide web.
  • Sas Insider: Scores & Stats is one of our partner sites and the Sas Insider uses inside information similar to our own Sports Hub Insider. These two handicappers have been outstanding and yesterday, Sas Insider went 14-9 on 23 picks and earned $390 to wind up third on the daily leaderboard. Over the last three days, the Insider has won $955.
  • Sports Hub exclusive: There are a number of handicappers here at Sports Hub that you will only find here. Jimmy Liu and Randall Dickelman are two of them. Yesterday, they each went 3-0 and added $300 to their bankrolls. Jimmy has added $575 over the last three days. Using our handicapping software, you could do a search to find out that Jimmy ranks 28th among all of our handicappers over the last 30 days. He’s won 55.67 percent of his picks over the month. That’s a solid record.

Sports Hub Keeps You in the Loop

The best sports handicappers, like those here at Sports Hub, are always hungry for information. It’s one of the keys to their success. So, I keep our Daily Report readers abreast of trending sports news on a daily basis. You never know. One small piece of information could lead to a winning bet somewhere down the road. 

The San Francisco Giants made a big splash yesterday when they signed a key player. When the MLB season starts, that acquisition might make a huge difference in handicapping games. We shall see. 

For now, let’s check out what’s trending.

  • Giants sign Soler: Yes, the Giants did make a big splash with the signing of slugger Jorge Soler. Soler hit 36 homers last year and signed a three-year contract worth $42 million with San Francisco.
  • Most-watched ever: Super Bowl LVIII attracted 123.4 million viewers. That is the most ever for any television program. According to Nielsen and Adobe Analytics, 202.4 million watched at least part of the game. 
  • Self ejected: Kansas head coach Bill Self was ejected in last night’s matchup with Texas Tech. The Red Raiders blew out the Jayhawks 79-50 last night in Lubbock. The loss marked the 33rd time this season that an AP Top 10 team lost to an unranked opponent. It was the first time Self was ejected from a game in his 21 seasons as Kansas’ head coach.
  • Steelers release three players: Pittsburgh released OT Chukwuma Okorafor, P Pressley Harvin, and QB Mitch Trubisky. The rumors are swirling in the Steel City. The Steelers could be setting up a trade for Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields.

Our Handicapping Software Will Crush Today’s Schedule

The great thing about Sports Hub’s handicapping software is that no matter what day of the week, there will be picks in our database. There might be one lone sporting event or there may be several hundred. Either way, handicapping software will be hard at work for all of our bettors. 

Tonight, it will be more of the same. There is a full slate of NBA games and it’s a big Tuesday night in college basketball. Sports Hub members can take full advantage of our handicapping software to find the best picks suited exactly to their needs. 

Here’s what you could be betting (and winning!) on today.

  1. NBA: There is a TNT doubleheader tonight. Oklahoma City is at Orlando in the opener. Sacramento is at Phoenix in the late game. Miami plays at Milwaukee in another intriguing matchup tonight. The All-Star break starts on Thursday.
  2. NHL: It’s a full NHL schedule tonight with 11 games on tap. Tampa Bay is at Boston in an Atlantic Division matchup. Detroit is at Edmonton at 10:00 p.m. The Oilers have now lost two of three games since the end of their 16-game winning streak.
  1. Soccer: It’s a huge soccer day in England. Manchester City plays in Denmark in the UEFA Champions League. There are matches in the English League Championship, English League One, English League Two, and the English National League.
  2. NCAAB: It is a huge day in NCAA basketball. There are 13 AP Top 25-ranked teams playing tonight. Three are Top 10 teams. No. 4 Marquette is at Butler. No. 7 North Carolina plays at Syracuse and No. 10 Iowa State is at Cincinnati.
  3. Tennis: Round 1 continues today in the 2024 ABN Amro Open, the Delray Beach Open, and the IED+ Argentina Open on the ATP men’s tennis tour. On the WTA Tour, the second round of the 2024 Qatar Total Energies Open is set for today. 

That’s all for this Tuesday. Check out our handicapping software whether you’re an aspiring capper yourself or just a bettor looking for picks. Remember, members have access to tons of free picks and service plays. C’mon back tomorrow for more here at Sports Hub!