NFL Week 5 Report – Can Anybody Stop The 49ers? 


It’s that time of the week again – Sports Hub’s NFL Week 5 Report is here! Welcome back to my weekly report on the NFL after yet another drama-filled weekend of football. 

The San Francisco 49ers continue to dominate the league. Will anybody be able to stop them in 2023? The Philadelphia Eagles continue to march on as well, whilst the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals struggle at the other end of the spectrum. 

Our handicappers have been excellent once again. So, as always, I will be giving you a rundown of the best performers. After that, I will be highlighting what you need to look out for in Week 6. Are you ready for my NFL Week 5 report? Let’s get into it!

NFL Week 5 Report – Bobby Babowski Is Back Again 

It was yet another successful NFL Sunday for Sports Hub experts as a total of 45 of them turned a profit! Our cappers know what they’re doing when it comes to betting on the NFL and they are demonstrating their expertise every single week. 

Another 17 of our experts earned $100 just on Monday Night Football alone. However, Mike Kelly didn’t have his best showing as he lost both of his two picks on MNF. Our experts don’t get it right 100% of the time – they aren’t magicians! But, over time, they will certainly help you earn more money. 

We had some familiar names atop the leaderboard for MNF as the likes of Tonny Ricci, Sports Central and Joe Berra smashed the bookies again. These guys are consistent in providing successful NFL picks. 

NFL Sunday’s Top Cappers

My NFL Week 5 Report will move over now to focusing on NFL Sunday. A heavy slate of Sunday games allowed our experts to dig their teeth into multiple selections. That meant more opportunities to turn profits!

NFL Week 5 Report – NFL Sunday’s best cappers: 

  • Dan Jones had an excellent Sunday and landed 100% of his three picks to net $300. His Thursday Night Football selection also came in, meaning he has gone 4-0 over the past week. 
  • ​​Bobby Babowski got back to near the top of the leaderboard too after hitting four of his five selections to earn $290. He went unbeaten back in Week 3 to net $600. He has once again proven how good of an NFL capper he is. 
  • William Taylor had an 80% success rate on NFL Sunday, going 4-1 to earn $290. Timothy Black also had a good week and went 3-0 after landing picks on TNF, NFL Sunday and MNF. 

It wasn’t the best of Sundays for Sports Central who saw just one of their six picks come in. We’re all about painting the true picture here at Sports Hub and, although we have a host of successful cappers each week, not everyone gets it right all the time. But that’s sports and it’s unpredictable. That’s why we love it so much! 

NFL Week 5 Report – Trending News

What were your highlights from Week 5? My NFL Week 5 Report will now take you through what’s trending across the league and some of the best moments from last week’s action. 

The Green Bay Packers have now suffered back-to-back defeats after their MNF loss against the Las Vegas Raiders. The 49ers dominated the Cowboys as Mike McCarthy’s team suffered yet another poor loss. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings’ woes have worsened after the injury to star receiver Justin Jefferson. 

Sunday’s games brought about some interesting trends too. Courtesy of Scott Hanson on NFL RedZone, only one road team won during the early window but all four road teams secured the victory in the late window. 

Here are some of the highlights in our NFL Week 5 Report: 

  • The 49ers went 5-0 on SNF after comfortably defeating the Cowboys 42-10. It’s hard to find a weakness across San Francisco’s all-star roster. Dallas have now lost two of their last three games, failing to score more than 20 points in those losses. Is McCarthy missing former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore? 
  • Justin Jefferson is the latest superstar in the NFL to pick up an injury. He suffered with a hamstring issue during the Vikings’ 27-20 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. Minnesota are already 1-4 and things have gotten even more worrisome since Jefferson is set to go on injured reserve and miss the next four games.
  • The Packers have now recorded successive defeats and have just one win across their last four. Quarterback Jordan Love has shown flashes of what he can do but clearly there are still issues in Green Bay. They lost 17-13 in Vegas on MNF. 
  • NFL London was on show for the second week in a row and the Jacksonville Jaguars are trending up after their 25-20 victory over the Buffalo Bills. The Bills had just come off a superb win over the Miami Dolphins but slipped up again at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

A look To Our Week 6 NFL Report

Unfortunately, we have come to the end of my NFL Week 5 Report. I hope you are keeping note of our top cappers each week. My report gives you access to great information to utilize every week if you want to be a successful NFL bettor. 

Let’s take a look at what to expect in NFL Week 6: 

  • Thursday Night Football: TNF heads back to the AFC this week as AFC West rivals the Chiefs and the Broncos meet at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas. Andy Reid’s team are looking for their fifth consecutive victory, whilst Sean Payton is continuing the fight in Denver. 
  • NFL London Games: The third and final NFL London game of the season takes place in Week 6 as the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans meet at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Tune in from 09:30 am ET for a full day of football this Sunday. 
  • NFL Sunday: We have an intriguing match-up in Tampa on NFL Sunday as the Detroit Lions visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs are 3-1, whilst the Lions are 4-1 so it should be a great game. 
  • MNF: As always, MNF will finish off Week 6 and the Los Angeles Chargers welcome the Cowboys to SoFi Stadium. Chargers OC Moore will be reunited with McCarthy and Dallas in what should be a fantastic encounter. 

That’s all we’ve got time for in my NFL Week 5 Report. Make sure you head back next week for an update on our best cappers, the highlights from Week 6 and what to look out for in Week 7. The NFL never stops and we are getting into the thick of football season now!