Bills WR Gabe Davis on OC change: ‘Behind Dorsey 100 percent’

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabe Davis openly defends fired coordinator Ken Dorsey and takes offense to suggestions he was to blame for the team’s downturn in production.

“It’s on us players to go out there and play at a high level and execute,” Davis said Thursday.

Davis said the “offense is the offense” and there are no major changes coming after the Bills decided to move on from Dorsey and install Joe Brady as the coordinator on Tuesday. He said he’s in a “weird space” and is trying to find answers in “harsh truth.”

“If anyone tries to blame one guy, they definitely don’t know what they’re talking about,” Davis said. “He put me in the best position last week to go and catch a runner. It went through my hands. Where in that does that get put on Dorsey? There are things out there that we created. … In reality, we’re just going through a little adversity. It’s just been tough. I definitely have defended Dorsey 100 percent. It takes a team. You ask any of these guys, and we’re behind him 100 percent.

“We’re 5-5. We’ve lost five games (by) 23 points totals. With the amount of bad plays, the amount of turnovers. There’s been games we’ve made a lot of mistakes and yet we’re still in it.”

Quarterback Josh Allen leads the NFL with 11 interceptions and had two picks Monday in a 24-22 loss to the Denver Broncos (4-5). Allen said Dorsey would still be the coordinator if he was performing to his own expectations.

“I take that very personally,” he said. “It hurts a lot to see someone you care about go through a situation like that and to know that if I could have done more, if this offense could have done more, we wouldn’t have had to do something like that.”

Davis said all of the questions asked by media and other pundits are questions they’re asking themselves.

“There’s some accountability we all have to take that we are where we are. We all have hands in it,” said Davis, who has 33 catches for 490 yards and five scores. “We all have to figure out how we can do better.”