Las Vegas Contest Week 3 wrap-up 

One is the loneliest number.  

That is a great song written and performed first by Three Dog Night back in 1968 (technically, the name of the song is just “One”), but, semantics… 

It is also the number of “Last Man Standing” entries the has left in the Stations Casinos NFL contest. 

After winning with our final two (of five) entries in both Weeks two and three, we lost 50 percent of our remaining bullets on the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Admittedly, it was by far the worst call I’ve made all year for any sort of real money – the Saints were also losers in the Westgate SuperContest and the Circa Millions contest. 

The best – and worst – thing about the NFL is its ability to make you think you are Billy Walters one minute and the stupidest person on Earth just by watching a different game going on at the same time. I really liked the Bills (that was our winner in Last Man Standing), the Vikings, the Ravens and the Texans. I also leaned Eagles, Bengals and Colts – sides that we used in either one or both contests – and LOVED the Saints. 

In the end, both of our $1,000 entries in the Circa Millions and SuperContest ended 2-3 and has us sitting with mediocre, .500-ish records through four weeks.  

las vegas contest

Last Man Standing had 989 entries left going into last week, with the winner to pocket $150,000; there were 6,324 entries when the thing started. With all of the public sides getting there last week, I don’t expect many to have dropped out, but we’ll find out later in the week. 

The Circa Survivor contest, also with a $1,000 entry fee, didn’t have many casualties this week after last week’s carnage. There were 9,267 entries heading into the season – but only 2,479 of them alive after three weeks. Just 96 got eliminated in Week 4, however. My aforementioned Saints were the cause of 28 casualties, with 47 others bowing out after Pittsburgh laid an egg. All of the top seven selections (almost 1,200 on the 49ers against Arizona) were winners, hence the low number of eliminations in Week 4. 

The implied value per entry is now at $3,888 for the original $1,000 investment in the Circa Survivor pool. 

First quarter winners in the Circa Millions contest were “Ohio Mcgaha Bros” and “One Bad Mutha”, which each went 17-3-0 to chop $105,000; there were four others at 16-3-1 to split $16,250. “Tax the Rich” went 3-17 to take home the $25,000 quarterly booby prize.  

Tuesday was the last day for non-scheduled football from now until the day before Thanksgiving; we’ll have 50 straight days of either college or NFL games starting Wednesday night. Enjoy that, and good luck to all in their contests for the upcoming weekend. May our loneliest number survive to see another week, too! 

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