2023 MLB World Series Futures Update


With the MLB playoffs approaching, we want to analyze the updated 2023 World Series futures odds. The Atlanta Braves are leading the 2023 MLB World Series futures odds, but are they the best value?

Once the MLB playoffs start, any of the qualified teams can get hot and win it all.

Top Contenders in 2023 World Series Futures Market

Here are the top contenders to win the 2023 MLB World Series:

  • Atlanta Braves (World Series Odds: +330)

Record: 76-42 (1st in NL East)

Runs Scored: 5.89 RPG (1st) / Runs Allowed: 4.19 RPG (9th)

wOBA: .361 (1st) / xFIP: 4.10 (8th) / Bullpen ERA: 3.48 (T2)

The Braves have the best run differential (+201) and hit for power (229 home runs – 1st). Matt Olson leads MLB in home runs (43) and Ronald Acuna Jr. (.337 BA and .995 OPS) is having an MVP season. Atlanta were upset in the 2022 NLDS by the Phillies (3-1), but they won the 2021 MLB World Series.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (World Series Odds: +450)

Record: 71-46 (1st in NL West)

Runs Scored: 5.68 RPG (3rd) / Runs Allowed: 4.51 RPG (16th)

wOBA: .342 (3rd) / xFIP: 4.24 (T13) / Bullpen ERA: 4.05 (17th)

The Dodgers are heating up at the right time, as they’re currently on a 12-1 run. Pitching has been one of the main problems, but the Dodgers are only allowing 2.92 RPG in their last 13 games. Freddie Freeman is second in BA (.339). The team ranks second in home runs (186). There are no teams playing better.

  • Texas Rangers (World Series Odds: +750)

Record: 71-48 (1st in AL West)

Runs Scored: 5.75 RPG (2nd) / Runs Allowed: 4.13 RPG (7th)

wOBA: .346 (2nd) / xFIP: 4.29 (16th) / Bullpen ERA: 4.51 (24th)

Texas are on an 11-2 run and they’re only allowing 2.08 RPG during that stretch. Max Scherzer is 3-0 with a 1.80 ERA and 0.80 WHIP since joining the Rangers at the MLB trade deadline. Corey Seager (.346 BA) is on fire and Adolis Garcia has 30 HRs (T6). Josh Jung is expected back for the playoffs also.

  • Houston Astros (World Series Odds: +750)

Record: 68-52 (2nd in AL West)

Runs Scored: 4.84 RPG (T7) / Runs Allowed: 4.16 RPG (8th)

wOBA: .321 (T12) / xFIP: 4.22 (12th) / Bullpen ERA: 3.68 (7th)

The Astros might not even make the MLB playoffs and are being overvalued despite the team winning the MLB World Series futures market last season. Houston have played in the World Series in four of the last six seasons, winning the World Series twice (2017 and 2022). Jose Altuve is hitting .426 since coming back from the IL on July 26th and the team has a +82 run differential (5th), but need to win more.

  • Tampa Bay Rays (World Series Odds: +850)

Record: 72-49 (2nd in AL East)

Runs Scored: 5.21 RPG (4th) / Runs Allowed: 3.99 RPG (1st)

wOBA: .334 (4th) / xFIP: 3.93 (4th) / Bullpen ERA: 4.02 (15th)

If the Wander Franco (.281 BA, 17 HRs and 58 RBIs) allegations are true and he ends up missing the rest of the season, the Rays will be in trouble. The Rays are 14-14 in the second half of the season after a hot start. Tampa hit for power (174 HRs – 4th), but the bullpen needs to tighten up before the MLB playoffs.

  • Baltimore Orioles (World Series Odds: +950)

Record: 74-45 (1st in AL East)

Runs Scored: 4.87 RPG (6th) / Runs Allowed: 4.29 RPG (12th)

wOBA: .319 (15th) / xFIP: 4.11 (9th) / Bullpen ERA: 3.61 (5th)

The Orioles have seen their 2023 World Series futures odds go from +3500 to +950 this season. No one realistically expected the Orioles to compete this year. Baltimore are 9-4 in August. Gunnar Henderson, Anthony Santander and Adley Rutschman are all hitting well, but experience will hurt them in the playoffs.

Potential Longshots to Upset 2023 World Series Futures

Could any potential longshots upset the 2023 World Series futures odds? Let’s take a look.

  • Philadelphia Phillies (World Series Odds: +1500)

Record: 65-54 (2nd in NL East)

Runs Scored: 4.62 RPG (13th) / Runs Allowed: 4.34 RPG (13th)

wOBA: .322 (11th) / xFIP: 4.04 (6th) / Bullpen ERA: 3.78 (9th)

The Phillies lead the NL wild card race. Bryce Harper has a .316/.357/.605 slash line since August. Philly are striking out too much (23.9% – 22nd), though. The Phillies made the World Series last year for the first time since 2009. If Aaron Nola can be more consistent, the Phillies could surprise as a longshot.

  • Minnesota Twins (World Series Odds: +1800)

Record: 62-58 (1st in AL Central)

Runs Scored: 4.40 RPG (17th) / Runs Allowed: 4.08 (T4)

wOBA: .318 (16th) / xFIP: 3.96 (5th) / Bullpen ERA: 4.00 (14th)

The Twins are in good shape to win the AL Central, but can they win it all? Minnesota have benefited from an easy strength of schedule (28th). They have a losing record on the road (29-34) and rank T22 in BA (.237). The Twins hit for power (164 HRs – 7th), but don’t get on base enough (.316 – 19th).

  • Toronto Blue Jays (World Series Odds: +2000)

Record: 66-54 (3rd in AL East)

Runs Scored: 4.50 RPG (16th) / Runs Allowed: 4.01 RPG (2nd)

wOBA: .326 (9th) / xFIP: 4.08 (7th) / Bullpen ERA: 3.60 (4th)

They say pitching wins in the playoffs and the Blue Jays have pitching, but they’re in a tight wild card race and might not even make the 2023 MLB playoffs. Bo Bichette leads the team in BA (.321), plus he’s also second in HRs (17) and RBIs (59), but he’s injured. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been inconsistent.

  • Milwaukee Brewers (World Series Odds: +2500)

Record: 65-54 (1st in NL Central)

Runs Scored: 4.31 RPG (22nd) / Runs Allowed: 4.26 RPG (10th)

wOBA: .304 (25th) / xFIP: 4.24 (T13) / Bullpen ERA: 3.84 (10th)

Milwaukee are leading the NL Central, but the numbers aren’t great. They strike out at a 23.9% rate (T22) and lack power (125 HRs – 22nd). They don’t have a single pitcher in the top 20 in ERA. Christian Yelich leads the team in BA (.290) and RBIs (66), but the lack of offensive depth is concerning.

  • San Francisco Giants (World Series Odds: +3500)

Record: 63-56 (2nd in NL West)

Runs Scored: 4.35 RPG (18th) / Runs Allowed: 4.27 RPG (11th)

wOBA: .307 (T22) / xFIP: 3.84 (1st) / Bullpen ERA: 3.74 (8th)

The Giants offense is weak and they’re in a tight NL wild card race. They’re on a 3-7 run in their last ten games and at risk of missing the playoffs. They rank 20th in home runs (131). The Giants haven’t made the World Series since winning it all in 2014, but this isn’t the year to back SF on World Series futures.

  • Seattle Mariners (World Series Odds: +4000)

Record: 63-55 (3rd in AL West)

Runs Scored: 4.55 RPG (T14) / Runs Allowed: 4.07 RPG (3rd)

wOBA: .312 (T19) / xFIP: 3.87 (2nd) / Bullpen ERA: 3.48 (T2)

The Mariners have excellent pitching depth, but lack a legitimate ace. Seattle recently had an eight-game winning streak in August, but have since lost three in a row. Hitting (.236 – T24) is a problem. Seattle were swept in the 2022 ALDS by the Astros (3-0) and that’s their ceiling this season if they make the playoffs.

  • Miami Marlins (World Series Odds: +4000)

Record: 63-57 (3rd in NL East)

Runs Scored: 4.08 RPG (T26) / Runs Allowed: 4.38 RPG (T14)

wOBA: .312 (T19) / xFIP: 3.90 (3rd) / Bullpen ERA: 4.11 (19th)

The Marlins are 10-18 in the second half of the season. They’re on a 5-1 run, but they’ll need to keep the winning streak going to make the 2023 MLB playoffs. Luis Arraez leads MLB in BA (.366) and Jorge Soler is T8 in home runs (29). However, they lack offensive depth and could still fall out of the wild card race.

  • Chicago Cubs (World Series Odds: +5000)

Record: 6157 (2nd in NL Central)

Runs Scored: 5.06 RPG (5th) / Runs Allowed: 4.52 RPG (17th)

wOBA: .327 (8th) / xFIP: 4.30 (T17) / Bullpen ERA: 3.98 (13th)

The Cubs are fighting for a wild card spot in the NL and are currently fourth. The Cubs are 8-4 in August and could still catch the Brewers in the NL Central. Cody Bellinger (.328) could finish the season with the best batting average of his career. Justin Steele (13-3) is ranked fourth in ERA (2.79).

Best Value World Series Futures Pick for 2023

The World Series is always tough to predict, even this late in the MLB regular season. The Braves are the best team in baseball, but it’s never easy navigating the MLB playoffs bracket. I’m worried about pitching as well, which is what cost them last season, as they allowed 6.00 RPG in four playoff games.

The Dodgers and Rangers are both turning the heat up as we head down the MLB stretch run.

I’m backing the Rangers at +750 odds. The American League will be easier to navigate. Texas can score lots of runs and the pitching has improved since the MLB trade deadline. Adding Scherzer has paid off and pairing him with Nathan Eovaldi (2.69 ERA – 2nd in MLB) in the playoffs will be a great duo.

Best Bet: Texas Rangers to Win World Series (+750)

Latest 2023 MLB World Series Futures Odds

While a number of teams have essentially no chance to make the 2023 MLB playoffs, no team has been mathematically eliminated yet. That’ll change soon, as we’re heading down the final stretch.

Here are the latest 2023 MLB World Series futures odds for all thirty teams:

  • Atlanta Braves (+330)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (+450)
  • Texas Rangers (+750)
  • Houston Astros (+750)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (+850)
  • Baltimore Orioles (+950)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (+1500)
  • Minnesota Twins (+1800)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (+2000)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (+2500)
  • San Francisco Giants (+3500)
  • Seattle Mariners (+4000)
  • Miami Marlins (+4000)
  • Chicago Cubs (+5000)
  • San Diego Padres (+7000)
  • Cincinnati Reds (+9000)
  • Cleveland Guardians (+13000)
  • New York Yankees (+15000)
  • Boston Red Sox (+15000)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks (+15000)
  • Los Angeles Angels (+50000)
  • New York Mets (+80000)
  • Detroit Tigers (+100000)
  • Colorado Rockies (+100000)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (+100000)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (+100000)
  • Kansas City Royals (+100000)
  • Chicago White Sox (+100000)
  • Washington Nationals (+100000)
  • Oakland Athletics (+100000)
MLB world series teams
Favorites in the MLB world series

MLB World Series FAQ

What is an MLB World Series futures bet?

When you bet on World Series futures, you’re picking a team or teams to win the World Series.

Which team is leading the 2023 World Series futures betting market?

The Atlanta Braves (+330) are favored on 2023 World Series futures odds.

Who won the World Series last season?

The Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to win the 2023 MLB World Series.

When is the World Series 2023?

This year’s MLB World Series is scheduled to begin on October 27th 2023.

Which team has won the most World Series?

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series with 27 titles.