A Service Play from Sports Hub – Daily Report – August 14

Sometimes, you need a service play from Sports Hub to put you over the top. A free expert sports pick doesn’t always do the trick. The in-depth analysis from a Sports Hub expert is what you need to lock in a bet. The great thing about Sports Hub is that you can find all types of sports picks. We offer daily free picks, premium picks or service plays, and AI computer-generated picks too.

We are relatively new here at Sports Hub, but we have decades and decades of experience in the sports betting industry. You name it and one of our guys has done it. Sportsbook, handicapping, pay per head…everything. What that has allowed us to do is bring you something very different than the usual run-of-the-mill sports betting website. 

What Is a Service Play

All of our handicappers are able to offer a service play, or multiple service plays, on any given day. Don’t get confused by the term “service play.” It simply refers to a handicapper’s sports pick that you purchase. You may also see them referred to as premium picks. 

Our handicappers all offer service plays as well as free picks from time to time. A service play from a Sports Hub capper is easy to find too. From the member’s area, there are a few ways to do it. You can click on Games to reveal all of the picks available for sporting events that day. 

A Service Play from Sports Hub
Win with a Service Play from Sports Hub

Click on the button labeled Picks and it will take you to all the picks for that one event. Each pick is listed as a free pick or a private pick, which is a service play. You can also search by handicapper. From the member’s area, you can click on Handicappers to display all of our Sports Hub cappers. You’ll see all the picks available by handicapper (if any). Again, click the button labeled Picks to reveal any free picks or a service play.

A Winning Service Play on the Leaderboard

When Sports Hub handicappers release a service play, you can always feel good about it. My leaderboard is proof. Day after day, I bring you the best of the best from our handicappers. And, day after day, they provide us with win after win. Yesterday was no different.

A Service Play from Sports Hub
Another Great Day from Our Cappers!

The top-40 cappers on the leaderboard all added to their bankroll. Every handicapper in the top-10 made at least two picks and the worst winning percentage was 71.43%. You will see some names in today’s daily report that you have seen repeatedly since Sports Hub went live. I usually only mention the best performances each day. That’s why you can feel confident when you purchase a service play from our experts.

If you are looking for the right service play, here are some guys you might consider.

  • Back again: It’s certainly not the first time that Sports Central has topped my leaderboard. Yesterday, Sports Central went a perfect 4-0 nailing both NFL picks and two MLB picks. SC was the big winner pocketing a nice $430 total. That gives Sports Central three-day winnings of $765.
  • Sports Hub expert #1: Al Grant’s name has come up in my daily report before. One of our exclusive Sports Hub cappers, Al is the No. 2-ranked NHL handicapper here at Sports Hub. Yesterday, he went 3-0 on three MLB picks and won $393. When you’re looking for a hockey service play later this year, Al is your guy.
  • Sports Hub expert #2: Another name that has been here before is Robert Ferguson. Like Al, Robert is a top NHL handicapper (No. 17). Yesterday, he went 3-0 on two NFL picks and one baseball pick. His winnings totaled $330 to give him a seven-day total of $745. 
  • Sports Hub expert #3: If you are a loyal reader, I thank you for coming back each day. You should recognize the name Ben Miller. Ben has been all over my daily report from the very beginning. Yesterday, Ben went 3-0 which makes him 11-3 since August 10. He hit three MLB picks yesterday and won $325. If you go to the leaderboard page in the member’s area, you’ll see Ben’s name all over the place. He’s No. 1 over the past 14 days ($1360) and No. 1 over the past 30 ($1427). That’s consistency and that’s why bettors can trust a service play from Ben.
  • Best of the rest: Another Sports Hub expert, William Taylor, had a great day going 5-2 to win $323. Three more cappers – Jacob Hoffman, Tokyo Brandon, and Patrick Doyle – each went 2-0. They all won $200. They were part of a top-10 that all won at least $190 yesterday. Another great day at Sports Hub!

What’s Happening in Sports

What’s happening in sports is that our Sports Hub handicappers are killing it! One of the reasons why a service play from a Sports Hub expert is like gold is because our cappers stay on top of what is happening in the sports world. Watching trends is how you can pick up some quality information that helps when handicapping an event.

Every day, I provide a few pieces of the puzzle. I’ll show you what is trending in the world of sports. You can never have too much information when it comes to sports betting. At some point, one of these valuable nuggets is going to be the difference between a win and a loss.

Here’s what’s going on in sports today.

  • Social media, Franco & MLB: The league is looking into some social media posts made by Tampa Bay SS Wander Franco. Neither the league nor the Rays would discuss the nature of the posts; however, the posts are related to Franco’s involvement with a female who is a minor. More to come on this one for sure.
  • Strange sports facts: The latest strange sports fact is related to the Phillies Michael Lorenzen, who just last week threw MLB’s most recent no-hitter. Lorenzen went to high school at Union HS in Fullerton, Calif. In the history of MLB, there have been a total of four major league pitchers from Union HS. All four have thrown at least one no-hitter.
  • Neymar: Paris Saint-German has agreed to a deal that will send Neymar to Saudi side Al Hilal. Brazil’s joint all-time scorer will join Al Hilal on a two-year contract with an option for a third year. The deal was made for $96.8 million.
  • NFL preseason: After Week 1, it’s pretty much the same deal as any other season. Rookie quarterbacks struggled for the most part. Bryce Young went 4-for-6 for 21 yards in the Panthers 27-0 loss to the Jets. No. 2 overall pick C.J. Stroud went 2-for-4 for 13 yards. Defensive rookies like Will Anderson, on the other hand, had a much better Week 1.

Slow Monday Sports Schedule

Every summer Monday starts with a giant letdown when it comes to the sports schedule. The myriad of choices that we have over a summer weekend dwindle to baseball. Even the baseball schedule is limited as it’s a Monday. Mondays and Thursdays are the lighter days in the MLB schedule. 

What’s significant about this Monday’s schedule is what’s not on it. There is nothing on the NBA schedule. The women’s World Cup semifinals don’t start until Tuesday. There’s no preseason NFL football until this Thursday, and the list goes on. How’s the song go? Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Something like that.

Oh well, here’s what is on today’s sports schedule.

  1. Soccer: While the women’s World Cup will continue on Tuesday, there is a long list of European and Latin American soccer on the schedule. The big one is in the English Premier League where Manchester United takes on Wolverhampton. There is typically at least one service play among the variety of picks offered by our Sports Hub handicappers.
  2. Monday baseball: Eighteen of MLB’s 30 teams will play on Monday. The Yankees-Braves series that starts lost some of its luster with Yankees losing their last two straight and three of their last four.  The Angels-Rangers series is in the same boat as Shohei Ohtani will skip his next start due to arm fatigue.
  3. Tennis: The Western & Southern Open continues Monday. Stefano Tsitsipas, the No. 4 seed, will face Ben Shelton in a second round match. With tennis being a big niche sport, you’ll find a service play or two from our handicappers almost every day. Don’t pass those up. Tennis betting can be very lucrative.

That’s it. After a couple days of a long list of sporting events, today is the exact opposite. It’s short and sweet, but there is still enough for bettors to make a little something. If you identify some value, see if our stud handicappers are offering a service play. You won’t regret it. 

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