Get Ready NFL Picks Are Coming Soon – Daily Report – August 9


Football season is coming soon and that means NFL picks, CFB picks, news, analysis and more here at Sports Hub. We will be your home for winning NFL picks this season. Each and every week, you will be able to visit Sports Hub and check out our NFL picks page. It will be loaded with information from our industry insiders.

Take Week 1 of the season as an example. You can visit Sports Hub every week and access individual pages for each week. You’ll find NFL picks pages for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc. You will find important information for each week separately.

We do all the work of gathering this info, and offer our best picks all on one page. This makes it easy for you to sort through them. Sports Hub will also offer up trending news, advanced stats and much more. These pages will include the best moneyline bet, best totals bet, best player prop, and more. 

Get Ready NFL Picks Are Coming Soon
Sports Hub NFL Picks Are Coming Soon!

Of course, we’ll include information about our best NFL handicappers. Just like I do on my daily leaderboard, we will let you know who’s hot. The idea is simply to provide the best information in the industry for bettors to make winning betting decisions. And, we will do it by offering the best user experience as well. Remember from yesterday, if there is something we can improve upon, you can always contact us with questions, concerns, and comments.

Find NFL Picks at the Pick Center

Finding our NFL picks is a breeze. You should have a Sports Hub account by now. If you don’t, it’s easy to sign up and it’s free. Click the JOIN NOW button at the top of this page to get started. It takes a few minutes and once you verify your email you will be ready to take advantage of everything Sports Hub has to offer. 

Once a member, you can log into your account to access our NFL picks. Go to the Pick Center, hover over it, and a drop-down menu appears. Click on Football Picks and you will be taken to the picks page. Here you will find all of our NFL picks that have been put into the system by our handicappers.

It should be noted that we have the best NFL handicappers in the industry. All you need to do is take a look at my leaderboard on a day-to-day basis. I have guys that are crushing it day in and day out. Many of those same handicappers that are killing it with their MLB picks will do the same with their NFL picks. Our cappers are guys with years of experience and strong track records of NFL handicapping success. If you want the best NFL picks, you’ll find them right here at Sports Hub.

Bad Brad Tops Board with Historic Day

Brad Mullins is living the dream. He has seen the inside of this business for the last 20 years from right here in Costa Rica. Now, he sips Mai Tais and offers up MLB picks, soccer picks, NFL picks, you name it. Yesterday, Brad put in an unheard of amount of picks into the Sports Hub software system. And, he came out a huge winner! 

Get Ready NFL Picks Are Coming Soon
Brad Mullins Killed It Yesterday!

His performance overshadowed some other solid performances by Sports Hub exclusive handicappers. We had three more guys go 3-0 yesterday! Ben Miller is still crushing it and Sports Hub FREE PICKS nailed another. 

Here’s yesterday’s wild leaderboard.

  • 28 Picks: Yes, you read that right. Brad Mullins put in 28 picks yesterday. No, he didn’t go unbeaten, but 20-8 (71.43%) is outstanding. What’s even better is that Brad took home $1042…for the day! That’s a first for our cappers here at Sports Hub. Keep living the dream Brad.
  • Kyle Buchman: “Hey, what about me?” That was Kyle after a perfect 3-0 day. This Sports Hub expert hit all three of his MLB picks to win $320 yesterday. Since August 2, Kyle has hit 12 of his 13 picks. That puts him up $1236 for the last seven days.
  • What about us?: On a normal day at Sports Hub, I will typically have a handful of guys who go 3-0 and win at least $300. Robert Ferguson and James Acker did just that yesterday. Both are probably okay being overshadowed by Brad’s performance. Both Robert and James have been at the top of the leaderboard before. These guys are both exclusive Sports Hub cappers. That means you need to join Sports Hub to get access to them. You may want to keep both guys on your radar for NFL picks during football season.
  • Big Ben: If you haven’t figured this out already…go to the Sports Hub members main page. Scroll down to where it says Top Cappers. You’ll see some leaderboards for yesterday, Last 7 days, etc. One name appears on all of these boards – Ben Miller. He was at it again yesterday going 3-1 and winning $268. If you look at all the leaderboards, you’ll see that he is up on all of them, including $1305 over the last 30 days.  
  • Free picks: Yes, our Sports Hub Free Picks did it again. Our Free Picks correctly picked Game 1 of yesterday’s Nationals-Phillies doubleheader. With the win, our Free Picks have now correctly hit a single pick six days in a row. That’s six crisp C-notes!

NFL Picks Will Be Trending Soon

For the last several days, it seems the dominant sports news has been conference realignment. It’s still trending as the remaining four teams in the Pac-12 look to find a home before the window closes and they can’t. But, realignment is just one item trending as football season gets closer.

This will be the first full week of the NFL preseason. All 32 teams will play beginning Thursday night. Teams usually hold most or all of their starters out of the first preseason game. The Jets and Browns played last week in the annual Hall of Fame game. Both teams are in action again this weekend. Make sure you check the Football Picks section of Sports Hub for the best NFL picks for preseason Week 1.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in sports right now.

  • The ACC: College football teams are scrambling after the announcements of Washington and Oregon joining the Big Ten. Florida State is intent on leaving the ACC and the conference is looking to solidify itself. It is reported that the ACC is talking with Cal and Stanford as well as SMU about joining the conference.
  • NFL preseason: The first full week of the league’s preseason starts Thursday. There are games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too. By Sunday night, all 32 NFL teams will have played one preseason game. That also means that our Sports Hub handicappers will have offered numerous NFL picks. Check out my daily report over the weekend to see how our guys did.
  • Johnny Football: Netflix dropped another documentary for sports fans. Untold: Johnny Football tells the story of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. The one-hour-plus show chronicles the meteoric rise and eventual fall of one of college football’s greats.
  • Orioles: Baltimore play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown was removed from MASN broadcasts of Orioles games because he pointed out how badly the O’s had performed at Tropicana Field in Tampa. Baltimore has struggled in recent years before turning things around and leading the AL East right now. Apparently, he offended Baltimore’s owners. 
  • ESPN Bet: ESPN will enter into a deal with Penn Entertainment to create a sportsbook, ESPN Bet. Penn will rebrand its current sportsbook to ESPN Bet, which will offer a mobile platform, a website, and several retail locations. Sports Hub bettors could use their NFL picks at ESPN’s new sportsbook.
  • MLB injuries: Rays ace Shane McClanahan is likely done for the season with an injured left forearm. NL MVP contender Ronald Acuna Jr. was hit in the elbow by a pitch last night. X-rays were negative, but he’s day-to-day. J.D. Martinez continues to deal with a hamstring issue. He was scratched from last night’s game against Arizona. 

Light Wednesday Sports Schedule

As we make our way through the final full month of the summer, we will have days like today. The biggest thing on the sports schedule will be baseball. That’s typical on many summer days. Today, however, there just isn’t a lot to choose from if you’re a bettor looking for options. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any opportunities though. Far from it and our handicappers can help you get to where you want to be.

After we make it through today, the long weekend that begins on Thursday, will offer us a number of opportunities. That will include football and, yes, that means our cappers will be offering NFL picks. Just make it through today’s snack and you can feast this weekend.

Here is what is on today’s schedule.

  1. Calm before the storm: Since it’s a Wednesday in August, there isn’t a wide variety of choices for bettors. However, when you come back tomorrow, you’ll find a board full of bets covering a range of sports. We’ll have plenty of NFL picks for the preseason games this weekend.
  2. Baseball rules: As it is on most summer days, MLB rules the sports schedule. All 30 teams will play today. Miami and Cincinnati kick things off with a 12:30 p.m. ET game. The day ends out west with the Dodgers at Arizona and San Diego at Seattle. Both games have 9:40 p.m. ET starts. Check the Sports Hub members area for today’s MLB picks. 
  1. No WNBA, no World Cup: The WNBA gets a midweek day off before resuming play tomorrow. It’s the same for the women’s World Cup where the quarterfinals will be played on Friday and Saturday. 
  2. Soccer: There is other soccer on the schedule. UEFA Champions League Qualifying continues. The English Carabao Cup has six matches on the schedule. It’s an annual knockout competition among teams in England. There’s the USL championship as well as matches in USL League One. And, there are international soccer matches all over the world on the schedule today.